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  1. I'm not going to push this digression any further, since this really isn't the place, but I would invite you to reconsider the peculiar "Pro-Rural PE vs Anti-Rural LM " paradigm you're miring yourself into when reading my revision notes, 'cause it's sending you very off-rails. I already explained why Asbel's education is directly tied to his speech mannerisms (and it's not because of a stereotype). Ronan's thing has nothing to do with rurality or his interlocutor, but with giving the wrong impression about his bow training. As for the rest, I'm honestly a bit surprised to find a rare combination of the gameplay purist (Guard AI is too much info) + translation rebel (Mistranslations are compelling), but I suppose we all have somewhere to place ourselves on the fanslation alignment chart. Anything else, feel free to pass by our topic and we can chat without interrupting Sacred Stones discussions. 🙂
  2. To my knowledge, nobody in the JP script has any notable speech accents, though there are a few unique speech mannerisms, like Sarah trailing off. All the country accents in PE and LM are extrapolated from the characters's own backgrounds.
  3. Lots of misinformation about Lil' Manster going around in this thread, huh... All right, let me address some of these. --- No worries, Unit Re-positioning is optional and clearly intended for replays and casual playthroughs. The ReadMe even specifically mentions that it will alter the gameplay and difficulty. There's two patches, actually. One does the first thing you describe, the other does the second. Aha, but Thracia is smarter than that! Even with the Rearrange patch, you can't do that. First, you can't deploy in empty slots, only swap characters slots. So, if you only bring 5 units out of 10, you won't be able to put anyone in slot 6. Chapter 19 alternates slots between the north and south, and slot 1 is in the south, so it's literally impossible to have nobody in the south (unless Leif is the only unit in your army). Every map that splits your army does the alternating slots thing, so you can never just ignore one side. Thracia's thought of everything! Second, the minimum deployment in ch19 is 16 out of 20. So unless your army's numbers are below that, you'll always have at least 8 people in the south. I mean, it does make the map easier to have all your cavalry down there for sure, but you can't just have everyone escape on turn one.... not without using up resources, at least. --------- Rural speech patterns do become less apparent when spending a lot of time away from their rural community, which, for Asbel, has been 6 years, more than a third of his life. And that time was spent in the company of nobles and scholars, not street rats. These mannerisms do tend to come back when reconnecting with one's rural community, but considering Asbel only ever adresses Ced and Leif in this game, and Munster is far from rural, I would argue that no, Asbel would likely not go back to his old speech pattern when talking with them. For the record, I myself come from a tiny village, in a part of France with a very distinct accent (Catalan), so I certainly don't have anything against rural accents or people. But I do stand by my argument about how a strange amount of playable characters in the Munster arc are given rural accents despite Munser being very urban. Consider Halvan or Tanya's background, and ask yourself why they should have neutral English speech whereas knights from the big city would be speaking like farmers. I'm not sure I fully understand your argument there. Did you misunderstand the revision notes...? In PE's translation, Ronan claims that some meager bottles-off-of-fenceposts training makes him good enough with a bow. If the kid's been hunting wild animals for years, I don't see how that would be relevant. He's good enough with a bow because he's been practicing with live targets, not bottles. Imagine how silly it'd be if Ogma came to Caeda and told her "hey m'am, I'm real good with a sword, I been beating training dummies for years now". I would argue that the state of fan documentation in 2020 has little to do with the design direction that was taken in 1999. If enemy AI had been thoroughly documented by the community, instead of, say, scroll bonuses, would you be okay with it? Ultimately, as long as the player is able to make informed decisions, whether the information came from the game itself or outside resources produces the same results. Except one keeps you within the confines of the game, and the other takes you completely out of it and into a meta-space, lurking with possible spoilers. I dunno, just seems like making things less immersive for the player overall. I will fully admit that I am no writer, just an editor. Cirosan, for all his faults and poor understanding of Japanese, had a pretty good writing hand that we all found difficult to emulate. However, I do find it a bit concerning that our edits would be so atrociously written that a script that's so often demonstrably false would be a better option.
  4. An interesting theory, though I do have two major objections: - Do you have any corroborating evidence about ホレス being a romanization of hearse or hearse? Because I can't find any. Seems pretty far from it, really. - Just like there's no murder holes in this level, there aren't any hearses or herses either.
