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  1. I'm right-handed, so ever since Twilight Princess for Wii came out, I felt that controlling Link felt more natural since he was also right-handed. I personally prefer the change, but that's probably just due to my dominant hand being my right one. That, and I've seen Link's right-handed sword wielding (with the shield in the left) so many times that I've gotten used to it more than the original left-handed Link. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Fire Emblem's got the most votes, considering that Serenes Forest is dedicated to Fire Emblem, and just about everybody on this site is a fan of FE (I mean honestly, who wouldn't be on this kind of forum?). But yeah, Nintendo's got a lot of solid IPs under their belt that are great contenders for #1, whether it be Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, or the others listed in the poll. It makes it a little hard to choose because of it, especially when we've got titles like Super Mario Odyssey, TLoZ: Breath of the Wild, Metroid Dread, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Kirby: and The Forgotten Land, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and many, many more to consider. Pokémon's easily the easiest RPG of the genre (though Mario & Luigi comes close simply because you can counterattack every enemy turn), but I like it that way too. It serves as a great gateway RPG for people interested in the genre, and I feel that it's a great series to start off with due to its easy to understand gameplay and mechanics. The main thing that prevents me from having Pokémon as my personal favorite is that most of the mainline entries basically play the same when you break it down. Create player avatar, get introduced to new region and characters, pick one of 3 starter Pokémon, catch Pokémon, fight rival/Team "Insert name here" on several occasions, beat every gym leader, eventually catch the legendary you paid MSRP for, and defeat the final boss. Rinse and repeat for the next generation but with some sort of new gimmick to freshen it up a bit. Because of this, I can't really get myself to play Pokémon games pre-X/Y (not counting remakes), since they'll just feel like I'm repeating the same things that I've already done in X/Y and Sword/Shield (not like it'll stop me from buying Scarlet/Violet and Ultra Sun/Moon, but I'm just based like that), but more dated than the newer titles. I can't really hate the series for following the same trends, though, because my favorite Nintendo series: Mario, also follows similar tropes for the main games. At least the spinoffs (particularly Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Channel) did interesting things with the franchise.
  2. Banned for multiple self-banning offenses.
  3. Banned for forgetting to mention the art of save-scumming, a necessity for Ace Attorney players.
  4. Yeah... I had a good feeling that somebody was going to call me out on that. My "reasoning" was that Star Fox had a "presence" on Switch because Star Fox 2 wasn't localized until 2017, where it was put on the SNES classic. The Switch did get Star Fox 2 as well, but it was afterwards in 2019, so that argument falls apart. The only other thing Star Fox-related on Switch outside NSO was some Star Fox DLC for a Ubisoft game, though since Nintendo didn't develop that game, it doesn't count either. I was definitely reaching for straws when it came to Star Fox (My brain must've been in low power mode or something. My bad), so I've removed it from the poll and put it in the Honorable Mentions pile. Pikmin only manages to barely get in because I count Pikmin 3: Deluxe as an individual title (By counting Pikmin 1, 2, 3, Hey, and 3 Deluxe, the series can qualify for the poll), despite it being a port of Pikmin 3 from Wii U to Switch. For example, Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN/Wii) and Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (WIi U) are technically different titles because 1. The port was designed for a different system, and sports a different case + disc to boot. 2. The HD version gave the game a visual upgrade, and changed the controls to fit the system it was ported to. 3. New content was added, which makes the HD version a different release as a result. Donkey Kong was a bit of a hard one to initially not include, because DK himself appears in a lot of Mario spinoff titles, and in the original arcade game, both Mario and DK technically debuted (But Mario got his own main series first with the original Super Mario Bros, while DK wouldn't get his own individual lineup of games until Donkey Kong Country). Though DK's Donkey Kong Country titles are unique enough to separate the series from the Mario universe (Besides, Mario never has appeared in a Donkey Kong game since Donkey Kong Jr.). So, I've decided to replace Star Fox with Donkey Kong in the poll, and have updated it now.
