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  1. I was wondering if anyone might know how to get these Gecko codes to work.  Volug works okay i guess,  but some of these codes, like Lethe and Lyre's have caused glitches in game.  and I don't know about the rest of them as I'm not very far in my play through yet.  
    These codes were mentioned by 
    joey75421 earlier in this thread Here.

    $Volug has SS strike
    04885C3C 000001CB
    04885B1C 80B62930

    $Lethe has SS Strike
    0488974C 000001CB
    0488962C 80B62840

    $Ranulf has SS strike
    0488EDEC 000001CB
    0488ECCC 80B62840

    $Lyre has SS Strike
    0488E9FC 000001CB
    0488E8DC 80B62840

    $Mordecai has SS Strike
    04889B3C 000001CB
    04889A1C 80B62750

    $Muarim has SS Strike
    0488FDAC 000001CB
    0488FC8C 80B62750

    $Kyza has SS Strike
    0488F1DC 000001CB
    0488F0BC 80B62750

    $Skrimir has SS Strike
    048A447C 000001CB
    048A435C 80B62570

    $Janaff has SS Strike
    0489AAEC 000001CB
    0489A9CC 80B62B10

    $Ulki has SS Strike
    0489AEDC 000001CB
    0489ADBC 80B62B10

    $Vika has SS Strike
    0489019C 000001CB
    0489007C 80B62CF0

    $Neuluchi has SS Strike
    0488BABC 000001CB
    0488B99C 80B62CF0

    $Naesala has SS Strike
    0489154C 000001CB
    0489142C 80B62DE0

    $Ena has SS Strike
    048930DC 000001CB
    04892FBC 80B62E50

    $Gareth has SS Strike
    0489544C 000001CB
    0489532C 000001CB

    $Nasir has SS Strike
    0489505C 000001CB
    04894F3C 80B62FC0

    $Kurthnaga has SS Strike
    04892CEC 000001CB
    04892BCC 80B630B0

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