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  1. SOON ™



    We'll see

  2. Bagels are good

    1. Magical Glace

      Magical Glace

      I agree, depending on the kind of bagel.

    2. Komeiji Koishi
  3. I should probably actually do something with this

    But then no one would notice :Knoll:

    1. Kriemhild


      But what if we are trained not to notice kouhais?

    2. Komeiji Koishi

      Komeiji Koishi

      That would be so hecking rude of you

  4. Your Avatar makes it seem like you voted for boobs in cyl, at least on mobile

    1. Emeraldfox


      Velouria has boobs, yes

  5. Really though why do i have so many profile views

    1. Magical Glace

      Magical Glace

      Pick one:

      • Magic
      • Eirin's Shady New Drug
      • Yukari is fooling around again
      • Moriya Shrine Conspiracy.
    2. Starman


      Because you're a nerd

  6. don't have a stroke

    1. Draco


      cant stop it

      call an amberlance im having a stronk

  7. *supports* Really though looks like you got an interesting thing here. I shall read it at some other point in time OKAY SO Now that i read it it's pretty fun and nice and stuff. Yeah. Uh. Yeah. I dunno what to say. Words. words i was totally gonna use when i was going to play it
  8. Really though instead of clown piece of shit we could have a patch that has you fight junko twice. It's like LLS Amen
  9. By not subjecting myself to sub cirno meme touhou I'm pretty sure I'd have fun Where's the remove clownpiece patch
  10. Did you just use kek in 2017. >_> how 2 maek towhoe fun
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