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  1. oh i hope you didn't mind but i looked up your art and azel is one of my fav characters so i stole him
  2. i was searching through your huge post history, is this comment because you like dimitri? because I'm not doing this to demean or promote any of the choices here it's more so "are they inspired subtly by irl counterparts"
  3. Can you pick a different thread to be toxic to each other in, plus your points don't make sense?
  4. edelgard's hair is very reminiscent of hillary's fringe though, also where is the border thing from? sorry I've only played crimson flower also what's the alt righter thing
  5. I played through the game earlier this year; it's not exactly new for everyone is it 😕
  6. quick thought i had earlier today in the shower? given when it was made and the similarities; i think some part of fe3h was inspired by the political climate in the usa i.e dimitri is trump, edelgard is hillary, claude is bernie it feels pretty intuitive to me tbh in the context of their routes, but I'm having a hard time slotting byleth to someone as famous, but think it would be a fun topic to discuss!
  7. Thanks a ton! I've been replaying HHM a ton and had to do stuff by hand for stars, this really helps and is such a nice sheet to look at, it's great!
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