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  1. C6 5/53 turns (1 rescue) Before starting the map, Cecil got a 3 round streak in the DG (-1930G) to get two level ups before promoting to paladin, putting my funds at 460G. Caeda on the other hand got promoted immediately. For this map, I deployed Sirius, Luke and Rody for Rescue boosting purposes. On T1, Marth goes full mov towards the chests, Gemini!Arran one-shots the mage in the chest room using the Devil Sword or Silver Lance (depending on Def roll), MU moves to the LHS with an iron axe to take out the steel lance armors, the rest move northeast. On T2, Marth starts opening the chests while Cecil opens the door with a javelin equipped and Caeda kills the Swarm Bishop with Arran moving to reunite with this group. MU moves towards the LHS door equipping a hand axe after reaching D axes in the previous turn and drinks a vulnerary to heal off the damage inflicted by the enemy mage, others keep moving. T3 Caeda kills the Secret Book Bishop because she can still reach the boss by T5 while Cecil, Arran and Yumina (along with undrafted mounts) move towards the throne room without triggering enemies yet. Yumina also physics for EXP, Norne and Frey move a little to not get attacked by reinforcements and MU opens the door to get the Aquarius. On T4, I position Cecil in a corner to trigger the enemies, just outside of the leftmost Bishop's range, after taking pure water with the javelin still equipped to take out the other Bishop. The rest get into position, except Marth who just waits. On T5, depending on how enemies moved or wether or not Cecil gets crits, I have Cecil, Arran and even MU if he can barely reach something make way for Marth who gets rescued by Yumina after the undrafted mounts take their positions. Caeda gets a pretty close ORKO without shards (the Taurus was on Cecil) using the Wing Spear which allows Marth to exactly reach the throne. C6x 2/55 turns Made my way through the middle after Caeda KOed the armor, positioning MU in range of the boss with a hand axe. Arran blocked the south bridge unequipped, Marth occupied the eastern bridge, Cecil took out the enemy in front of the western bridge and thus blocked together with MU and Yumina healed something with physic for EXP. On EP, Marh countered a fighter without killing, an archer attacked Yumina, another archer missed Caeda (not needed), the boss was taken to very low HP after attacking MU. On T2, Yumina physics for EXP again, MU KOes the enemy blocking Marth, Caeda finishes the boss with an iron lance and Cecil gets a little bit of EXP before the seize. C7 5/60 Originally, I had considered the possibility of visiting the armory in this map with an undrafted unit to buy a new hand axe but when I remembered this I was already too deep into this map (Caeda even got Str!) without having deployed said unit, so I decided to press on. Navarre getting lucky with crits is likely needed to get an extra Master Seal (which will probably just translate into funds since I already bought the one in C5) and that is exactly what ended up happening here, with him critting both the aggressive thief and the MS thief on T1. On that same turn, Caeda moved all the way north, Marth moved northeast to get through the forest, Arran baited the southernmost aggressive thief so Marth can get the EXP next turn while MU, Cecil and Radd started the "get the physic staff operation" with MU positioning himself to counter the FDragon with an iron axe. In the following turns, Caeda took care of a bunch of enemies and the boss with the help of Phina (with all the enemies getting one-rounded by iron lance), Navarre helped thanks to getting a Spd proc that allows him to double thieves, Marth made his way to seize. On the left hand side, Radd moved to get the physic staff from the cave, Cecil got the dragon kill and MU simply moved north to fight later. Yumina simply provided needed (and also unneeded) heals via physic for EXP for the entire duration of the map. On T4, Navarre used a map save to allow Marth to kill the Scorpio thief using the Devil Sword after a dance. Meanwhile, Caeda kills another thief, Cecil stays out of range of the Ridersbane armor reinforcement and MU moves closer to Astram. I moved Arran closer to this group because I thought I'd need him for something but it turns out that I could've used him to buy a hand axe instead, after I saved it was too late for him to reach anyways. On the last turn, Phina danced again for Marth to overcome terrain and reach the castle, Caeda killed the last