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  1. Thank you this information. Yes, that was the case. I warped Osian to him on turn 1.
  2. On chapter 20, Osian had a 99 hit rate against the boss, and he missed 4 consecutive times. With that hit rate, the chance of this occurring is one in 100 million. On some other resets, he also missed with his hit rate of 99. Is there a mechanic that I'm unaware of that affects hit rate? Is that hit rate of 99 actually incorrect? Is it a glitch?
  3. I just remembered that some late game levels of Radiant Dawn have a lot of reinforcements. I'll test this sometime within the next few days, if I have time.
  4. I just tested this on Siegbert's paralogue, which has infinite reinforcements. Fates has an enemy cap at 50 at any given time. The GBA games also have this enemy cap.
  5. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see the maximum number of enemies on a map. On path of radiance's chapter 26, I found this number of enemies, as seen in the attached images. This maximum number was attained at turn 16, and I stopped at turn 26. I'd love to see whether or not any of you can beat this number in any main line fire emblem game! (Warriors doesn't count.)
  6. The game can be reasonably beaten without the rainbow potion, and so it may ruin the fun H4 experience to use it. Unless you're planning on using low tier units that you personally enjoy. Either way, the rainbow potion also comes with DLC, so make sure your save file has it!
  7. I just completed this run! Ike with aether is so broken. So is Titania with wrath. Chapter 19 was surprisingly the most difficult chapter, because of the requirement to have all the ravens to escape. I beat chapter 26 on my first attempt.
  8. The enemies in FE 8 are far too weak. Someone needs to make and edit of Sacred Stones in which the enemies are actually threatening. Sacred Stones would be one of the best fire emblem games if someone added challenge to it. A fair enemy stat range for this game would be somewhere between shadow dragon H5, and new mystery lunatic, but with more reasonable enemy stats for the first few chapters.
  9. On the rankings page, the game records the number of screens you visited. So you can know if you got the S rank while visiting every chapter. For a "complete" run, you could "ban" the strategy of skipping chapter. I forgot the exact number of screens that indicates that every chapter was visited. Going to the last Kishina chapter actually makes things much more difficult. You have to beat victory or death in 20 or less turns to access it. You lose out on so much experience by beating victory or death in 20 or less turns. I one turned that kishuna chapter with warp. Visiting 19xx also makes things more difficult. You lose a few turns while carefully setting up the kishina kill, and you lose 600 experience from training nils in lyn's mode. This challenge can be expanded further. For each chapter, you get tactician stars based on your overall rank for each individual chapter. I would love to see someone get the theoretical maximum in tactician stars , in a non-TAS run! This would include getting 6150 experience in victory of death, while beating it in 15 turns. While maintaining funds and winning 40 percent of your battles. And also getting 2800 experience in part 1 of the final chapter. That should be possible, if you abuse the warp staff. Seriously, someone needs to attempt this! Completing this challenge would be a truly perfect run, as the number of tactician stars are recorded on the rankings page! For 3H maddening, I ranked its difficulty based off my my first play through. During my first run (Silver Snow), all of 3H's new mechanics were unfamiliar to me. Chapter 5 was horrible, as I did not know the mechanics behind monsters and batallions. I refused to use divine pulse on any chapters, and so I had a lot of restarts. The path is very long to the boss, and that boss is the first monster that appears in 3H. It took me some time to learn how to efficiently defeat monsters. I was also unfamiliar with recruiting from different houses, so no Lysithea and no Annette. Three houses maddening was only difficult on my first play though, specifically early game. The other runs for the three other routes were very easy. I never have and never will use divine pulses. I was also unaware about impregenable wall, and also the gambit which allows you to survive one fatal hit. I used those two gambits frequently in my future playthroughs of the other routes. I did however, abuse Bernie's enclose combat art. And I slowly windsweeped the final boss with Byleth, to prevent an unlucky critical. Awakening Lunatic + can be beaten easily, but tediously, be beaten with dumb tactics. I previously posted about my method of beating chapter 5. I forgot what chapter you get access to nosferatu, but that is where it becomes 0 IQ. Like the last 15 chapters of lunatic plus took about 1 hour. In SD H5, those early game bandit bosses were so ridiculously stat inflated, that it was hilarious! For most of the game, it is all about holding choke points. For the Tellius games, the games record the bonus experience. In path of radiance, the recording of the bonus experience is kept if you don't use it. In radiant dawn, you can find records of the bonus experience for each individual chapter in the base menu.
