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    over-analyzing fates's shitty plot since 2017
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    I've been super into Fire Emblem for a really long time. Fates was my introduction into the series and i've been invested in the entire franchise since its English release. I also really love Echoes and Awakening, and am hoping to get into some of the older games as well. As for other interests, I love chinese webnovels (especially anything written by mxtx), writing, and (obviously) gaming.
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    Lost in the Woods of the Forlorn

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    Fates: Conquest

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  1. Ahh sorry I only just saw this!! But omg, a fellow character enthusiast haha. A Seth and Eirika fanfic sounds super cool, I'd love to hear about it if you wanna share :D. I desperately need to get into FE8. And I definitely feel you on still learning to play the game well. I've been playing fates since its release and still struggle so bad with conquest sometimes.
  2. One of my long time dreams has been to make a fire emblem fates musical. Not like, a whole directed thing, but at least come up with some fan songs for characters and major plot points since I love writing music. I'm thinking it would potentially have 5 songs for each branching path. So far my main concepts have been centered around a song ab the nohr siblings hiding Krakenburg's dark secrets from Corrin (the game's intro), and a song about Elise wanting to be seen as more than just the younger, useless sister. But idk, it's still very much in the "floating around my brain aimelessly" stages. If I ever go through with it I will update it here.
  3. Hii, I'm Bee :). I'm new to the site, but I hope to be active now that I'm here! I think at this point, fe is like a parasite in my life that just won't go away, whether for better or worse. But if you also love to hate (or hate to love) fire emblem and enjoy ranting about silly little characters, hmu!!!
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