  5. No need, 'cause we're releasing today! Lil' Manster v1.04 is OUT! The download link is still sitting in the first post, or you can grab it directly from this here post, if you're a registered user. This one has quite a lot of exciting things! Here's our quick list of changes for this version (more info in the Changelog, as per usual). 1) Flasuban joins the team as a Graphic Designer, bringing with him some cool fonts. * We have a new menu font! It's not a variable-width font yet, so it's still small, but it's less tall and narrow as its predecessor, which should help make it more legible. * Can you imagine a world where it's possible to tell capital M, N and W apart? 'cause we live in it now. Lack of tile space made it so only the Wi pair got widened for W, but hey, it's a start. (This update is technically from me, but Flasuban helped make it possible, and this is the big paragraph for font talk.) * There's a new dialogue font. It's inspired by its predecessor, the FE8 menu font, but with less aliasing, more legibility, and more uniqueness. It also looks less out of place when placed next to the menu font. 2) After a bit of a break, script revisions return. The_Elfangor, the new French translator helped me fine some more inconsistencies to root out. We also took our editing scissors to a couple of sections of dialogue that had been expanded beyond all reason. Finally, we made an exception to our "don't touch on style issues" self-imposed rule for localization choices that required extensive textual additions to even work. You can find the new edits in the Script Revisions file, highlighted in yellow. 3) A ton of quality of life additions. All of these are from Zane Avernathy's public release, and almost all of them are included in the base Lil' Manster patch. * Equipped items (or staves if no weapons) now display in the info-bubble. * Units that a character can talk to now have a visual indicator over their head. * Enemies with an AI set to not move will display as having 0 Mov, when selected on the map. * Holding the L button at the start of a fight swaps animation modes between Normal and Map. * Damaged units show HP bars on the map. Since this can cause some sprites to disappear in fairly specific circumstances, it's not part of the base Lil' Manster patch, but can be found in the Optional folder. Circumstances made me develop a colorblind-friendly version, so that version is included too, if you need it. * "Hold A to speedup movement" was not included, because Lil' Manster already has that option. 4) We now have a delightful official logo/banner, courtesy of Tchu. Check him out! ---------------- You know, I keep expecting these releases to be "the last release for awhile" and then a bunch of cool things happen and all of a sudden, we have a new patch ready to go again. This community is crazy, in a good and perfect way. Lil-Manster-1.04.zip
  6. Never! My translation notes are and will forever be trash. I'll fix it in the next update. It's coming... sooner than I expected actually. Why does this keep happening? Thank you! And I heard, yeah. It was a really nice shout-out. Now if only more famous LPers used Lil' Manster? Now that'd be the dream, for getting the word out. It is a creative choice, actually. Find-replaces aren't too difficult, with Zane's tools. First, I do want to specify that Heroes content is not the same as CYL content. Heroes has contradicted CYL names a few times and, always, it was CYL that got updated to Heroes localizations. We do use all Heroes names, as they are official names, and are material that the fanbase will have access to and get acquainted with. If you find Heroes names that we are not consistent with, do tell, it's likely to be a mistake. CYL names are a different story. They are official material, but not present in official games, and that's an important distinction to make. Old TGC names were official materials, but were generally poor romanizations. CYL names sometimes suffer from that, and the quality level is a bit all over the place. FE4 names, for instance, show an effort to research mythologic references and write proper Celtic names. This is why you have Annand and Chulainn, not Mahnya and Holyn. Now, I invite you to compare to the FE5-CYL names and uh... Machyua, Perne, Cain and Deen (again?), etc I think you'll agree are way more basic. It's barely more than just transcribing the kana directly. It just looks too unreliable to be used as a source, the same way that SSBB would have been dismissed for FE6's "Deke" and "Rutoga". Adding the nail in the coffin of CYL names is that I'm pretty sure there's a lot more people with an Osian and his Vouge in FE Heroes than there are people who remember what Dermott's CYL name is, so it's not like we're clashing with a lot of player's existing knowledge there. (Oh, speaking of Dermott, we went with this instead of FE4-CYL Diarmuid to be consistent with Project Naga, as it's likely people will know him from there. If he ever gets in Heroes, or gets mentionned in it, we'll switch to that.) Does that answer your question? 🙂
  7. Well the WEXP display shows even for weapons that character can't use, and big green numbers isn't as smooth as some of the stuff Zane has implemented (but not perfected yet). It''s still perfectly functional though. Also, the way the numbers go, it shows you how much WEXP you are above the current rank. So, in the example picture with Brighton, he's at D+20 Swords. Since there's 50 WEXP between each rank, that means he's at 120.