  10. Here is how I would order the difficulty. This tier list only focuses on the more difficult fire emblems; the easy ones are ignored. I don't know where Thracia ranked would be, because I haven't attempted it yet. The ranked runs of the Tellius games refer to bonus experience. S tier difficulty: Hector Hard mode S rank, all chapters. Path of Radiance maniac mode ranked ( work in progress for me) A tier: Binding blade hard mode SS rank A minus tier: Radiant Dawn hard mode ranked ( high rating mostly due to Geoffrey's Charge) B tier: New mystery lunatic reverse ranked, Conquest lunatic, Three Houses maddening C tier: Thracia unranked (work in progress for me) D tier: Awakening Lunatic plus E tier: Shadow Dragon H5 ( even with no warps and no save tiles), Echoes blitzkreig award/fire emblem award (hard mode), Cindered Shadows hard
  11. The developers could have done a better job at showing this to new FE players. They could have shown Rhea squirming in excruciating pain, and then have her transform into the mad dragon.
  12. Rhea's "dragon disease" did not come out of nowhere. In other fire emblem games, we learn that dying dragons go mad and crazy. Duma went mad when he was dying. In fire emblem 3 / its remake, it was implied that Tiki was at risk of going mad at some point. Rhea got hit by nukes, and so she started decaying and dying. That led to her going mad. Though I liked verdant's wind end game better, because it was unexpected and nemesis came out of nowhere. And I also loved nemesis's insults towards byleth and claude. But I liked silver snow's chapter 13 through 20 better.
  13. Azure Moon is the only route in which you kill Slither's top two commanders, including the guy who sends you to the hole. The main villain appears has a few extra scenes in Blue Lions, pre time skip. In Azure Moon, it is assumed that Rhea is either too weak to have power , or is dead. But I don't care Rhea. In Silver Snow, you do not fight against Cornelia/Patricia, Slither's second highest commander. Byleth has no interesting back story. Dimitri does. Azure Moon has by far the best story. It involved much more than just good vs evil. The main character does not have to be stronger than other characters in a canon route. Roy and Marth are very weak. By your logic, Linde is the main character of Fire Emblem 3. Fir is the main of fe 6. Sain is the main of most of fe7, while Fiora is the main of hector hard mode. Seth is the main of fe 8 . Tiki is the main of fe 11. I've finished every other FE game except for Thracia, and Holy War, and some of the games that were later remade. Thracia is a work in progress, and I got bored of Holy War. In every game, the villains summon a creature. In Azure Moon, Slither accomplished that. They were the closest to winning in Azure Moon, but were thwarted at the very end.
  14. Your user name checks out, you foolish child. The advantage with Silver Snow, in terms of story, is that it has feelings of hopelessness. I felt like I was losing the war, because I didn't have Almyra and an over powered lord to help me out. Also, the cutscene at the beginning of the time skip is much better, and the cutscene after chapter 19 (third to last chapter in silver snow) is much more emotional. Fighting against a former ally, who I actually wanted to side with, brings out so much emotion. Silver Snow was my first route. I wasn't given a choice to side with Edelgard because I didn't know that I was supposed to talk to Edelgard after chapter 10. I wanted to side with her, but the game wouldn't let me. However, the "canon" route is Azure Moon.
  15. On chapter 16 of Crimson flower, I used impregenable wall on Sylvain, to lure Ingrid to a very horrible death. She was capable of one rounding my entire army. Chapter 7 of thracia, I was trying to recruit shiva. He triggered a movement star, and got himself killed. I didn't bother with restarting.
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