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  1. Hey everyone. Here's a little update for this patch. 1) We've changed our name! A few people suggested we use a different name to make it clearer that this is not a release by the Project Exile team. Hopefully that helped to clear a few misgiving about this project. 2) A lot of descriptions have been tweaked to be a tad more consistent and descriptive. Bows also have proper generic descriptors aside from "good against fliers". And we've realigned all numbers and big letters so they're not sitting awkwardly a few pixels under regular menu text. 3) The terrain bonus numbers were weird, yet we somehow never noticed after all these years. 4) Flamesiegmund had been unjustly forgotten from the credits despite the tons of feedback he's been giving. Now he's on the credits. 5) (This had been stealthily added soon after posting the OP, so here's a proper announcement for it) Because quality of life stuff is always nice, visited (or unvisitable) houses and villages now have a unique terrain name, because staring at a 3x4 pixels door difference to tell if a house is visitable is kinda dumb. 6) Robert of Normandy's Unit Ordering patch has been added to the Optional folder and, thanks to Raymerald's bottomless supply of weird free-to-use JP patches, you can expect it to get fuller as time goes on. 7) There's a 0% growths optional patch included now, too.
  2. Just to be clear, this is the first time I hear about this 15th of January deadline. Last I heard about the state of the project, it was "complete" and nothing was done on it besides "minor fixes". It's been 4 months since then, and I don't think it was unfair of me to think there was not going to be any further releases. If Cirosan wishes that some of his upcoming changes be added, I'll gladly do so when he releases. And if he wants to use my documented edits to fill the gaps in his script, he's free to do so as well.
  3. Thank you for that. I'll be open to suggestions if it feels like this mod is painting a wrongful image about its aim or about Project Exile itself.
  4. The other part of the announcement While the following projects in progress are technically separate from the Editors' Cut, they were all done in the same momentum as I've been more or less involved in their development. Consequently, a lot of fixes found in our Editors' Cut will be found in those. And, you know, I also wanted to give them all a big shoutout, since they've been doing amazing work and you might not know about them outside of the PE Discord server. Project Exile – French > GIVE [Shoutout] TO > [Self] I'm a native French speaker, so obviously I've been translating this game into French. It's mostly a one-man project so far, though we do have our own small French-speaking chatroom where I often go for feedback. All menu text and graphics are done, and the dialogue has been translated all the way to chapter 5 so far. And it releases today! Right here Project Exile – Spanish Led by Horrabin and Xabierín, the translation of Project Exile in (European) Spanish has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few months, and the script is 100% translated (but not yet inserted). Nearly all graphical elements of text are also translated and inserted into the game. And if memory serves, Advent has been working on an American Spanish port. Raymerald got me on the team to help out on text insertion, and I've since done all sorts of jobs on it, including doing most of the graphic edits and tilemaps. Project Exile – German Led by Ultimage, who's so far been focusing mostly on menu text and graphics while LooksLikeDekuLink is translating the dialogue. They've been doing good progress as well. Ultimage got in touch with me early during planning for help about menu font issues, and I've continued to provide support on everything graphics, menus and tilemaps since then. Apparently, he didn't tell his team about me until recently, though? It's okay, I work better behind the scenes. Project Exile – Italian Led by EnDavio, the patch is both doing menus and translating dialogues at the same time. My involvement with this project has been fairly minimal, but he and I have been sharing tech help since August for either of our patches, and it wouldn't feel right not to mention him in the same breath as everyone else. Project Exile – Turkish Okay, this one is extremely early stages, but it's led by Kaiserbot, and my good friend Stormizer is part of the team, so they get a shoutout as well! If you happen to be interested in the development of these translations and want to offer your skills, support, feedback, or just wanna come hang out, you can find us all in the same Discord server as in the above post. This will also be where we'll be planning any future updates for the Editors' Cut, and where I'll (eventually) share the ressources that were used in some of these projects.
