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  1. Leaving the skill there is fine, his RES and DEF should be nerfed and I hope you fix those moving sound issues.
  2. Hey Blood, the moving sound of pegasi and horsemen unit is the same as infantry one. I wonder if it is a glitch? Also, Seth doesn't have a moving sound.
  3. If I remember correctly, in the vanilla game you get Lyon by beating the ruin 3 times on the creature campaign, no need to be on new game though.
  4. No ,not again pls. Lute is fine as she is. If you wanna change, just increase Amelia's Str growth rate, 30 % is not enough to make her a decent unit.
  5. After a quick test, I can confirm that all the previous saves prior to v2.2 ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. I know it's a pain in the neck but I have to start from scratch again (may do it after your final update Blood) and I think it's worth it. So Blood, could you please edit your 1st post to notice everyone else about the compatibility?
  6. So is v2.0 save compatible with v2.2? I don't wanna start all over again, it's a pain.
  7. Is it safe to use the 0.9.11 save or do I have to play the latest patch from scratch?
  8. Steal doesn't work on this one. There is no Steal command when moving Colm next to the enemy with stealable items although his speed is far more than his foe. Didn't test on Rennac 'cos I haven't play his chapter yet.
  9. Yup but the exp is so little compared to the one given by Lagdou ruin.
  10. Waiting for an update so we can access Lagdou ruin.
  11. I 've found some bugs so far: 1. From chapter 4 and onward, Seth cannot be deployed. I wanna pair him with Eirika and he is actually a good unit. 2. Starting from chapter 10, some of my units have negative stat. Hope you can fix them soon.
  12. I've tried this patch on several Fe7 roms but none was working. Can you tell me the name of the rom you used to to patch?
  13. I can't climb the tree with those unit you mentioned, do I have to update my game to do that and if it's updated, that +7 luck item is no longer available, right?
  14. Ok, I am at chapter 20 now. How can I open the big gate?
  15. Well, Vincent, there are things I can confirm: In chapter 15, there is no forced game over when the dragon appears at the cave entrance where Atol is and it will be if it killed Zoe. You can killed it for a restore staff which is really helpful in chapter 17. In chapter 15x, you can save at the start of every turns as long as there are no enemies around and you can also move a character indefinitely. BTW, you are so slow, I am at chapter 19 atm, waiting for your notes of earlier chapters :P
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