thief and Ogier had a showdown against Astram, "The Strongest Man in Archanea", and proved superior to him and his Mercurius wielding the power of Durandal. C8 4/64 turns Before starting the map, I sold the Bullion (S) (+5000G) and Firestone (+1400G) for funds. Pretty simple map honestly, due to being unable to reclass Gordin to cav Jeorge simply always costs a turn so I decide to use the dead time to scoop EXP since I want to get him anyways. On T1 Caeda recruits Roger, he moves away from enemies and Marth positions himself next to Caeda after a dance while wielding the Rapier and a bunch of star shards to improve his combat vs the paladins: Scorpio, Cancer, Libra. MU kills the Leo thief and then moves up to fight generals. On the last turn, I manage to feed a general to Jeorge and get the Arms Scroll, MU is also getting close to C axes which is nice. C9 5/69 turns (1 rescue) Before starting the map, I got a skill bond from Arran's support chain. Palla and Catria were deployed for additional help (shopping and potentially rescue boosting). T1 Caeda gets the thief staff and sends it to convoy to allow Yumina to get the boots, which she sends to the convoy. Marth (who uses the boots) and Phina move towards the chests while Jeorge crosses the river using the Parthia as a pure water, Cecil positions herself to counterkill the closest draco and the rest get into positon. T2 Yumina uses Barrier on Cecil who then moves in range of 2 other dracos and a few mages while drinking a vulnerary, Caeda moves to the left and uses a pure water and Jeorge one-shots a different draco with silver bow while MU moves to pursuit the Master Seal thief, this also allows him to counterkill a mage that would otherwise attack Jeorge at melee. T3, Arran and LevinSword!Radd finish the dracos weakened by Javelin!Cecil if needed which is followed by Scorpio!Jeorge ORKOing Etzel, Yumina heals Jeorge and Caeda javelins another mage to get into range of the boss. In the meantime, Marth (who has gotten the chests) gets danced to head towards the village. On T4 Caeda takes out the Speedwing Bishop with a javelin which she then sends to convoy to equip a steel lance against the boss while Palla gets into position to visit the pure water shop the following turns, which puts her in range of a swarm but this is fine because Arran will bait it, Marth reaches the village, MU finally gets an unnecessary Master Seal and the rest get into position. On the final turn, Caeda gets the Mend drop, Palla shops for 2 Pure Waters and Yumina rescues Marth to allow him to seize after positioning other units to rescue boost (needed because I'm using a 5 mov rescuer). UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 13.06 32 15 0 15 16 12 13 0 C Swd Ogier Mercenary 13/6.32 38 20 3 25 26 11 18 3 B Swd D Axe Cecil Cavalier 13/4.64 31 18 3 21 20 11 13 9 C Swd D Lnc Yumina Cleric 9.78 19 0 6 4 13 16 4 6 C Stf Caeda PKnight 10/6.26 30 16 1 18 23 24 16 5 C Lnc Phina Dancer 2.87 dancer Jeorge Sniper --/5.93 32 12 1 14 14 5 13 3 A Bow Arran Paladin --/4.68 26 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Radd Myrmidon 6.24 23 5 0 10 13 2 5 0 C Swd C10 2/71 turns Before starting the map, I got a speed bond from Cecil's support chain. I also gave Jeorge a round in the DG (-680G) for Spd (I'll probably never need this but let's see). MU and Jeorge each killed a bishop, Marth took a shot at the merc with levin sword and Caeda finished, Marth moved to the other side after a dance where he will survive thanks to Jeorge baiting the Shaver!Mage that moves first. Merric unequips to the left of Arlen. Yumina got the bullion and Cecil went right for EXP and the elfire drop. Next turn, Jeorge took out the sniper to get the killing edge after being mended by Yumina, MU took out the mage blocking Marth's way, Cecil killed something and Caeda weakened Arlen with a javelin to feed Merric before seizing. C10x 1/72 turns Brought Malice to feed her some EXP, she and Marth each got a kill after Cecil and MU weakened, Yumina used barrier and Phina danced for Caeda who ORKOed Roro with silver lance. C11 6/78 turns (1 rescue) Before starting the map the Bullion (L) from C10 was sold and then I proceeded to train Malice in the DG, getting a 3-round streak (-1770G) for 2 level ups before getting promoted while Caeda also got a round for Str and Def (-1080G). With this team I manage to get all the hidden treasure minus the Lady Sword, Elysian Whip and Goddess Icon. Cecil, Malice, Jeorge and Marth move north to get EXP and treasure and to make way for undrafted Minerva