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  1. Chapter 12, the one where we just have to wait for the right moment to talk to NPCs. I'll finish it later today.
  2. Ah gotcha. Didn't 25% of Europe die to the real black plague? It was just in case I royally fucked up and couldn't reach the boss in time. I usually do but I didn't risk it this time. I'd rather keep a unit or two than get the brave sword and some gold. I pussied out 😞 That's true, but I don't think it unlocks their bond. Yes but you don't necessarily know that when playing blind. As the chapter get longer and more dangerous, it will become more and more important. I usually am way less careful even during Ironman runs but this is such a big time investment that I don't want it to stop because of a dumb mistake. You can kill the misarme guy by sending your fliers. I'd still rather be careful. Oh my god you are right, I never thought of doing that. I guess that will be a trick for the next run. Don't get used to it. I very easily get carried away and overconfident. This might even be an argument for giving him the mobility but I decided that Zade was more important for this run. It would have been shorter if I had remembered to use the bellflower leaf when fighting the undead. Their paralysis is extremely time consuming. You can just send Urven with a pilum and have him kill 90% of the enemies in one turn but I can't risk that in an ironman. I suspect the chapter where I won't be as restrained as I should will be chapter 15. Until then, everything should be ok. I considered it but I remembered she doesn't really need it. She has great movement in the desert, is always close to the other during 14, doesn't need to move fully every turn in any of the three "zones" of 15, 17 is a slog and 19 doesn't see her move around too much either. It would have been useful to get her to the front faster in 20 but it really isn't necessary. He wouldn't be such a problem if you didn't need to reach the gold wagon in time. My most played game of all time. So unbelievably good with enough mods to do whatever you want and great DLC's. I also came to appreciate 3 more after 4 and 76 came around. Just like in Berwick, you just need to send the speedster deal with them. I always do it that way. Just like Kaga intended. I jus overestimated the Doyenne's strength. She had 12 might and Zade would have had 11 DEF and 5 HP if he hadn't leveled defense so even a double crit wouldn't have killed him. If she had procced industry and attacked again she could have done it but the chances would be very low and he leveled DEF anyways. Still scary. You can also run in and kill the archer since almost everyone is stationary but I wasn't sure of that at that point. I like to take my time in all aspects of life. Although we won't see a turncount like that until 17.
  3. I don't think I will ever truly get tired of Fallout New Vegas. Anyways, the second part, and the end, of chapter 11.
  4. That's weird... Nah, there is way worse than him in this game. But he does look pretty good. He shows up three times and another one shows up twice but I think that's it. I think he just says that Halym was a tyrant and that he overthrew him to better the lives of the people. And from what we hear of Halym, he may actually be better than him. They attack the yurts over your units only as long as you don't attack them I think. If you seize before clearing the top part of the map, I'm pretty sure it just sends you there anyways. It isn't actually optional. If a powerful mage like Roland only "may" restore his eyesight then these injuries are permanent for 99,99% of people. To be fair, he wanted to ride out. Cyltan will learn self-reflection in a few chapters thankfully. While it is horrible for the ward, it is also a pretty bloodless way to ensure no more rebellions spring up. Definitely better than razing villages to the ground and the like. Having to marry a bratty younger sibling sounds worse than hell... Don't mess this up like I did.
  5. Yeah but Meleda has better relations with some influential people in Solis like Gyskhal. Well, it does give us a proper introduction to the margulites. It is supposed to be represented by holy magic cutting damage in half and granting defensive skills (regenesis, first blood) as well as being extremely rare, so not a good offensive mainstay. But having some sort of pacifist unit would be nice. I think we learn later that she is in her thirties or something, so over twice Cyltan's age. If you let the skeletons get to the houses, they get destroyed. If you look good you must be good. We play by disney rules here. She still has the magic swords but this is really bad. Losing an amazing weapon that also helps her grow better that soon will definitely make the game harder. Better pray she gets strength blessed. I don't think we see him again. The one we see again and again is the one from chapter 11. That's weird. I guess having the skeletons destroy the houses is just part of the illusion.
