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  1. Hiya, sorry if this has been posted before, I just haven't been able to find anything. I downloaded the vanilla JP version of the game, patched it with the English text and it's working fine so far. I did want to give myself one advantage since I know I'm going to be struggling A LOT but I really wanted to play this mode and see how crazy it is. I'm wondering if there is a "Perfect Level Up" Code for the Japanese version of the game. Or if I can possibly Convert the NTSC code to a functional JP version and what program(s) I could do that with. Fairly new to this so really any comments are appreciated. Except the "why would you want to cheat" comments. It's a gaem, I just wanna have fun. Thanks. ♥
  2. oh really? thanks, i'll give it a try
  3. I've been using Memu just fine thanks to the tutorial on how to install everything for a long time now. But now it wont let me update (play store says device isn't supported) and I tried the apk file but that failed to install. I'm guessing people are having similar issues since the latest update to feh? Has anyone found a way to get it working?
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