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  1. Just saw the credits roll yesterday, want to say congratulations on the completion of the translation, and many thanks!
  2. Holy crap, you are a legend! Didn't think this much progress would be made in such a short amount of time.
  3. Glad to see you're alive and well, no worries about the delay. Take your time, no sense pushing yourself over a translation especially if you have more important priorities.
  4. Been wondering that myself as well. FAQs section says ETA for final release is the end of 2019, but there hasn't been an update since August as you mentioned. I'm wondering if Aethin is planning on releasing everything left at once before January, or if the project will continue into 2020.
  5. Decided I couldn't wait any longer for the project to finish and decided to start, been playing nonstop for 3 days and already at Chapter 10. This game is a masterpiece, thank you for your efforts in the translation. I definitely can't wait for you to finish, this one is shaping up to be my favorite SRPG ahead of even FE4.
  6. Wow, way to kill hype for your game ASW. If it's gonna be $40 for the base game + $20 for DLC, why not just make it a $60 game? Now most people will just wait it out.
  7. Holy crap, Dark Souls is an instant buy. I might actually buy Hyrule Warriors, skipped it on Wii U but the idea of all of the content in one package is too good to pass up now. Tropical Freeze though I will pass over, not much seems to be added.
  8. Yeah but SE also said that they probably wouldn't bring Pocket Edition to the Switch mainly cause of the touchscreen only nature of the game. Also that's not FFXV, that's FFXV PE. The leak claims its vanilla FFXV just from the name alone. I recall the backlash of the prospect of Pocket Edition coming to Switch made Tabata do a 180 when asked again about it.
  9. The leak looks fake to me just from considering that FFXV could not make it to Switch that quickly, no way, no how. It was running horribly when they tested the Luminous Engine on Switch, so they said they were looking into a UE4 port. Rebuilding a game of that size in a different engine would take quite some time, no possible way they could finish it in under a year.
  10. I don't exactly know if this kind of discussion is allowed, but the file extension should be a giveaway generally.
  11. https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica/status/948901835284283393 So yeah, an impressive feat for Nintendo and the Switch. That's breaking the previous record that the Wii held I believe.
  12. 2017 in gaming was the greatest since perhaps 2002, especially for Nintendo. Everything outside of gaming, I kinda agree.
  13. If canon is made obvious, I go with that. After that I try to go with what would make most realistic sense in terms of character relations. I never just make up pairings if they don't have a plausible relationship to go off of.
  14. Like some people already mentioned and I saw in your replies, Paint.NET is excellent. That's my go to for any image editing.
  15. Damn, Switch killing it with these exclusives.
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