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  1. Then again, they were both daughters. If it goes off of FE4, then boosting fathers may have more of an effect on sons. Or, it could be as you said.
  2. Midoriko appears to have +2 Speed, +1 Defense and +2 Resistance over just class bases + personal bases. The fact that increasing Rinka's stats resulted in a change, but not increasing Kaze's stats points to the fact that the parents' contributions are not equal. Maybe it's like FE4 where the mother's contribution to daughters was twice that of the father's contribution (and vice versa for sons)? Either that, or the father and the mother are responsible for different stats? Or do the kids just get inheritance from the stronger parent in that stat (i.e. Rinka - defense, Kaze - speed, resistance)?
  3. Or, at the very least have it so that you can only have one possible romantic partner get BOTH A and S rank (and all the others would be stopped at a max of B rank). So that the A rank shows them getting together and the S rank shows the proposal. So there's at least some semblance of a courtship. The friendly/sibling supports could still go up to A rank as usual.
  4. You don't necessarily need to get rid of marriage to reduce the amount of supports. Just limit it to around 5 or so of the most likely candidates (including the Avatar if we're going to keep that around). I.e. in Awakening, Chrom (Avatar, Sumia, Sully, Olivia, Maribelle) and Sumia (Avatar, Chrom, Frederick, Gaius, Henry) each had five possible spouses. I thought that all the other first gen characters should also have been limited to the same number. It's become a game of mine to try and whittle down the options to who makes the most sense. You know, like how things were limited in the good old days! *waives cane in the air*
  5. I saw on the chart that this hadn't been translated yet, and it just called to me for some reason. Kagerou x Odin (C-S)
  6. French sounds the best to me. But, my boyfriend and I are reasonably fluent in Japanese, so we like to do personal talk in public in that language so that no one else understands..... And it's very interesting listening to the guesses of curious strangers as to what language we're speaking in. Since we're both white, no one ever guesses Japanese unless they know some of it. We get Russian, Polish or Greek quite a lot.
  7. "You do not have enough materials and/or food to scout this person."
  8. Well, here are some things we can deduce: Midoriko definitely does not start out with only her base stats at lv. 10. That would give her 26 12 2 14 8 12 10 4 Even if she were randomly levelled up to lv. 14, instead of fixed growth-ed up, it would be impossible for her to have 19 skill. Also, if she just started at the class base at lv. 1, it would again be impossible for her to have 19 skill. So, the parents definitely are adding something. What's telling appears to be the large gap between skill and speed. Both Kaze and Aqua have higher speed than skill contributions, so to have that large of a gap, her personal bases or growths must have a much larger influence on her stats than the Awakening formula. Question: Did you recruit Shigure so that we can compare his base stats to Midoriko?
  9. That's Silas x Felicia. I'll PM you Odin x Felicia here.
  10. They aren't the same in my text dump........? Did you maybe download things incorrectly?
  11. This is one of those supports that you originally look into putting two random characters together thinking that it might be interesting...and then you hit a gold mine. My vote for one of the best supports in the game: Oboro x Belka (C-A) EDIT Apparently, this has been making the rounds since the third path came out. Anyway, now you know what the fuss is about.
  12. In general, IS has done its utmost best to try and balance everything so that one class or weapon isn't too powerful or overwhelming. There are now so many ways to counter mages (Zero, Kunai/Shuriken, Pegasus/Golden Kites) that magic is not the end-all be-all that it was.
  13. I think someone requested Kazahana x Hinata? (aka the rules of settling playground disputes)
  14. Kamui doesn't pass down every class like Robin does. Kamui only passes down Nohr Prince/Princess and/or the second class that you choose at the beginning of the game. That said, Kamui does have good growths and cap modifiers that you can choose.
  15. Each weapon can only decrease your stats to the full amount of one use. I.e., using a silver weapon will decrease strength and skill by 2 up to a maximum of 2. So, you can use the silver weapon all you want in one phase, it will only be -2 STR and SKL. Since stats recover by one every turn, the next turn, you will have -1 STR and SKL. If you use the silver weapon again, it will only decrease STR and SKL by one so that you are back to -2 STR and SKL. Other stat decreases (i.e. if you were hit by a shuriken/kunai) do not interfere with each other, so they will stack. Hope that helps. It's a class skill they get at lv. 15.
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