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    Video Games, YouTube, Listening to Video Game OSTS, Nintendo, Microsoft (Particularly their Xbox Systems), Almost anything Mario-related, Amiibos, and a bit of PC gaming
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Hey there! Welcome to my profile page! As you may be able to tell, I'm a big fan of the Fire Emblem series. I was officially introduced to the series with Fire Emblem: Three Houses in 2020, and I've been in love with the series ever since. Fire Emblem's not the only Nintendo IP I'm a big fan of though. I also love playing Mario (and all of the spinoffs, plus other series within the universe like Luigi's Mansion, Wario Land/WarioWare, Paper Mario, and Mario + Luigi), The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Kirby, Metroid, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Super Smash Brothers. I do play third party games on Nintendo systems, too, but I'm usually invested more into the games that are developed specifically for their systems. I also play games on the Microsoft Xbox series of consoles when I want to take a break from the Nintendo games or can't find a game that's on the system. Not much of a PlayStation fan, though, despite the fact that I've played on every system except for the PSP, PSV, and PS5. I could never really get into the system, unfortunately. Other than that, I also dabble into a bit of PC gaming on Steam, but because of my potato PC, my library is rather limited on that platform, which is why I play most of the bigger titles on my consoles. Speaking of consoles, I own a Nintendo Switch, Wii U, GameCube, Xbox 360, Xbox One S, and Xbox Series X. 

I've been gaming since 2006 (a little over 15 years), and I do not plan to stop anytime soon! If I'm not online here, I'm probably on one of my consoles playing the day away.

-CyberZord (Everpresent in the world of video games!)

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