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  1. Thank you! ^_^ My fav character is a tie between Erk and Florina. Mostly because they ended up being my best units in my first playthrough XD They got so many speed level ups. Florina didn't really get strength level ups but that doesn't really matter when you're a pegasus knight that can double + counter 99% of enemies haha Hehehe me too! This place really does seem nice Thanks for the suggestions on what to purchase! I'm hoping to just purchase a secondhand switch lite since new consoles are kind of expensive. And also they aren't selling any 3DS stuff at the EB Games nearby so : ( but when I get a switch… It's Three Houses time. I've barely been spoiled on the game apart from stuff related to the routes so I'm excited to see how it goes! Also I hope you enjoy your playthrough of FE7, it's a really good game ( though Lyn mode is a bit slow… still love her though ❤️ ) My favourite lord… that's a hard question. In terms of characterization it's Hector, he really is best FE7 boy. But in my playthrough I found a lot of use in Eliwood, who's one of the weaker lords in the series because of his stats. He got some really good level ups in my playthrough. Also I remember in the earlygame I wasn't paying attention and I got Hector oneshotted by Guy so… And Lyn… she got benched after she rejoined so RIP
  2. Hi everyone! I'm United and I'm someone who's interested in ROM hacking. I've been into FE since I saw a video at 10 years old of the GBA crit animations ( which hooked me onto the series ) and have lurked around this site a bit as a guest, but I was too shy to make an account. Until now, that is XD My favourite game in the series is Blazing Blade! It's the first one I've played, and I really enjoyed the gameplay of it. I also played the other GBA titles and the DS remakes, but I don't have a 3DS or Switch since I'm poor and can't afford them ._. so I haven't had the opportunity to play the more recent titles. Right now I'm going through FE4! The maps are so big XD It's kind of weird. I like it though, the story is interesting Well, that's my intro! I hope we can get along 😄
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