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  1. Basically. During Awakening, when the kids are sent back in time, they end up also changing location, showing up scattered across 2 different continents. So I propose: What if after Awakening- Inigo, Owain, and Severa try to go back to their future, but the ritual messes up so badly that they not only go significantly back in time, but also end up in Nohr, on a very distant continent.
  2. I like this. I haven't seen any franchise that focuses on a native American cast that doesn't end up being about colonialism. Giving them a chance to shine in a relatively mainstream game sounds really nice
  3. As both a Fire Emblem fan and a history nerd, I notice how the games focus on wars where one vaguely European country invades another one (or Japan that one time), there's dragons, and bing bang boom, that's it. But there are also types of wars that aren't explored in the games, like civil wars and wars for independence. I want a game where a European-styled country that you'd usually see in an FE game has a colony based on South America, and you play as that colony fighting for independence. This could provide a unique setting for the series, with quetzelxoatl riders, terror bird riders (look up terror birds. They were crazy sons of guns--), more culturally and ethnically diverse character designs, and potentially-- G u n s. YeaH, the colonization of the Americas took place long after what the existing Fire Emblem games are loosely based off of, so guns may or may not exist. That's a very big shift though. Potentially they could be reduced to muskets or turned into "magic guns" that shoot fire or lightning or darkness. A dark magic gun sounds fun. Or they could just not be there at all. Discuss what you think of the idea, but most importantly(!!): What other kinds of wars and revolutions could make for the basis of a unique Fire Emblem game? Thank you!
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