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  1. Whoop whoop Reason it was broken was because it was a direct edit to an animation that used the cape flowing. Edited to use the FEditor hacked loop command instead of the baked in FE678 one.
  2. 1.5x is extremely easy, just change the 4800 at 0292e5 to 4810 to change it from lsl to asr, which is a right shift, which divides by 2. For 2.5x, you'll need to paste write A1 88 05 20 48 43 40 10 at 292E0. That changes the original move and load signed halfword into a single unsigned halfword load, which gives me room to load in a 5 into r0 then use the fact that the GBA's processor supports multiplication. The end result is ldrh r1, [r4, #0x4] mov r0, #0x5 mul r0, r1, r0 asr r0, r0, #0x1 Which multiplies the damage by 5, then divides by 2 to get 2.5x damage. Incidentally, with this, you can set your crit multiplier to any number or any half number you care for.
  3. Sally is a cute cleric and you should feel horrible if you killed her.
  4. Remember to give feedback. Especially on the magic because that's all my numbers But this is 1.00, before we asked you for help Thank you for helping us though.
  5. I'm not saying that we need one, but we totally need a sword and staff wielding maid. Foot unit that's a healer, but can still defend themselves if needed.
  6. But the other person from the male peg knight isn't unknown, It's done by inkling and genocike. Ponytail female mage in game.
  7. No, spell animations still have to be done by hand. Original spell animations don't have a set way of being stored, so every one would have to be individually coded for (at least as far as I know).
  8. The script problem is because it rips all the modes. Deleting modes 2 and 4 from the script it spits out will make it work fine. As for the other problem, it's probably some of the effects that the game does, like cape flaps on magic units and thrown swords and shields on mercs and heroes. Probably.
  9. Why not post this in the huge animation topic? It'll wind up lost otherwise.
  10. But I already did that. And if you look at that particular sheet, there's a shitton of colors, and it's missing a handful of frames. Try and keep up ;) E: following which one you quoted me on, it's also quoted in literally the next post.
  11. It's sad that the OP is never updated anymore. Makes it hard to find things in the thread at a glance.
  12. °д° < Make your own shorten it a pixel, remove the helmet, everything is at basically the same level, and there's not much head motion.
  13. Fixed the hooded necromancer so it'll work in FE7. Oh, right, credit still remains with whoever made this in the first place. But this SFX fix for the FE8 summoner is all me. Ponytail sage is me too.
  14. As was pointed out to me, The long hair female mage animation only works if you insert it over the original female mage, because it uses the C47 command. So I fixed it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1287867/card%20images/long%20hair%20female%20mage%20fix.zip This one uses L instead, so it's insertable anywhere. Have fun. Edit: And now the ponytail mage, both original sheet, and redone for insertion anywhere Special thanks to Genocike for helping fix the ugly ponytail on the cape flap frames https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1287867/card%20images/ponytail%20female%20mage%20fix.zip As should be for everyone is with everything I make, both of these are free for anything you want to do with them. Use them, edit them, hate them, create derivative works, anything. Hell, even credit is optional. Double edit: Wow, I'm not very good at getting things to work. The old versions were using the sage rune draw for some reason (probably for some visual effect) and because of that, it was trying to display at the same time as the spell animations. If you've ever seen Fa using a fire dragonstone against idoun, same idea here, but on a smaller scale. Fixed (again)
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