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  1. Thank you for the kind words! I saw Zane's battle forecast, yes, and it looks pretty awesome. I'm not sure if we'll implement it it in Lil' Manster, though. The Atk-Def calculation is kinda important to knowing how much damage a critical hit will do, seeing as the formula is 2x Atk, not 3x Dmg. Maybe we can put it as an Option settings? We'll discuss it and see, although it's likely that it won't be there until version 1.100, if we do include it.
  2. Hello everyone! What was initially supposed to be a "mini-update" fixing the menu lag, adding a few localizations and minor bugfixes... has turned into something much, much bigger. And so, on the second anniversary of Lil' Manster's release, may I present to you... Version 1.08 is here, and boy, does it have its share of new content. Let's run through these, shall we? - Official localizations from the recent FE Heroes updates: Lifis, Safy, Perne, Díthorba, Nál, Hoðr, Tófa, and so on. - All the menu lag is gone. All of it. - There are now two new options in the actual, ingame Options, called Hidden Data and Deployment. Some existing options now also have additional settings. Thanks to these new settings, you can now enable or disable previously built-in QoL features (Scroll Growths, FCM/Ddg/AS display, CRT Display in battle, Equipment Preview, Talk Indicator, Guard AI Display). And some QoL that used to be packaged as optional patches are now built into the game and can also be turned on and off at will (HP Bars, WEXP Display, Hidden Skills, Deployment rearrange). Speaking of QoL, there's new ones too! - You can now display units on the map during preps without being able to reorder them. Just select setting 1 for Deployment, and you'll get the user-friendliness of the Rearrange patch without breaking the game's delicate balance. - You can now press Select on a playable unit's inventory to display their growth rates, complete with scroll bonuses too! If you selected setting 1 or more for Hidden Data. - How about pressing L on the chapter map to display the global enemy range? Man, it's so modern! - Finally, a few existing QoL improvements have received improvements. The “Sticky” +1s on level-ups are cleaner. Zane's Talk Display now displays properly for all Talks. And his HP Bars show health with a much higher precision! - We've got the usual slew of tweaks to dialogue and menu text, including a bigger skill description text box. - A number of small vanilla FE5 mistakes and omissions were corrected, most notably to animation data. See details in the Changelog. - Unused spells were given sound effects. The FE4 ones are gone but, with some creativity, new ones were made from existing sounds and instruments. - A bunch of unused text, mostly battle/death/release quotes for unused characters, was translated. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a more thorough breakdown of the newer options, and what they do. Underlined options are the default setting when starting a New Game. Terrain data becomes Map Data: Detailed (Terrain On + Activates HP bars) Simple (Terrain On) Off (Neither) Units Window: Detailed (Activates Equipped Item Preview) Simple (Former On) Off Hidden Data (NEW!): 0 (Nothing) 1 (FCM/Ddg/AS Display + Growths Display + WEXP Display + CRT display in battle + Scroll Growths Display) 2 (Talk indicator + Guard AI Display + Everything from option 1) 3 (Hidden Skills + Everything from option 2) Deployment (NEW!): 0 (Nothing) 1 (Display units on the map during preps) 2 (Rearrange units during preps) [Note: The Deployment setting will not update until you visit the Deploy screen.] --------------------------------------------------------------------- Finally, I'd like to give an update regarding the state of the project, as a lot of things have changed in the past few months. The plan to stop updating Lil' Manster on version 1.08 has, obviously, been canned, seeing as the our script review is nowhere near complete. Moreover, there are a number of fixes and features we've yet to implement, and so little time to implement them AND work on the script review at the same time. Oh, and there's Lil' Fiana, too! So here's the plan: 1.08 was our Big Update. We know that a lot of people were waiting for Lil' Fiana to be able to play without some of the quality-of-life additions, and we hope that coding toggles for them will be satisfactory for now. The ones that don't have toggles can be avoided by just... not using them (Global Enemy Range, etc) or are minimal enough that they hopefully won't be a bother (Red Fatigue, Closed house terrain, etc). For 1.09's development, we will leave non-critical fixes and features aside, and focus entirely on the script. 1.09 will be the Complete Version, with a script and UI that we'll hopefully all be fully satisfied with. Also a translated Instruction Manual. We're working on that, too! Lil' Fiana will release alongside Lil' Manster 1.09. Finally, 1.10 will be the Bonus Extra Plus version, and will see the implementation of any leftover fixes and features, such as - looping the Epilogue song properly - recreating the ingame Guide - integrating the 0% growths, 200% WEXP and Sound Room Unlock modes as toggles - fixing the animations of unused classes, for randomization and modding purposes - and many more ambitious endeavors that I'm sure I'll regret mentioning here when it comes time to actually implement them We want to make sure 1.10 can be easily used for randomizing and modding purposes. --------------------------------------------------------------------- That should be it for today. The download link can be found in the opening post, as per usual, though I'll include a mirror attached to this post as well. I haven't updated the Image Gallery yet though. I'll work on it sometime this week. Happy Holidays, everybody. Lil-Manster-1.08.zip
