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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. I don't think importance is what's gonna stop characters from getting in. I think how interesting they are is what will especially if atlus is doing the story.
  4. All of this, this poll is terrible :(. No it was said in nintendo direct that both teams are involved. That said I'm not really sure who was given more creative control between the 2 so I can't say how big the team will be. Surely neither will use their whole teams for the cross-over because I don't think that ever happens. I also very much doubt this stops wiiU from getting another mainline FE game, when has a cross-over ever done that?
  5. Mine as well, I've known about both almost at the same time as well. I guess I've known of SMT first by a little bit but I've played FE first.
  6. This looks very good, its good enough to be sexy, practical and cool looking without being sexed up or badass(I mean I really do get tired of badass type designs)
  7. It wouldn't really matter if they showed they could fight imo, as I said in another topic its not like all the other units besides cavilers are wearing anything better. The poses are dumb though but the art itself is good and most of the outfit is good on all of them, its just that they all have some flaws.
  8. By expected I mean you could tell her art would be that way based off how it was in the game. I kinda wish it went for her warrior persona as well but you can see that during the game so it doesn't really matter to me as long as its were it matters. I did wish she had more armor on tbh, but it is what it is and doesn't make her any less badass imo. Its not like all the males have battle attire for combat either and most of their artwork has boring art. It should if dancing is supposed to boost moral. How else do you think it boost moral when a female dances for man on the field?, its not magical and you could argue that they shouldn't be on the battle field at all when you skill is dancing. I think you guys problem is more so the way the females are drawn in the art than the actual clothing of the characters because some of you are acting kinda like prudes.
  9. Actually that's exactly what I expected of serge as you can already see that during the game. You mean like what the older fire emblems have already done...ok. I don't ever remembering a rule book stating gracefulness can't also have sex appeal.
  10. She does, but she had official fullbody artwork since the beginning.
  11. No because you'd like that and they didn't do it so people would like it . Either way I'm sure no matter who they did pick if they weren't a lord or someone popular you'd be saying the same thing.
  12. Hm that's interesting. Gonna need more artwork to make more observations..
  13. Love the sariya pic that pose actually suits her, she's skinny but she has curves,she has some nice hair and the cape makes her look kinda badass. I didn't really care for her sexualized design at first but it actually grew on me over time especially since she uses dark arts and her personality seems right for it ince she looks Egyptian and that's how some of their females dressed. I for some reason knew gaia would be in on the list because people think he's cool looking. I do as well but I wouldn't have voted for him. Also where is my serge pics! Why is it taking so long .
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