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  1. Seriously? What do growth rates, stats and reclassement have to do with biological parents? At the very least you could argue with nurture vs. nature. But actually, this is a videogame none of these things has anything to do with biology. And if a gay couple with high strength and low agility adopting a child that also shows high strength and low agility is what destroys your suspension of disbelief in a world of shapeshifters, magic and hyperbolic time chambers, I have no idea what to say.
  2. If you give Sakura and Elise an A support, Sakura can get access to Strategist. Just throwing that out there. Edit: Eh, too late. ^^
  3. Why does exorcist Marx have a tail? Or is that an accessory? Talking about tails: Do Nishiki and Flanell keep their tails in the other classes? Because is this video they keep their natural tails, even though they have the other's class. I'd have thought, that the tail would be part of the Fox/Garou model
  4. These are the NPC Fox and Wolf outfits, right? What about Kanna(m/f) and Shigure? Do they use these outfits or do they use the outfits worn by Nishiki/Flannel/Kinu/Velour?
  5. Really? As far as I've heard every A can become an A+. But only if both characters are the same gender and each character can only have one A+.
  6. I've heard one account, where someone with a Spellcaster!Kamui married Orochi and the Marriage Seal gave her access to Dark Mage. I doubt that the gender has any influence, since there are no genderlocked non-DLC classes. I doubt this as well. If the Second Gen character's primary class is identical with Kamui's secondary class they should get the parallel class. Unless they already have the parallel class via inheritance. I got no clue then. I don't see any reason for this, unless there is a Kamui-sexual that already has the parallel class of their primary class.
  7. Actually it looks more like this: Joker!Shigure 1. Default class (Pegasus) 2. One of Dad's classes (Rod Knight) 3. One of Mom's classes (Pegasus or Rod Knight) 4. Mother's faction parallel class (Wyvern) Otherwise he should be inheriting Joker's Cavalier.
  8. I'd like to have one of those tanks with the Astra skill please
  9. Nope. Arthur/Camilla -> Dark Mage Odin/Nyx -> Outlaw/Thief Because those are Camilla's and Nyx' secondary classes, which are not already automatically inherited by Lutz and Ophelia from their fathers.
  10. We're still missing Ignis with Oboro's hair colour, are't we?
  11. What about the recruitment maps for the children? Any special goals for those chapters?
  12. Can Kaze and Joker support? It says so but in the first post here, but in the tables other players made it says they can't. Do we have their supports?
  13. Yup. Awakening: Chrom, Virion (a single virus particle), Stahl (steel in german), Ricken (a young deer in german), Panne, Libra, Cherche (searching in french), Tharja, Kjelle Radiant Dawn: Sothe, Haar (hair in german), Zihark, Tauroneo, Elincia, Makalov, Brom, Gatrie, Sanaki (I'm no even including the laguz names here) Those are just a few examples of FE names that aren't real names. A lot of fantasy video games use made up names or modifications of real names. So I really don't think "Subaki" and the others are such a big deal. Just call them whatever you want in your own head.
  14. Wow, the more information I gather the more possible Butlers seem to pop up. I'm at 20 for the 3rd Route now. It'll be a while before attempting this, because 1) I have to wait for the EU release 2) this will not be my first playthrough. Also, I have no real way of streaming or recording anything from my 3DS :-/ As for the name, I don't watch either of these anime, so it would probably be something else. Maybe Alfred or Jarvis. Maybe something generic butlerlike such as James, Giles or Jeeves. Or maybe Gerard Butler. For those who prefer Maids to Butlers, I'm working on it :P
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