  3. Thank you for re-enabling the download! Turns out that, even to this day, this is still by far the best patch to play FE4, so that was definitely helpful. As for bookofholsety , I've heard multiple reports from trusted sources that he is still working on the patch! If you need help getting back in touch with him, I can point you to said sources. I'm sure people would love to see this patch getting a fresh new coat of paint and the bugfixes that ended up being put aside, years ago. Finally, would it be okay to contact you directly, either through DMs here, or on your own website/email? I'm part of a couple of groups attempting to translate FE4 into other languages (Spanish, French, specifically), and we'd like to know if it's okay to use as a base the ASM work you did for Projet Naga (with proper credit given, of course)? 🙂 (I could also use a bit of help on it, tbqh, but I'll understand if you're not interested in providing tech support. Either way, my DMs are open.)
  4. Aside from joining the Discord server and checking out the #script-review channel, no, not really. It also doesn't have any of the final choices we make, as those are decided between Expert Criminal and myself, after consulting with the rest of the editors in the public chat. I may do progress reports on the changes, once milestones have been reached, but I doubt I'll post them outside of the server, as some people here and elsewhere have been a bit... too antagonizing to my taste. If I'm to defend our editing choices on the bloodied sands of the Colosseum of free speech, I'd rather do it when our decisions have been fully refined. Once all chapters are done, however, we'll publicly release a complete list of script changes. Lil' Manster is Project Exile, but with less translation mistakes, less glitches (be they vanilla or from PE itself), more quality-of-life (and cleaner fonts, translated the unused content, etc). So uh, yeah, sounds like you're looking for Lil' Manster. 😛
  5. Hello everyone, quick update here on the state of the project, and my chance to address some of the posts that have been made since last time. -------------- First, the state of the project: The script review is still slowly going. The speed of the project has been slowed down quite a bit, as my own pace has tanked for the past 4 months, since I moved to a new house in need of construction work, and my job has also been kicking me in the teeth! I know this is disappointing, considering how fast-paced updates could be in the past, but be assured that we're not giving up. 🙂 On the coding side, Ultimage has completed a much cleaner display for persistent level up +1s. It'll be included with the mini-update, although there's no release date for that one yet. Other than that, there's a couple cool peeps in our Discord channel (Lord Louie and Zemosa) working on their first FE5 mods, which is pretty encouraging. Thracia finally getting some recognition. Zane Avernathy is also here, providing guidance to us all, as he (I believe) is still working on his FE7 demake. That's about it before I get to answering posts, though. Have a good day, folks. ------------- It does not. I've been updating the build with Heroes' new localizations as they are released, so the mini-update will include those. 🙂 This was already addressed on Reddit, so I'll only provide a quick tl;dr. This entire tirade was a mishmash of genuine, known mistakes (which will be addressed during script revision), creative liberties in the writing (which will be further examined during script revision) and aesthetic choices that were imposed by how the text was inserted (from scratch, portraits included) and may or may not be tweaked. So yes. We know. No, we won't change all of it. But we'll take a look. We already planned to take a look. It just takes forever. Finally, I'll say it for what I hope is the final time: Lil' Fiana is not a retranslation. Lil' Fiana removes QoL changes, in interface and in dialogue, but nothing else. It is still Lil' Manster, except with no QoL features. I will release no such thing as "Lil' Manster but with CYL names / literal dialogue / no writing liberties/ no aesthetics liberties" If someone wants to make their own translation patch of Thracia, they are free to do so on their own free time. I'll not even raise any complaint if they wish to base it on our own hard work, so long as proper credit is given.