  5. Lil' Manster An Extensive Coat Of Polish For Project Exile (complete Thracia 776 menu/script translation) If you're here, I'm sure you've heard about Project Exile (or PE), this year-long project to bring Thracia 776 into English, using Zane Avernathy's tools and helpful guidance. I was the project's second and last Lead Editor, and with the power of teamwork, we brought this patch to release with a full script in June. After a few hot fixes around June and July, the project went silent for months. During PE's post-release development, I was working on my own translation of it into French. As I was going through the script, I noticed an number of mistakes going from mistranslations to factual errors that couldn't be explained as mere creative liberties. When these edits did not pan out, I put them aside and kept working on porting the game to French. Eventually, I learned enough about the working of Zane's tools to do some beautiful things that, during PE's development, we could only dream of doing. (I'm making it sound super impressive, but really, it's just neat menu stuff.) I shared my knowledge and helped other teams that were starting to translate the game into their own languages (more about this in the second post). Then I figured, hey, why keep those things to non-English patches? So I decided to add those improvements to the English version of PE as well. With the help of my colleague ShikiLoveShikiLife, we also reviewed all those script edits I had found months ago, and packaged them into this patch. So here we are, with this "Editors' Cut" of sorts, one we like to call by the silly name of Lil' Manster. As we understand, PE's lead translator informally announced he wishes to retain creative control over the script, which is why we made sure that our edits were as surgical and respectful of his creative vision as possible. Because of that, this not a rewrite by any extent, and a lot of stylistic problems were left unedited. All credit for the former PE script goes to the original Project Exile writing team, and don't worry, your favorite lines are still in there. Download here Patching instructions Screenshot gallery PDF of the script edits Our Discord server for updates, help, FE5 hacking, and FE5 talk CHANGELOG On the textual side: On the menu side: On the graphical side: Known issues: - In the shop menu, parts of certain descriptions will stay displayed even after moving the cursor to another item. A vanilla PE issue that can't be fixed without greatly cutting descriptions. - Minor hang when scrolling to the bottom of the Options menu. Might be fixed in the future. Thanks and Acknowledgments: Text insertion, both dialogue and menu, graphical edits and bigram juggling all by Miacis Based on Zane Avernathy's FE5 menu translation and compiled with his tools. All credit for the original game goes to Intelligent Systems and the wonderful development team they had. Lead Script Editors: Miacis ShikiLoveShikiLife Programming and Graphic Design: Miacis Lead Playtester: Flamesiegmund Linguistic Consultants: Rosie the Riveter Laivinia History Consultant & Wonderful Fiancé: Soul Discord Administrator: Xylonphone Massive credit to the team that made Project Exile upon which this is based: Special Thanks: Zane Avernathy & HidoranBlaze for their incredible help in working out the tools. Horrabin, Ultimage and EnDavio, the team leaders of the Spanish, German and Italian translation teams, for their inspiring work in their own projects... more in the post below! Raymerald for always finding the most obscure (but helpful) Japanese hacks and tools. 542◆ruo0tlxqPQ, who authored the fix for the unused spell animations. ChimeraHardline for the small “SELECT” icon I hope you all have a great time playing this patch ~Miacis
  6. The Levin Sword has little to do with the FE4 character. A levin is an old word for lightning, and it's likely it was independently chosen by 8-4 to avoid a boring "Thunder Sword" translation, and by the FE4 JP team because it'd be a cool name for their character. Then wehn it came time to localize that na;e for Awakening, they used Lewyn instead, which diffentiates him from the sword, sounds similar, looks closer to a proper name (being a contracted form of Llewellyn), and gives that character a name with a unique spelling, an extremely 8-4 thing to do. Not that I was there to witness it, but it seems very likely to have been their thought process (and justifies why Lewyn is a really dang good name). Okay, so I wasn't that wrong, it seems, was I? The fact that you went and looked at the original material and preffered it only says to me that you enjoyed both, but preffered the original, and that's perfectly fine? I'm not gonna get into the detail of everything else you mentioned, but I'll say you are not making a very good case for yourself by calling out "bad localization practices" and then pointing at stuff that's both commonly accepted if not outright encouraged in the field, especially these days. Like, culturalization is exactly what Cyas's convo falls into, and it's referenced as far back as Richard Honeywood's guidelines on good localization practices from like, 10 years ago. I understand that you are quite familiar with the source language, but uh, video games localization (and subs/dubs translation) is literally my job, and what you call bad is not, actually??? It seems what you are describing would be failings in like, technical translation, live captioning or interpreting, which are wholly different approaches that aim for very different results. Translating and localizing artistic media requires transformations. That's just part of the work, and yes, respectful of authorial intent. Be assured that those recent localizations you decried (also, the Phoenix Wright localizations are a state of the art, wtf) didn't change things without approval from either the artistic director or their representatives. We're not in touch with them in our fan translations, but we can generally infer a lot from just being extremely familiar with FE5 and Kaga's overall body of work (see: Pugi>Bhuj) so... there you go.
