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  1. Not sure either, but I guess Druids are preferred for the access to anima magic and a more favorable stat spread. I think I used summoner Knoll in all my runs. Ewan as summoner might do better than Knoll given Ewan's stats. And if I remember correctly, summoners can level 10exp per turn by summoning phantoms, so if your Ewan ends up super fragile, and you don't want to risk it, summon away.
  2. Alrighty. Anything else that gives orbs so that I don't worry too much about everything? Right, I meant Brave Eirika and Brave Sigurd. My b. ^^" I noticed those. I got a free Reinhardt, and I'm happy about that.
  3. Okay, I downloaded FEH. I summoned the free Legendaries. Legendary Eirika and Legendary Sighed are amazing. But after the prologue, it became way too much for my brain. There were far too many things going on, so many things on the screen. Oh well, it was well worth a shot.
  4. I want to add a dumb yet fun army idea for unit promotions I had while I read all the replies: Promoting units to as many of one class as I possibly can. For example, I make Amelia, Gilliam, Frank, Forde, Kyle into 5 Great Knights. The addition of Duessel will make 6. And then I make Lute, Artur, Moulder, Ewan into Sages. Saleh joining in would make 5 sages. Etc etc. Sure it'd lack unit diversity, but a raging stampede of 6 Great Knights sounds awesome and hilarious.
  5. Wasn't sure if I should make a thread or just ask in this thread... I used to play FEH a lot before I deleted my account in 2019. I've had thoughts of coming back, but I'm not sure. Is it a good idea to play a new game of FEH in Fall 2022 as free to play, or will I never be able to catch up or get anything done at this point unless I spend enough cash?
  6. I am very tempted to promote those two to Assassin the next time I play SS. I've always thought about it before in my previous playthroughs but I don't think I went through with it.
  7. Yesterday, I was thinking, if I do another playthrough of Sacred Stones, about going the Sage route with Ewan (or Saleh or Lute) and then using that enemy glitch to give him Demon Surge and get him to use dark magic. That way I can have a Sage that knows ALL the forms of magic since they already got Light, Anima, and Staves proficiency (though I'd still have to S rank only one of them). One of my save files has as many horse and pegasus units as possible cuz I tried a horse emblem challenge on that one. So yeah, Ewan was a mage knight, Amelia a great knight, etc. Probably won't promote them to that again, but still a nice experiment I tried out at that time. Are there any other fun unit builds and promotions that don't normally see the light of day but are super fun when played around with? I'd love to experiment again the next time I start another Sacred Stones save.
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