  6. This project is expected to see one final update sometime around next year. A massive script revision effort is underway, as we comb through the translation with the help of Straylizer. Until then, the patch is as good as complete and can be played as such, with the only things holding it back being a smattering of translation inconsistencies and overall menu lag. An upcoming mini-update will include the menu lag fix, as well as a few cool additions. However, it won't include any of the script revisions until the entire review is complete. The final Lil' Manster update will also include a patch called Lil' Fiana, which removes all QOL changes, for reviewing and documenting purposes (and for people who just prefer playing it that way). After the final version's release, development on Lil' Manster and its script will stop, although we will periodically update localizations as more official names are revealed.
  7. There's probably a way, but if I myself haven't even looked into it, I doubt I'd be able to teach you how do it. We do intend to fix it by the final version of Lil' Manster, so people can actually use that class properly. We've actually considered it, but there's two factors going against it: - the JP name of the skill in FEH is ノヴァの聖戦士 ("Njörun's Crusader"), whereas FE5 uses 行動 ("Action") - Awakening already uses Zeal as the Critical+ skill We went for Vigor, since: - the galdrar skill uses the same kanji (再行動) (Re-action), and Vigor is the name of the re-action galdrar. (- it's not like we could have called it the Canto stat...) - it's pretty recognizable as a "stat name" Still very much A Choice.
  8. This is incredible, but I never want to play it. 🙂
  9. Uh... I'm sorry(?). Feel free to address all complaints at BookOfHolsety for setting the pattern of prioritizing localization "sense" over the convenience of wiki editors: But hey, at least now you're aware of it, and won't make the mistake anymore, hopefully. =]
  10. Yeah, so that's Project Naga's naming scheme in action, here. In JP, unpromoted cav classes are: Free Knight, Lance Knight, Axe Knight, Arch Knight Promoted: Forrest Knight, Duke Knight, Great Knight, Bow Knight Project Naga uses: Sword Knight, Lance Knight, Axe Knight, Bow Knight (for all 4 weapon types) Forest Knight, Duke Knight, Great Knight, Arch Knight (I guess because Arch is bigger than Bow. Though "Forest Knight" is kinda dumb, which is why we changed that.) So yes, our Bow/Arch Knights are inverted compared to JP.
  11. Yeah, linking to the relevant post probably would have been nicer. I do wish users wouldn't jump to this patch's defense for perceived slights? I'm perfectly capable of handling users who "dare" ask for Lil' Fiana stuff... because it's a pretty normal thing to ask for (especially for wiki editors and such) and not something to answer with animosity. But all right, I understand if you'd rather wait for Lil' Fiana. 👍
  12. As promised, mini update coming right up! Here's a quick rundown of the new stuff: - Official localizations from the recent FE Heroes update: Sara, Kia, Petrify, Iz, Ulster, Hrest, and so on. - A couple more localization changes we had never noticed (Erinys, Condition, 1-2 range, Perlucos). - Fixed the order of songs featured in the Sound Room, and updated the localization of some of them. - The shop window has finally been extended. Njörun's scroll no longer breaks the shop window, and some staff descriptions were able to be expanded. Since this is a mini update, the image gallery was not updated. But you can find the download link in the OP! Or right here, in this very post. Lil-Manster-1.07.zip ______________________________________________________________ I realize I did say that the next update would be the last (and the release of Lil' Fiana), but considering I just made a mini-update, this got postponed to the next version. Still, do not expect it for a while. There is a lot of script to cover, and I will not be able to start on it until around March. ______________________________________________________________ Sorry this took longer than expected. I probably shouldn't have made promises about "coming up soon" right before the holidays. The only QoL thing that I did not remove was the Crt display, because removing that is actually kind of a pain? But everything else in that list is gone. (Other QoL changes introduced by PE can't really be changed on the go either.) Anyways, here.