to visit the Secret Shop. Initially, Cecil counters a Wyvern that's supposed to be fed to Marth while Malice (headed for the Dracoshield) just moves north equipped with a Levin Sword, Aquarius, Gemini and a vulnerary to chip wyverns that also go to Marth while Jeorge assits against barbarians and the occasional high rolling wyvern that Malice can't double with iron bow chip. Cecil then starts moving towards the northwest because she has to get the Arms Scroll and because I need to remove the wyvern around the shop for Minerva anyways. MU goes westwards solo because he's not good at feeding Marth, he gets to train his axe rank some more and he can also reach the Speedwing (who should get this anyways? Belf? Jeorge? Yumina for some crazy nos strats?). Meanwhile, Yumina, Caeda and undrafted Palla head towards the seize point. Merric positions himself to counterkill a wyvern on T1, with a vulnerary and physic from Yumina he can position himself to kill yet another wyvern on the next turn, which also gives Yumina enough EXP to get a last level before promoting. Phina dances Yumina who then promotes while taking a safe path after getting the Spirit Dust on turn 1. Caeda on the other hand positions herself in range of a couple wyverns on T2 (getting the Robe) to ORKO them, with the vulnerary she's carrying she doesn't even strictly need physic support from Yumina thanks to shards and because her Def is actually really good at this point. After boosting Yumina's movement earlier, Phina starts supporting Cecil and also Merric. Caeda is able to get the secret book which is followed by her KOing the hunter near the boss without even triggering the killer weapon enemies (good AI) which is then followed by Caeda positioning herself in front of the boss with a silver lance as she heals with a vuln on T5. On that same turn, Yumina has to position herself in range of the killer weapon enemies which she can KO with Nosferatu thanks to Capricorn and Scorpio. Jeorge used a map save on T4 to make this less risky. On T6 I finish getting treasure, Minerva buys 2 Wyrmslayers and 2 Dragonpikes, Caeda moves south of the Master Sword SM to get the Energy Drop (then I realize that with a physic earlier she would've been able to get the Master Sword but I think she still risked dying to a crit so I'm not redoing this) and Yumina rescues Marth in range of the castle thanks to Palla blocking a tile to rescue boost.
  2. May the better merc receive the second hero crest. C1 4/22 turns Marth dashed to the throne, Arran dashed towards the enemies, MU got like 1 or 2 kills (had to share with Marth) plus the boss, Cecil took out the hunter on T1 and then fought fighters and the reinforcement thief to self-improve. Didn't buy anything. Bosskill involved Arran standing in front of the boss after a vuln on T3, hitting an 80%, and then MU getting a hit + crit with steel sword on the next turn (at 71 hit, 8 crit). With a +1 mt forge only a single crit would've been needed, forging hit could also help with reliability but eh. Cecil's 2 Def procs proved pretty convenient since they barely allowed her to survive 2 fighters on T1EP provided that one of them rolls the lower Str value (very common, so whatever). Annoyingly, I had to miss the cave bullion. C2 6/28 turns Recruited the recruitables for their items, got the Lady Sword with Arran. The boss was baited on T4, MU got 2 generic dracos while Cecil got the boss EXP after MU doubled during previous EP. Marth leveled up from killing a few cavs. C3 6/34 turns Forged a +2 Mt, +4 Hit steel sword (-2100G) and named it "Durandal," this forge was made for killing the boss of this map with a hit + crit after map save. I played this in such a way that Marth didn't manage to kill anything (Cecil critting Matthis might have mattered, I think she was supposed to leave him at 1 HP with steel sword) but I did manage to feed a lot of EXP to MU and Cecil, with both leveling up twice. Cecil dealt with the 2 closest dracos from the starting area while Marth, MU and Arran moved west, Arran took the bridge key from Marth T3 and used it the following turn to open the way to the seize point, Cecil also joined with the rest. T4EP MU took care of the non-Matthis cavs with an iron sword, then he positioned himself to fight the boss on T6. Palla got the Master Seal and silver lance, she was guaranteed to live if Cecil didn't proc Def since I had Palla attack the MS draco on T5 (this triggers the rest of the dracos over the mountains) and I also position Cecil in range of a single draco to divert him and