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  1. Thanks your change helped. I don't know if that works with the slim sword. But the items were useable. I check later if the code works perfect fine. Edit: The code works perfect fine. Thanks.
  2. I don't know how to get all items for the code: "Have All Items In Convoy And Skills" But I figured something out because the code Whai created doesn't work, so if you use this code: 083E92A0 80B5FE10 212700A8 00000050 And change the last numbers to any others number you get different items. I added only 80 hex everytime. If you change to much you get none working swords but starting with the 50 changing to D0 gave me new items. The only thing that keeps the same is the slim sword and it adds only I think 10 items. Also all items have 0 uses but if you use the other cheat "Every Single Unit's first Item is Blessed" or the other one then it shouldn't be a problem. So you have to save and change everytime this code, but at least you get items. Edit: the attack items do zero damage and disappear after use, so worth only to sell them
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