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  1. I'm fairly happy with my entry because I got to try out an image composition/palette that I've been meaning to attempt, as well as getting to mess with my style a bit all while paying homage to my favorite FE, and getting an animated badge just for entering whaat. As people mentioned, it is inspired by the Gaiden cover, as well as FE4's cover, because I thought those were amazing and FE7's cover always felt a little lacking to me. I'd actually like to get more constructive criticism on it if anyone is willing to dole it out! I'm thinking about doing some more work on this cus I'm noticing a few things I wanna fix anyway >u<
  2. I voted for 21 pieces but will probably add more votes later o__o;;
  3. Mew

    Mewmew Art Land

    I'll just pretend I haven't been totally inactive on SF for months..soo... so here's the only two FE-related pieces I've done since July of last year |D The first one is a WIP of my piece for the SF art contest, I probably won't post a more finished version until the contest is over~ I've always wanted to do a movie poster type thing but omg its hard! The second is a commission of someone's custom Kamui, Rosalind, done over on tumblr!
  4. Mew

    Stream of Fates

    I thought I signed up for this but I'm not on the list? aK PLS U WOUND ME
  5. Mew

    Stream of Fates

    I'm pretty much open during normal 9-5 work hours and can do streaming then, I barely sprite anymore though I can't speak for my quality lol, I've been working on the same sprite for months. Would I be allowed to stream general digital artwork as well? If not it's nbd since I realize this is mostly geared towards spriters. Also, I'm one of those people who raised concerns about the event date: I sort of wish this were coinciding a bit more with the end date of the creative contest (having this happen in the last week of January basically)--I don't have anything finished yet and streaming it might be a fun way for me to get something finished for it, as well as generating maybe a slight bit more hype towards the end to remind people that they still have a little bit of time to make entries.
  6. I love the prizes~ Dat 2nd bundle. Wheew. Also, are there any restrictions on previously created work? I didn't see anything in the rules about it. I assume no though?
  7. Mew

    Critique, please?

    Curious to see the original designs :0 I'm liking the third one most, though I'm sorta confused about the garment underneath the shirt. Does it just have one strap? It's really similar colored/shaded to her skintone so it sorta looks like two straps on one shoulder almost. Then the other shoulder which appears to have no strap is shaded sorta like there might be a strap too? A little confused about that part too~
  8. Oh I missed the earlier Q, I'll answer both~ I think this was my first go at spriting, started cus I like pixel art/FE graphics but at the time didn't think it had a lot of applications for modern gaming, how silly I was~ I'm pretty proud of this, problem is I tend to go through phases of caring about Warcraft. I could seriously care less about Garrosh now (is he dead now or something i don't even know) so it's disappointing that this is just fanart but oh well. I'm also proud of some animated pixel stuff I made for a rhythm game about demon summoning but i'm too lazy to find the gifs.
  9. Oh man did not expect to be the only one who responded, I like this idea. Ah well 'w' I'll add you on there
  10. I would like this because I feel bad repeatedly bugging the same people for crit lol. I'm a lot more active on Skype than I am on Serenes as well and would love to talk to more artists :)
  11. Smirks left, Mew right Made some face/hair/bod adjustments to Smirks' edits of Matthias, plus SPIKES
  12. this guyyyy Finishing sprites sucks but it makes me sad to see all of these WIPS. I like Hector's face a lot
  13. In response to Errant: As a person who managed to miss a mug edit that I was checking for (seriously wtf mew? IT'S POSTED MORE THAN ONCE), I agree that this is a problem. I feel bad about editing a mug that already got edits, should have been starting a new one or helping with the current edits. It'd probably be useful to create a publicly editable spreadsheet that contains the as-of-unfinished mugs. That way, the TC won't have to keep up with the thread/keep editing their finished mug image. Also it'd be kinda cool if the edits were lined up side by side with the originals (with the creator's name under it or something) as they progress to show how much they changed, as well as keeping credit intact so that it's easy to see who did what. Not sure if that's too much work, but currently the alternative is running back through the thread and I'm a blind fool when I do that
  14. Oh woops, I didn't know someone already edited it. I scrolled through real quick to check that it hadn't been done already but I guess I missed it. I see it now OTL (Also yeah that Zoro)
  15. A wild Mew appears to tweak this guy real quick (I picked him because he reminded me of Zoro /SWEATS/), didn't really change anything, just smoothed out parts and made the hair a little less anime-ish. Apologies if I changed something you would have rather kept. Also totally digging the relatively light-but-super-useful mug editing going on here
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