  7. Hello. All the translated Japanese media worth its salt and that you're likely to have enjoyed happens to have followed a similar process. You just didn't know because nobody left you a nice honest pile of translation notes until we did. Moreover, let me posit that it's doubtful you'd have enjoyed these media nearly as much if it weren't for those changes. What you do now with that newfound knowledge is up to you.
  8. I'm really glad to hear you and you friends had such a good experience! Don't worry, we hate Charles too. He has formerly-Eichmann's portrait, so he's definitely a jerk. On 6/7/2019 at 2:36 PM, Ertrick36 said: (Big, encouraging post. Thank you!) [Click and drag to move] Oh no, I do know we've been getting a super good reception. What I meant when I said that FE fans don't want these sorts of projects anymore, I meant projects like Shaya's, acting like quick bandaids for a dry, general idea of what the game was about. But then with the FE12, FE14, FE4, TRS and BWS translations really amping the value, the community kinda righfully expects bigger and better stuff, these days.
  9. You have to have a registered Discord account for 5 minutes before you can post. Register your account and wait for a bit, and you'll be able to post just fine
  10. Those are all fairly good feedback, and some of it even touched on topics we've already discussed in chat. Right now, we are still busy doing a bunch of hotfixes, but later this month, we plan to have a fairly extensive final script review, to put some of the final touches. Do you mind keeping those notes (both the good and bad) tucked away until it starts? In fact, if you want to pass by on our Discord channel, you'll be able to drop those notes and participate in the actual discussions at your leisure. I'm saying that because we might have forgotten your post by then, so it'd be kind of a waste. .w.
  11. Beg your pardon, but the first words of the game are actually: rn coast of Thracia. Edit: Btw, just so we're clear that we're not trying to shit on Shaya's work: 1) The script isn't his. It's FireLizard's, whose goal with that translation seemed to mostly be as a general guide for those trying to play the game in Japanese. Not a professional translation by any means, with fairly minimal research, little to no actual creative direction, and no apparent intent of actually inserting the text into the game. 2) Shaya's patch was basically a high school holiday solo project done on a bit of a whim. Shaya himself is an extremely cool dude (and a Roy main!) who got most of this here translation team into the game in the first place, and it's honestly fairly impressive how far he got more or less on his own. For its scope, Shaya's patch was good. But, based on the reception we got, I'm pretty sure most FE players these days aren't content with these types of projects anymore.
  12. It's also toneless and dry as all hell, which is less of an indication of accuracy than it is about being low-effort.
  13. Yo, Treehouse localized Fire Emblem 7, 8, 9 and 10. I fucking wish we were Treehouse Jr. Edit: Ah, got it. So minor hints for accessibility is betraying the author's vision and more of a misrepresentation of the game than the patch whose script not only completely misses a ton of nuances, outright mistranslates or forgets(???) a good dozen vital info, hasn't inserted a ton of text OR the epilogues (said Epilogues are inexplicably all cut short in the FL script, too). The patch whose first 30 seconds are this absolute carnage. Oh, and the two memes, I guess. They're barely an issue, in comparison. Uhuh. Wow. I guess we somehow did worse than that, huh.
  14. I didn't intend for this video to be posted in thread, as this was meant to be shared in a few Discord chatrooms I'm in, but then I fucked up and made it more public than intended. I'm sorry. For what it's worth, this is tongue-in-cheek, and I don't resent anybody here for their criticism (except the one really rude person). I understand your point of view and respect your choice to not play our patch. Unfortunately, we cannot take your suggestion. Most everyone we've had the chance to interact with, in chatrooms, social media, or streams have been extremely positive about the accessibility improvements we've added. Sorry to say, but you're a minority opinion, there. Confining them to their own separate patches is indeed something that could be done. However, considering the amount of trouble people seem to have with applying our patch in the first place, making them stack patches seems like it would cause trouble for a large portion of our audience, way more trouble than these accessibility details are causing for a small minority. It's just not something we really can afford to do. I do find it a bit strange to prefer deploying considerable efforts (like learning Japanese, or dealing with Shaya's unfinished patch) over mentally blocking the (fairly minimal) parts of the script and UI that bother you, though. Don't let that deter you from learning new languages, of course, but this just seems like strange priorities?
  15. You will find the answers to these question in the PDFs of chapter 1 (p3) and 23 (p1), respectively~
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