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  1. Sothis Abyssal vs Kagero and some units I never use: Trilemma Healer was the MVP.
  2. Abyssal clear: Very straightforward.
  3. @SatsumaFSoysoy thought I replied to you, but looks like I didn't -- anyway thanks! Celica always gets a +1 from me. @Unknown Gamer11 thanks, I enjoyed your clear too! Nice to see a powerful Raigh, underappreciated unit. My friend GNS has a swol Raigh, I suspect he'll have cleared this with him too if not with his usual soloist Rebecca.
  4. Never got around to recording this one originally due to work. Pretty much the same as all of my other ones, Tharja and Kagero vs the shooting gallery Abyssal:
  5. Nice clear @Some Jerk ________________ My Abyssal clear: Actually cleared it before I even had the coffee this morning, but I wanted to streamline things before recording.
  6. Yeah I put Miracle on her but I've yet to try it out, keep meaning to haha. I always ran her with two mythics, which is as much bulk as she'd have on astra. She's always had my summoner support so that helps, and being buffed +6/7 in all stats helps, I guess getting res and spd as mythic boosts rather than atk/def on astra is better for her. Pulse Smoke is the most useful thing though, being able to defuse Ophelias/IP teams is very nice.
  7. Thanks! It's her AR set for soloing light season, but I also use it in Abyssals as well. I don't think I'd ever drop Vantage. I've seen Special Spiral + Sol, and I've considered Special Spiral +HB+Aether but I think I honestly prefer Vantage.
  8. I actually don't have many FE7 units, this is how I ended up doing Abyssal:
  9. Kana vs Tellius, Infernal: All prior Infernal/Abyssal Limited Hero Battles: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL10I8itsqGPaIFNhOjmrLYV8dp-cFEqsH
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