  5. @Past CyberZord Y'know, past me, I have to disagree with your opinion now that I've given the Blue Lions redesigns some more thought. Ever since I did a 5-day timeskip, I've had a change of opinion regarding the Blue Lions redesigns. I figured that I'd do a detailed list here, as I already did one for the Black Eagles redesigns. So, I've changed my votes (the poll results should reflect that), and Annette's no longer my least favorite redesign, while Mercedes' is no longer my favorite redesign. 8. Ashe. Ashe's redesign is the only BL redesign that doesn't really stand out to me, which is why it's unfortunately my least favorite redesign. Though for the record, I don't dislike any of the Blue Lions redesigns. 7. Ingrid. I'll say that her hair looks better than it did in the Three Houses timeskip, but not by much. Otherwise, a pretty comparable outfit. 6. Dedue. The beard looks both badass and a little weird on the big guy, but at least those pesky battle scars are gone. 5. Sylvain. I might surprise a few people by placing Sylvain so high on the list. Definitely an unpopular opinion on this thread. I personally like his redesign, as it fits his character rather well. 4. Mercedes. My previous #1 pick. Definitely an improvement over her Three Houses design, and I like what they did to her redesign for Three Hopes. The main reasons why I've dropped her redesign down to #4 is because: 1. I don't like the color of her outfit. 2. The top 3 redesigns were just that much better. 3. Annette. Yes. She jumped all the way up to #3 despite being my previous least favorite. I've grown to like her design a lot more. She looks pretty adorable, and I like her outfit. Though I still think she looks like a baker. 2. Dimitri. If it wasn't for Dimitri's Three Houses post timeskip design looking SO. DAMN. GOOD, I'd probably have placed his redesign at #1. I like how his hair is a mix between pre timeskip and post timeskip (alternate style). His armor looks awesome. Overall, I'm happy with how they redesigned my favorite 3H lord. Though I have taken a sneak peak at Claude's redesign, and... well (hot damn), I'll save it for the Golden Deer thread. 1. Felix. My new favorite redesign, Felix just looks straight up awesome in every aspect. From his attire to his ponytail, everything is simply excellent.
  6. Allow me to continue this chain of full rankings. Here's mine: 8. Petra. A rather unpopular opinion on this thread, but there's just something about that headpiece and overall design that I'm not a fan of. 7. Edelgard. I don't find the color scheme to be terrible, though I will say that a red headpiece (or none at all) would've worked better with the outfit. The lower part of her outfit is giving me serious F! Corrin design vibes, and I don't like it. 6. Caspar. Not really a fan of the spiky hair, the scar looks out of place, and its not much of a change from Three Houses. Overall an "eh" design. I'd say its passable. 5. Bernadetta. I don't mind what they did with her hair here, it looks good to me. A rather decent design, and from this point on, every redesign is one I like. 4. Linhardt. The ponytail looks quite nice on him, and I personally think its the perfect length. Solid design. 3. Hubert. Great outfit, better hair than Three Houses, and this design suits him perfectly. A great design overall. 2. Dorothea. Love what they did with her redesign for Three Hopes. Easily my favorite design of her, and its a close second to Ferdinand's design. 1. Ferdinand. His design strikes a perfect balance between pre and post timeskip Ferdinand in Three Houses and I love it. Excellent design.
