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  1. Hmm... I have a feeling that the ground raising move could possibly be referring to the musou, but at the same time there's utility to be gained with such a move as a charge attack. The personal proper does make for an interesting dichotomy with Hilda who would prefer to draw her foes towards her (so does a shock like effect stunlock them as they're drawn in?), whereas Caspar tries to keep them at bay and compensate with the range increase through charging. Still kinda confused at light element effect on Caspar, but I think I'll chalk it up to his spirit driven by justice. (For reference to Hilda, who also charges up in her moveset:)
  2. Don't really want to perpetuate the talk about crossovers and stuff, but my brief few cents: - Within FEW itself, Lyn and Celica were fine to be solo reps on their own merits (Lyn moreso for the Western fanbase, Celica did feel like a promotional tie-in), and in the context of the crossover model of franchise musous of the day (3 core + occasionally other reps) was consistent with the typical practice. As much as Celica using the rapier moveset may have felt a bit forced, there's enough other uniqueness (musous and her interaction dialogues) that sell Celica on her own. Would it have been good to have Alm or a priory cast member? Possibly, but I don't think it would have sold the issue core to FEW's roster troubles. - W3H I feel should be treated with a lens similar to that of AoC in terms of its intent. My view is that any character external to the greater world in which Fodlan exists in (noting that Shez and Arval are designed to remain consistent with this world) would actively detract from the purpose of having a Fodlan centric title, as it's been designed to be self contained. 3H didn't need crossover characters to receive its fan / critical acclaim (I'm not considering mechanics / story here, that's a can of worms); so why should its musou spinoff be required to suddenly need an outrealm visitor? === Now, Caspar is due today, and I don't have a good read on what his personal is. That light element spin attack seems a bit too... underwhelming if it were a personal? I'd probably anticipate some sort of hotheaded themed personal myself. Also keen to find out if he's a Brigand, which means we need to consider his moves as similar to Hilda's shown.
  3. The colouration is a Sacred Weapon's (see image - we know Labraunda is a Sacred Weapon based on its in game glow): We haven't (I believe) seen Agarthans in disguise 'age up' in appearance, but at the same time I'm not really expecting so see Academy Monica make an appearance. Remember that events appear to have been altered back in 1179 (year preceding 3H proper), which would have been Monica's graduation year, and it's also impossible to infer what exactly happens during the academy year with Byleth's absence re: Edelgard's ambitions and declaration of war; but something may very well have also altered Monica's fate (e.g. if Shez was taken under Agarthan care after revival, that focus pulls away from plans to abduct Monica; and also what is so potent about Monica that she was kidnapped in the first place? Clearly she must have been as useful as Flayn was as a target). I think we need to also consider Edelgard's use of (a) a Sacred Weapon and (b) going for a silver predominant battle armour as opposed to the overt oppressive appearance of the crimson Armoured Lord / Emperor, but what it suggests exactly I'm not sure - but it does ring as something a bit brighter than what she's shown in 3H war phase. On the point of Agarthan crests, I feel that Shez could be a more intriguing driver of such a plot (even if it's a bit shoehorned into a Koei OC, lol). --- tl;dr I'm hopeful this is Monica as opposed to Kronya, but what her true identity is will likely be dependent on the greater scope changes to Fodlan in the Hopes timeline.
  4. As expected, Bernie's personal relates to her field. I wonder if her Crit Rate up while in the field is a a subtle reference to either Persecution Complex (not the HP trigger though) or her skittishness in general with other people. Definitely feels like a stronger personal than Ashe's in theory, but it does require Bernie to be in close quarters to her enemies. --- Also, woof that paragraph on outrealm imports (spoiler tag maybe?) - I agree with Seazas that it detracts from the lore of Fodlan and also doesn't do the imports any justice either.
  5. I really didn't want to double post, but given the revelations with Ferdinand / Holy Knight / dismounted moveset, I wanted to highlight a few things: - the closest analogue I seem to be able to identify for Ferdinand's grounded attacks are Azura N4 for forward lunge and Azura N7 for the jump strike, but Ferdinand's personal skill's afterimages make them appear as consecutive attacks. None of Oboro's charge attacks mirror this movement, and Azura starts using water magic at her higher order charge attacks. This of course doesn't actually tell us if Ferdinand is using his normal string or a charge attack through all this. - reviewing Dimitri's footage, he seems to prefer showy lance twirl slashes, heavy slashes, or throwing the lance; Ferdinand so far has preferred stabs or finesse slashes. This could suggest that the base Soldier moveset (assuming that's what dismounted lance users fall back onto?) may vary somewhat from Dimitri's own moveset. - it's interesting how the Holy Knight descriptor emphasises magic. Given that we haven't seen any confirmation of how durability / combat arts / equipped magic actually plays out in battle, I'm not sure what to expect in terms of how the faith side of things is conveyed in the moveset, but if it distinguishes itself from the main Cavalier / Paladin moveset lineage (which I feel quite hopeful for seeing as we have different apparent N2s), then that bodes well for the moveset uniqueness of the other physical horse Master Classes (and may suggest that Lance takes priority over Magic for Dark Knight as well...?).
