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  1. Rafail Gem is neat-o but could use a buff IMO. I rarely use it in the few runs that I even get it. Maybe give it innate defensive tactics or even nullify battalion damage, or nullify all effectivenesses (new word!). That would make fortress/great knight tank builds more useful on end game maps. I feel like the death knight is tough enough without it though
  2. Hard agree. If it happens naturally, fine, but I've never found a spot for defensive, let alone offensive tactics, in my precious few ability slots.
  3. I love assassins and Ignatz does easily fall into that class. Where I disagree is putting impregnable wall on him. His innate Hit +20 when combined with Archer Mastery Hit +20 means his offensive gambits are going to hit 100% most of the time. I'm stating the obvious to many but in case anyone doesn't know, Hit +20 applies to gambits too. I'd sooner give him a wide AOE attack battalion with a nice Str. boost (he needs it) so he can hit harder on PP and rattle enemies for CC while using stealth to avoid retaliation on EP. Other units are going to have a harder time hitting with their battalions and I like to give those units support gambits, which never miss. Swords are a good weapon type it baffles me when people say otherwise. The Rapier+ might be one of the overall best weapons in the game and you can even get 2 of them without using the Pagan Altar on VW. All of that said, there are a million ways to beat/break this game and the OP's setup is viable and interesting.
  4. RIP Ashe. He was never cut out for war. Lol Gilbert. He's so hard to use on this map in Maddening. If only you could give him swordbreaker beforehand. That would at least help him hit something. This run sounds really challenging. Thanks for the updates! ENCLOSER! I always forget it exists but man it comes in clutch sometimes. Thanks for explaining.
  5. I've been watching and am at chapter 14. It's a good run and I like the music choices. Something to consider on future videos is maybe every couple of chapters you could slowly scroll through the unit detail screens so we can pause and see what their inventory, ability levels, and equipped abilities are? I can't believe your Ingrid strength. She got 18 of the first possible 20 strength levels. I'm lucky if she gets her strength over 22 by the end of the GAME naturally and she's already over 30 by level 20 in your run. She's got better stats than Byless πŸ˜„ What a legend. One question I have is, at the end of certain chapters you seem to be getting multiple levels on certain characters (i.e. Dimitri chapter 13). Can you explain how you are doing that? It seems to be some form of abusing boss XP but I don't get how units like Pallardo and Randolph don't seem to be fighting back?
  6. Are you allowing Blacksmith? I'm not sure if the blacksmith existed in/before Awakening as I haven't played anything after GBA and before 3H, yet. Re Bows: Mini Bow+ is an excellent weapon that I've used for its 1-2 range without close counter and nice crit chance on several builds. And hey, you might actually have a use for a longbow with your current set of restrictions! I realize I'm not telling you anything you don't know here, but I would try and leverage lances/swordbreaker/Jeralt's mercenaries or similar Avo Battalion/ and a bush, and just Pray for some misses. It's hilarious how useless axes are on this map. I like to put a lance in Ashe's inventory to give to Gilbert when they appear next to each other; and an extra steel/silver shield if you can spare it. He becomes... slightly less useless that way πŸ˜• Only other thought that comes to mind is protection stacking on Dimitri or Byleth with the Aegis Shield and Dedue's Battalion, both of course available on AM route. And any defense stat boosters, if you're allowing those. If you're already past Chapter 13, please share how it went and what you did πŸ‘
  7. These are some of my favorites, I don't think I can really rank them. The music in this game is incredible all around. Roar of the Dominion - ditto what @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate said. It's a big reason why Chapter 12 is one of my favorites. It has those "desperate resistance against an overwhelming force" vibes, and I love that it plays during the prep menu as well. "REPORT!" Chasing Daybreak - ditto what @Dark Holy Elf said. Shackled Wolves - my favorite Aux Battle music, never gets old. Dwellings of the Ancient Gods - I love the eerie, mysterious, downtempo electronica feel of this tune. It's a nice change from some of the more hectic early game pieces like Fodlan Winds and tearing through heaven. Scales of the Goddess - maybe not everyone's favorite that comes to mind, this is the Part 2 monastery music. Sometimes I fiddle around with menuing and other nonsense tasks just to zone out to this one. H/T to The Long Road and A Funeral of Flowers
  8. Appreciate the explanations, thank you. And my hat is off to you for destroying this challenge and making it look easy πŸ™‚
  9. *sweats in a dozen ports/remakes/remasters of original Final Fantasy 1*
  10. Does he remember the Red Canyon? I need an answer.
  11. I never considered using Anna. That could be a decent fit for her. On my OP I really try to acknowledge that Trickster isn't ideally suited for any one specific role. Physically they are outclassed; their magic is cut in half; they can't be primary healers or spike damage dealers, and the 5Mv is a legit problem. But in a game where you have as many as 12 units and often have 1-2 powerhouses and an assorted cast of helpers, I think a trickster (or two) is worth having around. Currently I'm using Yuri in his "cannon" class as Trickster using his relic for the first time, and I'm impressed with how good he's been. He is extremely dodgy (44 speed at level 38 lol) and deals a lot of damage with a Rapier; has Restore, Silence, as well as Deadeye for bow chipping. Really useful in a lot of situations. The relic's innate pavis/aegis effect helps with survivability with his low HP. As for Duelists Blow... yeah. It's fun to use but absolutely not worth an ability slot towards the end of the game, especially for Yuri since he has windsweep at C+ anyway.
  12. Agreed on this. I stopped watching cut scenes and supports a long time ago. The reason I keep coming back and playing routes on Maddening NG or NG+ is entirely because I love the gameplay, and SS provides a different challenge than VW due to absence of Claude.
  13. 1- they’re not additive. 2- If you dismount, you do not receive riding/ flying xp. 3- re: early gardening: in your very first explore, check the blue spots north of the dining hall next to some barrels near the armor knight who blocks you from entering the stables. It can yield either Angelica or Nordsalat seeds. Either is 5-star and will produce useful cooking ingredients, more seeds of the same kind, and various other stuff. Angelica gives you a Rocky burdock and Nordsalat gives you speed carrots. This drop in the first explore is one that I will save scum because getting a 5-star gardening seed makes a difference in professor xp and it’s hard to find Angelica or Nordsalat seeds otherwise. What kind of challenge are you thinking of doing?
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