  7. Nintendo's released a whole bunch of games exclusive to their own lineup of systems, whether it be Mario, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, or another title. These First-Party games are usually the best that Nintendo has to offer on their consoles, and are highly regarded among Nintendo fans. So today, I have created a poll to figure out what people's favorite Nintendo franchise is. My vote will be rather boring, but I love the series that got me into video games too much to not pick it: The Mario Series. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was my first ever Mario game back when it first released, and I've played almost every single entry, whether it be a mainline title or a spinoff game, ever since. Hell, I'll probably buy a port on a newer system even if I already had a copy of the original game (For example, Super Mario 3D All Stars, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury just to name a few). A shanty mate I interacted with once implied that I was a superfan of Mario, and I won't deny it because they're absolutely right. I've decided to make a few requirements for the poll so that we don't end up having more than 10 choices to pick from. The 3 bullet points below go over the requirements that decide whether or not a particular Nintendo IP gets placed on the poll. Requirements: Each series has to have at least 5 games released over time. Spinoffs don't count. Subseries like Luigi's Mansion and the Yoshi/Wario games won't be included since they were all created due to Mario in some way, and therefore are related to the Mario series. The newest game in each series has to have been released on the Nintendo Switch. Honorable Mentions that didn't make the list due to not meeting the criteria listed above: Any Mario/Pokémon spinoff series, Star Fox, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Punch-Out!, Mother/Earthbound, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, and Wii Sports. So, now I ask my fellow members of Serenes Forest, what's your favorite Nintendo IP from the 10 that are listed in the poll? EDIT: Super Smash Bros. technically has a vote, but when I was editing the poll, it bugged out and Smash lost its vote unfortunately (I apologize to whoever it was that voted for Smash as the fave, it won't go unacknowledged). Oddly enough, the poll still counts that person as having voted, but when you total all the votes, one extra vote is missing due to this. I have contacted an administrator and am hoping to get it fixed soon.
  8. Well, Three Hopes is confirmed to have three different routes to take just like in Three Houses, so I wonder how the routes will turn out considering that there's no real canon to base the game on outside of maybe Part 1, which (nearly) plays out the same no matter what. Worst case scenario in my eyes is if every route ends up being a "perfect timeline" route in some way or another. I can attest to that. I remember having one of the playable allies at very low, near-death levels of health, but they never lost a single bit of HP when I switched to a different character. It's crazy how the AI is practically invincible but also useless in battle when you're not playing as them (they hardly do anything, really). Since Three Hopes is a sequel to Fire Emblem Warriors just like how Age of Calamity is a sequel to Hyrule Warriors, what things from FEW would you like to see added/removed/improved upon in Three Hopes? I never played Fire Emblem Warriors (Is it worth buying? Or should I just stick to Three Hopes?), but I'm pretty sure it was kind of similar to Hyrule Warriors. You seem to be a fan of Dynasty Warrior series, so I'd like to hear your "hopes" for Three Hopes.
  9. Firstly, holy crap that's the biggest harem I've ever seen (you know, you probably could've kept the harem alive in CF because Edelgard's the only female lord of the three, and I don't think the game requires you to keep Hubert alive unless I'm mistaken). What the happened to all the lads (Did they try to get in the way of Byleth's harem, and paid the consequences for it)? Secondly, what don't you like about my man, Claude? I get that he's not as important to the overall story of Three Houses compared to Edelgard and Dimitri, but I still like his personal story and his character. Lastly, I'm pretty sure the "fighting to get the fam back" thing was also done in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind. It only doesn't occur in Crimson Flower because Rhea never gets captured by the Empire in that route.