  8. Amusingly, this was solved right before you posted about it. Thank you for the swift report, though!
  9. It's not part of the original game, and I'm not sure how i'd even add that, so no, probably not. The city is described in the JP script as ターラ (Taa-ra, hence the H), as opposed to タラの丘 (the Hill of Tara). While it hasn't been officially localized yet and we could change it to "Tara" if we really wanted, I'd rather we didn't, to avoid overlapping names with the FE8 character. Dacia Forest is already Dacia since Project Exile though. Yes! Just make sure it's a hard save and not a save state. (BPS patches are basically IPS 2.0, and actually check if you're patching the correct file.) ------------------------------------ In other news, Lil' Manster v1.03 is OUT! The download link is in the the first post, or you can grab it directly from here if you're a registered user. Here's a quick list of changes (more info in the Changelog, as per usual). 1) Ultimage joins the team as a Programmer, bringing with him a bunch of cool UI changes. 1a) Item description boxes are now 2 lines bigger, allowing for much more detailed weapon descriptions. Sadly, staff and item descriptions can't make use of that extra space until Shop textboxes are expanded. 1b) If you go back and look at Olwen again, you may notice that the FCM and Range stat are now properly aligned. Hurray for my OCD. 1c) There's a more precise Weapon Experience Display, and it's in the Optional folder. Why optional? Because despite how incredibly useful it is, it's still a bit clunky. 2) More small localization changes than usual! 2a) As per Heroes, Manster has become Munster (yes, even on the map), and Friege's Battalions are now Friege's Divisions. 2b) Authority/Leadership stars and Action/Movement stars are now Authority and Vigor. Seal and Manastone terrains are now actual FE terrain, namely Sigils and Altars. Generic boss Eichmann was localized "Eichner" instead of "Arendt." Poor Hannah is now freed from this curse. See the end of the script edits PDF for the reasons of all these changes. 3) Just a whole lot of small polish. Adding missing info from descriptions (did you know Sleep/Berserk Edges don't work on targets standing on Thrones and Gates?), makingch23's objective more accurate, fixing up bad spacing in pop-up boxes, adding missing music cues, fixing typoes... the usual. 4) We've finally fixed the patch's checksum. So if you use the patch without any of the optional IPS stuff, you'll stop getting checksum warnings from your emulator or patcher. And it has our name on it, now! 5) For people playing around with cheats or Nightmare modules, the Naga spell animation has now been restored, even though it's not attached to any spellbook. But hey, you can change that in Nightmare now, and it won't be a broken mess. 6) I made a small patch that doubles all WEXP rates. It's neat, so I put it in the Optional folder, if you like that. Phew. That one's been a long time coming. Good that we finally got it out. I hope y'all have a great time playing Thracia. EDIT: There was a small, but noticeable mistake in the original release's dialogue, which is now fixed. If you downloaded as soon as I posted this, consider re-downloading. Lil-Manster-1.03.zip
  10. Ah, damn, I didn't expect someone to go look into the PDF edits already. I guess I did spoil a few surprises by editing the link early. But to answer the question(s), yes, we are changing Manster to Munster, as seen in Heroes. (No, we're not changing the project's name to Lil' Munster. We changed it once, and it was enough already.) And the next release is coming soon! It's technically ready, but there's a little something extra that I'd like to squeeze in before what's going to be the last LM update for awhile. I'm aiming for a release by the end of the week. Glad you're having a blast, though, vonmalvarius. I'm looking into these bugs, but I'm not sure what might be causing them... Perhaps an emulation issue. If BSNES works better for you though, then yeah, go for that.
  11. Well, I'll have that patch included in the next Lil' Manster release, too. Should be coming next week. Though I do have to release another update to Super Thracia first, as a pretty nasty bug was found that just.... breaks a whole lot of map animations. But it's fixed now, so here it is! Download here
  12. The patch has been updated! There isn't a whole lot, aside from fixing Sigune's portrait. A few factions were weird, and now they aren't anymore. The Optional folder from Lil' Manster is back, with a new 0% growths patch that should affect every playable character, now. who the hell plays ST with 0% growths Then prep screen reorder and rearrange, top-wait, the usual suspects. I did make a very quick and dirty patch to double all weapon EXP, in case that's like, the one thing you don't like about Super Thracia. Somehow. But yeah, there you go.
  13. Even just that would take a considerable amount of time, ngl. We don't have the luxury of having a script dump like for vanilla Thracia 776, so we'd need to rip every piece of dialogue from the game, which... takes a tremendous amount of time, let alone re-inserting all the romanji. No worries, we're not touching the gameplay, aside from the Devil's Horn's magic bonus, which was pretty clearly a mistake on the author's part. PS: Sigune, the ch10 boss, appears to have had her portrait replaced by some kind of minimalist painting of a rain cloud in sunset colors. We shall fix this asap. If you really wanna know what she looks like, she's a Tailtiu recolor with the hair color of Sigrun (the wrong pegasus lady, the one from Tellius). No, we didn't mess up on the name, they're the ones who messed up on the hair dye, somehow.
  14. Hey there. The more permanent solution to the download link issue is as follows: registered users can download the Lil' Manster zip from the attachment in this post. Unregistered users can use the mirror link in the OP. I hope you all have a wonderful time playing it. Lil-Manster.zip
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