  13. As has already been mentioned, there is a patch called Lil' Fiana in development. You can find the announcement here. This patch will not be available until the final version of Lil' Manster, which probably won't be done until 2021 Q2-3. Why wait so long for Lil' Fiana? Because I don't want to maintain two patches for the rest of the year, so I'll just split the final LM version and revert all the QoL to get LF. (And this is also the reason why I prefer making personal patches than maintaining a fully available build.) I mean, there are 11 bug fixes in Project Naga that I'm aware of, so idk about that. Most of those have pretty important gameplay implications, like buffing Seliph's Authority by fixing his 2-stars bug; or considerably buffing Lewyn!Ced by removing that one Speed overflow bug. (It also created some of its own bugs as well.) By comparison, almost all our QoL changes don't affect gameplay in a way that isn't "provide the player with information they could easily find online". I'd be wary of comparing PN with PE/LM, anyways, because our communication is just completely different. PN's translation doesn't have an official script dump or much any public translation notes, but we do. So of course people will just take PN at face value, make the assumption that no liberties were taken (lol), while also pointing out that our stuff goes way too far (and it's justified, sometimes!). Same could be said about the PN fixes that no one will dig through the changelog to find, but that we proudly display front and center. Point is, have some perspective, y'all. ----------- In other news there's a mini update coming up soon with, most notably, the newest Heroes localization changes, and an expanded shop window, for more description room than ever before. Hopefully released this week. 🙂
  14. Me: *announces a new update coming soon* Holiday celebrations: Allow us to introduce ourselves. Wintery time-wasters activities aside, there somehow are a few more tweaks to package into that update. I'll try and aim for a release either next week, or the first weeks of January. Yes, there is. Those were a bit of an executive decision, owing to the fact using the Heroes names would introduce non-English names for a fairly common weapon set, something the series just... doesn't usually do. It's not really as much of a problem in Heroes where these weapons are Prfs and have unique effects (only sharing the Brave effect). But in the context of Thracia, it just didn't look right. (There's also the fact that, due to being a different language, it would introduce a fair bit of unique letter-pairs, something we're quite limited on. Not a deal-breaker, but it doesn't help.) I do realize it may be a bit of a contentious choice, though. 🙂
  15. Hello everyone. Apologies for the late answers, but it has been quite the busy month. The WEXP display patch works seamlessly on my end. All it does is alter two bytes, so there's not a lot of room for it to break things... You're probably doing something wrong. Make sure to follow the instructions the Patching Instructions file, and the Readme for the optional folder. If the problem persists, feel free to drop by our Discord, and we'll guide you through. I still haven't gotten around to uploading it on RHDN, let alone Zophar's Domain. Remember that we have Cirosan over there being incredibly hostile, so I want to at least clear the situation with the mods before problem arise. Please be patient, it's on my list of things, but irl matters just keep getting in the way lately. As mentioned in the opening post, this is a known issue with Njörun's Scroll. Ultimage did manage to come up with a fix for it, so that'll be part of a minor update that I hope I'll be able to roll out next week. Hey again. As mentioned above, there's a mini-update coming up, so I'll have that ready by then. 🙂
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