  10. Banned for changing pfp approximately 1 hour ago on a Sunday.
  11. Not sure how I'd do my top 15 music tracks for Three Houses, but I do have an idea for my top 5. #5. Between Heaven and Earth- A great song that lets you know that the Academy days at the Monastery have long since passed, and that the 5-year war is not to be taken lightly. Especially fits considering that the song plays on the same battlefield where the Battle of the Eagle and Lion was held, now appropriately titled: Blood of the Eagle and Lion in Azure Moon and Verdant Wind. #4. Paths That Will Never Cross- I couldn't help but notice that you didn't put this song in your top 15 list, though I suppose I can understand why. I personally love how tragic battling unrecruited students is, and this song fits the mood perfectly. #3. Funeral of Flowers- I haven't played through Silver Snow, but simply by listening to this track do I realize how much of a masterpiece it is. It fits the tragic tone of the battle against Rhea, having turned into the Immaculate One against her will. The only things that hold back this piece from being placed any higher is the rather terrible story reason for Rhea's transformation, and the battlefield being reused from a previous chapter in the game. #2. Apex of the World- I personally prefer Crimson Flower's version of the Immaculate One boss fight over Silver Snow's. While the final boss fight in SS is rather tragic, CF's version is more epic, where Byleth, Edelgard and Co. get to finally take down Rhea in an epic battle at the burning capital of Faerghus. That, and I feel the reason for Rhea's transformation here was done way better. #1. God-Shattering Star- Easily my favorite track in the entire game. The battlefield, Nemesis' return, and this tune are all reasons why Verdant Wind's final boss is my favorite in Three Houses. I love how it recreates the battle between Rhea and Nemesis seen in the very first cutscene, and fighting all the way through to Nemesis was simply awesome.
  12. I haven't fully beaten most of the Fire Emblem games I own, as I've just started various playthroughs that I'm working on seeing through to the end. That being said, I can say that I have formed an opinion based on what I've seen so far in those games. Fire Emblems I like: Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Easily my favorite, as evidenced by the Favorite FE part of my profile. I've done full Golden Deer/Verdant Wind and Black Eagles/Crimson Flower runs, and I'm currently on a Blue Lions/Azure Moon run as well. In my opinion, the best Fire Emblem in terms of story, characters, setting, and gameplay. Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright. I'm probably one of the few who actually prefers Birthright over Conquest. Something about Hoshido's characters, story, and chapters that I prefer over Nohr's. Fire Emblem: Awakening. To put it simply, I can see how this game managed to save the series, and also why its so popular among FE fans. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. I got this game through the limited release Switch port that was available back in March around a year ago. It definitely shows its age, but it's still a solid game from what I've played so far. I don't have the DS remake, so I'm not sure if I should just stick with what I've got on the Switch, or get the DS version through the Wii U virtual console. Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. The first 10 chapters in Lyn mode are a little slow due to the tutorials presented, but the game really gets going once Eliwood mode begins from chapter 11 onwards. Got this one on my Wii U virtual console, and I must admit that my Ace Attorney save-scumming tactics have resurfaced with the Virtual Console's create + restore points. Fire Emblems I don't really like: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Story's probably the worst part of the Conquest route, but to be fair, Fate's story isn't really the strongest aspect of the games. I may just be too used to a good ol' route the enemy map, but I didn't really like the different objectives presented in each chapter. Though I do plan to give the Fates games a second playthrough, so maybe I'll like it more next time. Fire Emblem Heroes. I don't care much for gacha games or mobile gaming in general with some exceptions, and I don't feel like investing my time into this game when I could play a console game instead. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore. The game feels more like a wannabe Persona with Fire Emblem characters I don't really recognize (besides Chrom) included than a proper crossover between the two series. This may sound petty, but I didn't like the Japanese only audio with English subtitles, and I think it sucked that there wasn't an English voice option (I'm a rare breed that prefers English Dubs of most Japanese Anime and Video games over the original Japanese Dub, with very few exceptions such as the Yakuza series pre-Like a Dragon, and Attack on Titan). Couldn't get far into the game because of these two reasons. Fire Emblems I haven't played for various reasons: Any Fire Emblem released before Blazing Blade, mainly because they were only ever released in Japan (excluding the first two, because I got FE1 through the Switch port, and I got the 3DS Echoes remake of Gaiden coming in soon). The Tellius games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (Because they're far too expensive to be worth buying. Hopefully they get remade on a newer Nintendo system someday). Fire Emblem Warriors (I'm not big on the Dynasty Warriors style gameplay, but I'm on the fence with this game. May consider purchasing it if Three Hopes turns out great or if someone here can offer a solid recommendation. I've played both Hyrule Warriors games if that changes anything), and Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation (Got Birthright and Conquest, but I've got mixed feelings when it comes to the third route that's only available through DLC).
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