to get more EXP on her. If Cecil procs Def she can't bait (spoiler: she didn't in the successful attempt) but Palla can still live if a good number of dracos lowroll Str or if she simply dodges something. I might need her to shop someday so it's better this way I think. C3x 6/40 turns MU promoted at level 13, brought an iron axe to rank grind, Marth got as much EXP as possible. C4 3/43 turns (1 rescue) Pretty standard, MU got most of the enemies north of the starting area and he also got the Devil Sword after Arran baited the thief, Cecil got the Armorslayer, Yumina rescued and healed to almost get a full level. Bosskill was a Sirius crit. C5 5/48 turns Sold the bullion from last map and forged a +3 Mt, +10 Hit Javelin (-3750G) and named it "Wimp Spear" to allow Caeda to ORKO mages. Trained Caeda in the DG for 2 rounds with a strak (-1360G) where she got Str/Skl/Spd/Lck. For the map, I deployed Sirius to visit the Secret Shop. Caeda (who kills Rickard on T1 and takes out a couple mages during EP, also sends the VIP Card for Sirius to take from Marth) and Arran head northwest while Yumina heals them whenever possible and Marth, Ogier, Cecil and Sirius move towards the castle area. MU and Cecil (who can use the armorslayer at this point) ORKO armors to clear the way for Marth while Sirius follows the group while staying out of enemy range. Then, Arran gets the Master Seal while Caeda fights cavs with the Wing Spear. On T4 MU takes out the boss with a Steel Sword and then sends it to convoy to equip an iron axe to get more WEXP against the cavs in the area. On the last turn, Caeda gets the physic, Sirius buys the SS Master Seal and Cecil buys 3 door keys. UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 10.08 30 12 0 13 13 11 10 0 D Swd Ogier Mercenary 13/3.27 35 18 3 22 24 10 16 3 B Swd E Axe Arran Paladin --/4.18 26 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Cecil Cavalier 11.48 23 12 2 13 15 8 10 2 C Swd E Lnc Yumina Cleric 3.35 16 0 3 2 7 10 2 5 C Staff Caeda PKnight 10.27 22 9 2 13 20 19 9 8 D Lnc
  3. Pretty neat, not gonna lie. Goddamn, an FE6 reference? I already did the same thing but with Ogier instead. And I started this around round 5... Oh well, in that case I'll show Ogier's (MU) build. Mercenary obviously, preset is Priest's Child / Beauty / Recluse. This is how his bases look: Preface: after a pretty unsuccessful stint as a mercenary in Elibe, Ogier decided to seek glory elsewhere. His travels led him to Altea, where he enrolled for a pretty interesting job: becoming a knight for the Altean king himself. Will Ogier's persistance allow him to become a mercenary of great renown (or at least more renown than he had in Elibe)? Will he be able to earn a lot of gold to help his family? Let's find out. P1 2/2 turns P2 2/4 turns P3 2/6 turns P4 2/8 turns P5 2/10 turns P6 2/12 turns P7 3/15 turns P8 3/18 turns Now, to post team stats before starting C1 (let's see if I can figure out how to do this correctly...) UNIT CLASS LVL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEXP Marth Lord 7.17 27 9 0 10 11 10 9 0 D Swd Ogier Mercenary 9.53 25 13 1 17 18 7 10 0 C Swd Arran Paladin --/3.00 26 10 1 12 11 4 10 6 D Swd B Lnc Cecil Cavalier 5.10 20 8 0 10 11 6 7 0 D Swd E Lnc
  4. Biraku (Vyland) for the memes @Eltosian Kadath
  5. Badd. Honestly, we could random.org all the next picks and it wouldn't make a difference, methinks. @NightKnight77
  6. You know, under the conditions of this run maybe Michalis won't cost a turn, his stats might also be nice. If he ends up costing a turn eh, maybe I'll skip him. Maybe not. Anyway, @Eltosian Kadath is next.
  7. Ymir might be able to shoot something down, I don't know. @NightKnight77
  8. Athena to maybe avoid penalties in 13x. @NightKnight77
  9. Let’s go with Malice/Maris. @Eltosian Kadath
  10. Belf... I don’t even know what I’m doing at this point. @NightKnight77
  11. Banning forges does contribute to give this draft a “vintage” feel, kinda like playing the original MotE. I feel like forging is always a positive in this game however so I’m definitely missing it while thinking of who to draft. Midia clause would be cool. On that note, I think I’m taking Merric. It is OP’s turn @NightKnight77
  12. I got worried because Caeda is kinda frail, I think she’ll need the support. Palla, otoh, should be able to wait for Wrys to catch up on staff rank. Having mov is valuable in a draft so I think I’ll grab Cecil. That way I won’t have to train Frey or something. @Eltosian Kadath
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