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  1. NTG


    cutentg#2241 <:3 <3 Anyone else who wants to add me, feel free, just let me know who you are when you do!
  2. I hope they are kidding too. Well, there are no statistics about who exactly searched it on Google.Then again have you seen the man who voted Leave because he thought Remain would win. I voted to remain. I was shocked this morning, and quite disappointed. I knew it was a possibility that Leave would win. As some people have mentioned, both campaigns have been quite shambles and misinformation has been flying around. The biggest issues raised in the referendum were immigration and sovereignty and the campaign appealed to a majority of people's nationalism. But I know not everyone voted Leave for those reasons. But surely it was a lot of them. Nearly everyone I know voted Remain so my social media feed has been quite sad. Besides the plummeting market in the news I haven't felt any effects close to me yet... But who knows what will happen next? (Not Nigel Farage. To be fair this is unprecedented so of course no one knows what will happen.) But yes it irks me that in all this campaigning, nobody came up with some plans about what to do in the event of an exit! Well ok they are beginning negotiations now. Though I voted Remain I was still uncertain because I admit I know little about EU. Maybe some good will come out of Leaving, but I didn't know so I voted Remain to be safe. What I am worried about now is how divided the UK has become, and how people are angry at the results and still shouting at each other (on social media). People are hating each other, looking down on the "stupid". Or this pollis giving rise to Young vs Old! I really don't want to blame anyone, this is the fault of majority rule.
  3. NTG


    Aww. Mine's usually okay, just the first day or so my tummy feels a bit strange. I'm mostly annoyed at how messy it is.
  4. NTG


    Oh sorry I was just referring to my monthly bleeding due to the lining of my uterus breaking down. I just can't help but post about it...
  5. NTG


    I'm bleeding but otherwise I'm fine!
  6. NTG


    Charlie, your avasig are so provocative.
  7. NTG


    I don't know what project, but anything that we can do with our skills or our potential!! Kind of. At the same time i have a lot of things i have to do. I'm currently unemployed and am searching for things. But I am in an unproductive rut, as in I feel like I have to do something "awesome". I'm in this trough right now where I'm not doing things I really actually want to do. I need to feel actually productive, in the self sense. I need to be me.
  8. NTG


    why don't we all get together to do a project???
  9. NTG


    Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames What do you need help with??? *unshot* ;_; i been ok. you?
  10. NTG


    does anyone need help with anything?
  11. Thanks Fre ^_^

    1. Freohr Datia

      Freohr Datia

      heehee, no problem Jenni~

  12. NTG


    True Awww. Did you do the wig and makup this time as well? such a ladykiller
  13. NTG


    Wow does this count as an affair?Not living in the database, whoa oh! The only thing stopping me is the Atlantic ocean. congrats! What year of uni are you in?
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