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    Fire Emblem should go without saying, shouldn't it?

    I'm also big on Pokemon, The Elder Scrolls, drag queens, and horror movies (bad and good, alike, albeit for very different reasons), among other things.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

    1. Sublime Manic

      Sublime Manic

      Thanks!! (again, again)

  2. Even without spreads and movesets which are obligatory for an actual RMT, I can immediately tell you Togekiss is banned this year in VGC. You don't follow VGC very closely, do you?
  3. Cinccino is adorable. Florges wishes it could compete with that kind of cuteness. Aegislash and Chandelure... why not both? Voted Aegislash though.
  4. If you're referring to the newest entry, "The Marked Ones" I think it's called, I understand it's something of a spin-off from the numbered entries (PA5 is due for release this year, by contrast) and takes a substantially different approach. So whether you liked or disliked the previous entries, you might react differently to it.
  5. Are you familiar with how getting most mega-evolution items works? You only get a specific hour's time frame to do it in.
  6. My list of fabulous: -Malamar -Dragalge -Fennekin line -Barbaracle (the cutest <3) -Noivern I was especially pleased to have made my in-game party out of literally just my favorite new pokemon along with my chosen Kanto Starter.
  7. If you Wonder Trade enough, you can get a good number of patterns over time. I currently have 7 different patterns including some fairly rare ones like Marine and Savanna all from using Wonder Trade.
  8. Well, there IS an order skills activate in. But yes, when you stack multiple skills, there will be diminishing returns. Higher activation rates for any skill are better than lower ones though, so the fact that they have the same activation rate shouldn't matter. No matter what the skills are, higher activation rates are better. The wrong skill activating at the wrong time is more a consequence of the order of priority.
  9. In Miriel's case, I'd argue it's not for the purpose of making her sound smart but making her awkwardly difficult for other characters to understand and relate to. And it's successful at that.
  10. Getting a Morgan that inherits Rally Spectrum is very nice for main-game. Serving as Rally bots is really the only way I'll use them for in main-game.
  11. First file? Anna. Because badass-magical-girl-thief-with-staves-Anna. Very fabulous.
  12. "Oh look. A new Lucius dude." I never mistook Lucius for a woman either. I suppose this would act as a new litmus to see how experienced someone is with the series.
  13. Julius showing Ishtar the garden in FE5. He isn't really cold to her. Their relationship is actually one of my favorites in the entire series. But we're derailing. Not evil for evil's sake? 6, 7, 8, and 10 immediately come to mind. And I completely agree with Starlight's distinction between disliking someone as a character and as a person.
  14. Thank you for sharing this. This is seriously the funniest thing I've seen describing tumblr's angry SJL in a long time.
  15. I seem to recall Sanaki saying in FE10 he'd be giving it back. Is there anything explicitly establishing he doesn't give it back?
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