  6. Looks like my instinct and investigation were both true; Ferdinand WAS a Holy Knight, AND they're showcasing it today: (A slight goof in the tweet translation: 'Holy Knights attack with magic in addition to magic' - this should say lances.) His effect is an attack speed boost based on hits connected, which combined with a momentum based moveset may very well allow him to pin fort captains into a corner or something after tearing through the fodder leading up to it. This probably means that the aftereffect we've seen on Felix and Ferdinand, and will see on Petra, relates to attack speed. Also a confirmation of dismounting, but this was already known from February with Claude's footage.
  7. By website order, Ferdinand is next. Personally more interested in Ferdie's since there's clues in the trailer to suggest something dodge adjacent, but Petra also has a dodge related skill...
  8. Oh whoops, posted in the wrong topic. lol I'll just quote my post from the other one (with Serenes translations): Also Songstress is not a class in FE3H, and until you get to the White Heron Cup most people are probably going to roll with black magic Dorothea.
  9. This was Dorothea's Twitter bio translated by Serenes, but I forgot that said posts go on the other topic. Oops. To make up for it, I actually trimmed and spliced parts of the Adrestia character trailer (with one cameo from the Mysterious Mercenary trailer) to compile what I think are the musou / warrior special animations in their intended playback sequence. Spoilered for space. ~~~ Edelgard Hubert Dorothea Ferdinand Bernadetta Caspar Petra Linhardt ~~~ Not sure why my embeds are completely vertically squashed on my end; if you need to just click the video link to see it more clearly. I might make one for Faerghus, but Dimitri is gonna need videos from the February trailer since we don't see the ending of his musou in trailers from April onwards...
  10. I suppose if we take this approach and say the class is the core moveset: - each character brings in a unique musou (and probably a unique pair up special as vanguard), a personal skill, and a range of combat arts / spells - depending on whether Dorothea and Annette's showcases lead to the same position in the attack string, and if the spells are not combat arts (can't really tell just yet), there's potential variability within the moveset's charge attacks potentially as well And we still don't know for certain what our bottom bar + icons on the HUD represent. I wonder if most of the Master classes will have a moveset that's different from their precursor Intermediate / Advanced class (the ones that are probably the same, by contrast, are just Falcon Knight / Wyvern Lord), assuming that Holy Knight Ferdinand's N2 is not a combat art (certainly doesn't look like one) and isn't a dashing specific attack (I believe FEW mounted units only have a dashing variant of their N1 and C1 if at all). A quick recap of FEW movesets: With how I'm currently seeing the 3H classes (wall of text, apologies): In summary, things are looking damn hopeful even in what I'd consider worst case for moveset overlap.
  11. In retrospect, this would make perfect sense, as Ferdinand is using the Holy Knight moveset in the clip with his C3, and NOT Cavalier. Intriguing indeed...
  12. If only they weren't so difficult to find their source track inspirations... D8 === Before I get to analysis, if we go by the 3H character website order and noting how the 'left hands' of the leaders (Felix and Ferdinand) are the midway markers - I'd expect the Deer trailer order to be: Claude, Hilda, Raphael, Lysithea, Lorenz, Ignatz, Marianne, Leonie. === Gameplay wise: - Edelgard threw her shield!! Nothing else super exciting other than some teleporting during her musou. - Hubert's dark spike personal has embedded quite a lot of enemies here, and some appear a bit... larger than others? The detonation AOE is terrifying to face, lol - Dorothea seems to have a similar leadup to her Thoron C...not sure if 3 or 4 but overall seems to be similar to Annette's string prior to her not-Bolganone, but you can feel that Dorothea seems to fire Thoron faster (does Dorothea have higher Spd bases vs Annette while both are Mages?). In comparison to the Robin/Tharja C4 it seems to be an instantaneous shot. (The question here is: do characters actually get different Charge attacks dependent on their base game spell list, or is this simply a different charge attack in the sequence?) The music note attack that follows looks like a musou. The large orb looks very similar to N7 from Robin/Tharja. Meteor finish is probably still part of the same musou given her music orbs just before the summoning of the meteors. Also her magic summoning circles have no crest in the centre (not that she'd have them), which matches base 3H but differs from Annette. - Bernadetta's personal actually looks like an Encloser effect, the enemies are frozen around her. Her flip jump attack is the same as Claude's from the February trailer, and since it follows Ashe's turn-slash standard attack (which could be N3 or N4, leaning towards the latter) this would make it C4 or C5. I think this is probably a soft confirmation of Archer's standard attack strings and probably a fair few charge attacks being innate to anyone in the class. I think her panicked firing is the middle of the musou, with her cowering pose and then crouching