  6. Man I really wish I could play VS2 right now. But I guess I'll wait until the end of this ironman to be really refreshed on all the important plot points. Chapter 9... is a bit of a trap. They bait you, make you feel safe and then they crush you with a big ball of reinforcements.
  7. Chapter 8. If we live through the initial charge, the rest of this defense chapter will be easy.
  8. Ah you're right, got a bit confused there. I didn't remember the circlet maidens exclusively coming from noble houses but I skipped the story every time I played after the first time. Yeah, I wanted him to die so that the other units could safely cross over and join Zayid's squad. He needs to get to 15 as fast as possible to print money. And Jean's level-ups have been so bad... I wish I learned about it earlier too, I got him to level 10 by chapter 5 every other time I promoted him early and it was a pain. Oh that's right, I didn't remember him being able to do that. Pretty sure you can do meme strats with a leveled Tallan and the starfall dagger but it is much better to have him repair your stuff. Athol healing him, the regenesis ring and him using an herb on his turn was actually enough to heal him completely. But before Athol got here he had to wait some turns between engagements yeah. The starfall dagger would be better if he was low enough but I would rather be prepared for every opportunity. And the thunderlight sword only has 82% chance to kill him, whereas the dandelion would have around 96% if he is low enough (great shield is horrible). I always kill him in one turn by rigging it if I have to but that's not possible here so I learn stuff about some enemies AI's. I though he wouldn't move away like he did for you if he had someone in his range but I was wrong. At least it's pretty much confirmed he will always move to that particular tile to heal. She has every right to considering she could have died. My Rubina is turning out pretty good but my Yaeri is the Jean to her Ash. Although she is at least somewhat useful, unlike Jean. I actually didn't mean to, I endangered Troy like an idiot. In retrospect I should have written that she gave the mark to Cezar back when he crossed the second bridge. You can see them standing next to each other I'm pretty sure. Also, I did permanently lose all of her inventory, the loss of the pilum+2 being particularly horrible. I'm pretty sure she will come back, there was a popup saying that she only died for this chapter but I didn't grab it. I always sell it because I love money. Although I think Aslanne was still carrying this one when she died. It makes her so much better. I usually give it to Merida but she is already so good. Pretty sure Zade is the one to "canonically" get it if VS2 is any indication. No reason to care about them before the main objective if you don't plan to enter through the main gate after all. No, Kaga gives us a bandit with a droppable one in the chapter just before the event. If you intend on doing that little sidequest in chapter 13 there really isn't anything to worry about. I stopped screenshoting them after a while but she activated industry a lot more during this map. It was pretty crazy. Killing the witch and the diabolist isn't that far fetched on a first playthrough. The game doesn't force you to seize the abbey if you do and all you get is a weird feeling you did something very wrong. I don't remember if she can enter a closed house. I meant that she doesn't do much story-wise. As a unit she is pretty solid even if she is a little frail and held back by the rarity of mage promo items. Yeah, green unit lives are pretty worthless after all. Yeah but they should grow up and become old. Which makes me think they have trouble getting there. I know but I really don't need a third healer on Cyltan's route. A mage could be fun but I'll probably keep her as she is and have her learn flurry. I'm reading his Berwick ironman right now. He really loves Sylvis doesn't he...
  9. Chapter 7, part 2. It shouldn't be a super long update.
  10. Chapter 7, the one with an optional character to recruit. For some ungodly reason, Kaga decided that that very optional character would be Zade's starting companion in VS2.
  11. He probably forgot how scary it is for normal people too after successfully fighting so many of them and just having conquered an impregnable city. You can just block the village with one of your units to get as much time as you want. And if you visit with Troy and then with Lilia you can get both items. I don't know, I'd rather deal with small mountains passes and rough deserts than berserk siege tomes and 1-3 range 3x brave tomes when no one has RES other than Merida. Also, having Zade's army march through Sphire when they don't want anyone to cross their borders right now could be considered an act of war. But even if they wanted to let us pass, the empire could see that as support for the Meledans. So the tough route might be a lot less bothersome overall.
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