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    I love you all. Y’all are based. ;)
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    Good fiction with a good plot, good music, drawing, and ah yes, video games. I also like kittens and nature, but oops! (No one cares)
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    In a place where storms are frequent

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    Radiant Dawn

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  1. Banned for addressing the previous poster’s post
  2. These are OC’s, but I just felt like sharing this~ Hope everyone’s having a nice day!
  3. Is a wraith of chaos Not quite- but it does kinda look like his hand I suppose! It is another laguz…
  4. Banned because … wow
  5. Knows about Nohrian scum, and very likely knows about the pineapple prince.
  6. Did not mention anything about the live action movie Cats Yup. Saw that. Wish I didn’t.
  7. Banned for yay And for not addressing the post about… drunk
  8. Loves heresy, believing it is good for you (and fun)
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