as the arrow rain murders the enemy the opening and closing parts of said musou. (Also, she's screaming in fear at the end there; poor Bernie...) - I am Ferdinand von Aegir indeed. A few significant things to note here: (1) he seems to have something akin to Felix's dodge instinct afterimage, but how this applies to him isn't clear at the moment (recall his 3H personal as a hit/avoid boost at full health, though I doubt pigeoning the HP condition in a musou personal skill is all that fair tbh); (2) even if we consider the dodge dash N1 stab, he has a very different N2 to Sylvain (a double horizontal slash compared with Sylvain's heavy vertical slash), which then leads into a stab charge C3. I'm not sure what to make of this; whether it suggests Sylvain might prefer going down Great Knight (I don't think Ferdinand's dextrous strikes fit Great Knight very well), if the Lance of Ruin has its own standard attack string, the supposed N2 is actually a dashing specific N2, a combat art is in play, or if it's just that Sylvain and Ferdinand play differently in their standard attack strings, any of these outcomes suggests we don't know enough and that some movesets could have quite some variation (if this wasn't already evident comparing Dorothea with Annette). Ferdie's horse seems more athletic than Sylvain's at least going by the musou opener (which closes his segment; his opener is the end of same musou, lol). Also, I swear it took me a few replays, but Ferdie actually promoted to Holy Knight?! (refer to the hindquarter shields on his steed; Cavalier has round shields, Paladin has inverted teardrop shaped ones) - We don't get a look at Caspar doing any standard attack here, so nothing to compare against Hilda. The light effect spin attack seems like it could be the Lissa C3 counterpart but less clumsy; is light because of justice perhaps? He seems to want to channel his inner hedgehog as well with his musou opener doing a midair spin slam. Also why do you have gauntlets on your waist but then don't use them when actually punching past your enemies? - Petra as an assassin / thief is inspired and holds her grip not too dissimilarly to Olivia of all characters, and I think she's a bit more inspired by that moveset over any of the other sword movesets in FEW. I'm not 100% sure if her forward spin attack is definitely a charge attack (though pretty confident), but it certainly isn't Lyn/Navarre C5 - visually and functionally it kinda feels more like Olivia N6 but as a charge attack. Her dodge actually allows her to deal some damage while dashing, and I think we see an N1-N3 string which shares its first two strikes with the overall flow of Olivia's. She uses a bow in her musou closing shot. And yes it does look like she has triple braids. - Linhardt, why are you lugging a giant scholastic tome on you, why do you carry a second one to attack with, and why are you clipping the attack tome into the other one during your musou? xD I think he may actually be using the earlier attacks in his standard attack string, as he makes a similar pose to Mercedes during his N5 (though the lighting effects feel different, and his attack speed feels slower). Reviewing Mercedes' clip, this would imply she continues to N7 (forward book pose), which would give her a C8 for her rising light rain??? Linhardt N5 also has a wind impact on hit and Linhardt himself gets a windy effect on himself as the move concludes, which seems to tie into his personal as it then appears in his later standard attack string with satellite wind energy next to him. (Light orbs already have a weird green tinge to them which is seen briefly in Mercedes' trailer.) C4 is the giant light burst after Linhardt does a 720 anticlockwise pirouette. Musou gonna musou, but like with Annette (and unlike Dorothea) you can see the Crest of Cethleann in his magic summoning circles. === Music wise, the very opening bit before we go into Edge of Dawn Remix #3 feels inspired by part of Tempest of Seasons. The second half has an interesting take on Chasing Daybreak's melodic shapes, but the opening I can't really pin down. === Voice wise, I think this was just suboptimal voice direction given to Tara for Edelgard - it's trying to sound a bit too close to academy age although plenty of other clips have her voice closer to war pitch. Ferdinand still sounds like Billy for me.
  13. This was well before the Lions trailer as a fair number of us were concerned we wouldn't get the full student body. I'm pretty sure their ratings are in part due to the FEH effect and in part due to how much of a fan favourite they are in the fandom itself.
  14. Updated the polls as well, sorry I didn't save the old one's results, oops. (IIRC Annette / Felix / Mercedes were the top three, and no-one was keen to use Ingrid). Most of these designs feel kinda safe? Bernie's topknot looking like this is... not quite what I would've expected, but it does lend to designs being closer to 1180 than 1185 (mainly out of the topknot being more of a rush job for Bernie's hair). Petra definitely a solid winner here. I'll come back with trailer / music thoughts once I've had time to comb through it all.
  15. Japanese KT YouTube posted first. I'm collating everything else as it pops up. Hm, there's still a wyvern shaped void in the class roster at the moment (Claude notwithstanding)...
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