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  1. Hey guys, as the title mentioned I'm playing the 1.00 version on my Dolphin emulator and it's absolutely great! I wanted to do a play through where I have less to grind and more fun doing the levels with all units instead of having to grind certain ones. mainly some of the Laguz (getting their strikes at SS) now some of the codes by ShadowX39 (Gecko) work..not all do and some even bug the game in the process. (Muarim, Vika, Naesala, Skrimir, Janaff and Kurth, Ena, Nazir and Gareth I was wondering if someone could help me with some working codes for said version for these characters so that I don't have the grind maps for them especially since most are with me for a limited amount of stages
  2. Absolutely loving this rom hack! my only question is: I heard max Support was extended to 10? but all my characters seem to cap at the regular x5
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