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    The Second Well

    Favorite roles for each faction? The most memorable SF mafia game you've played? In which game are you the most satisfied with your own play?
  2. j00

    The Second Well

    Elie BBM Boron
  3. j00

    The Second Well

    Favorite NOC roles of each faction? Favorite OC roles of each faction? Most memorable SFmafia game you played?
  4. j00

    The Second Well

    How do I win as ITP??
  5. j00

    The Second Well

    Do you actually draw/make music/have a retirement plan and write 50 page analyses on your favorite things ever or do only wish you did/have time for it?
  6. Boron, Refa and Shin were all repeated RIP but they should be correct now?? Votals D2: Faerie Knight (4): Prims, junko, Refa, Boron Shin (2): Camtech, SB Prims (1): Faerie Knight Elieson (1): Izhuark Izhuark (1): Shin Not voting: Elieson With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch. Day 2 ends on the 22nd of July, GMT 4:45 pm (in 17 hours and 40 minutes).
  7. Votals D2: Faerie Knight (4): Prims, junko, Refa, Boron Shin (2): Camtech, SB Prims (1): Faerie Knight Elieson (1): Izhuark Izhuark (1): Shin Not voting: Elieson With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch. Day 2 ends on the 22nd of July, GMT 4:45 pm (in 17 hours and 45 minutes).
  8. Having never played EiMM as anything but a filler jokegame, I think a problem with taking it too seriously is that the format is random inbalanced role madness and as such still made as a filler jokegame. It was never designed as something for people to get very invested in.
  9. thnx no prob, I'm less time zone impaired than Marth is
  10. Votals D2: Prims (2): junko, Refa Elieson (2): Boron, Izhuark Camtech (1): Shin Paperblade (1): Prims Shin (2): Camtech, SB Not voting: Paperblade, Elieson With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch. Day 2 ends on the 22nd of July, GMT 4:45 pm (in 1 day, 19 hours and 15 minutes).
  11. Votals D2: Refa (1): SB Prims (1): junko Elieson (1): Boron Camtech (1): Shin Paperblade (1): Prims Not voting: Camtech, Paperblade, Refa, Elieson, Izhuark
  12. Vitals: Everyone's healthy except Gaius who is potentially dying
  13. okay guys I think this is correct Votals: Shin(1): Elieson Izhuark(2): Boron, Paperblade Cam(2): SB, Izhuark Prims(1): Gaius Gaius(5): Shin, BBM, Prims, Refa, Cam (L-2)
  14. I'm actually working on votals but not done yet
  15. I don't know how proficient you are in Photoshop, but general tips if you want to start out with painting over your drawings digitally: - Clean your sketch layer under Image > Adjustments and then stuff like Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves. It's good for making lines more clear, the paper more white etc. - If you set your sketch layer from Normal to Multiply, you set the layer to some kind of darker color transparency and you can set a new layer UNDER the sketch, paint on it and it will show under the sketch. This way you can use your sketch as guidelines, and a way to start your painting is to fill in colors and shapes under the sketch layer, then later create a layer OVER the sketch layer and paint in details. - You could also draw new lineart over your sketch, turn down the opacity on the sketch layer, create a new layer over and then draw lines. Then you can later discard your sketch layer, and create layers under the lineart and fill in colors. You can find lots of tutorials online if you're completely new to digital paiting, and I'm not sure what exactly you're after. Technical aspects of Photoshop? Drawing tips for getting some particular effect or style? You should specify what you're looking for help for, what you already do when you paint digitally, maybe provide examples. It's easier to get useful advice that way. I don't paint as often as draw digitally, and to me there's quite a difference in how I approach painting and drawing. I try to use less layers in painting, for example, while when I draw I often have separate layers for colors, though for both I like stuff like using multiply layers for shading. This is all preference and there's no "correct" way of doing things, so once you get started and comfortable with Photoshop I suggest just experimenting to find out what style and methods you like.
  16. and now I can't even name spoiler tags or get post preview to work holy shit I hate the new forum software. The Imgur embed is also really really ugly but I'm far lazy to upload everything separately again so have a mass dump of barely sorted pictures. Some of these are way old and I'm also too lazy to comment on everything so just shout out if there are any questions! Scribbles entry A bunch of requests I did once Random Awakening stuff Some Awakening pairs Random Fates stuff Fates royals mafia AU
  17. I'm not a writer and I don't read much fanfiction, but when I do, I avoid the ones tagged with OCs. Not that there aren't well written fanfiction with original characters out there, but if I'm looking for fanfiction then there's already a set of expectations and things I'm looking for, and familiar characters from canon is one of those things. If I wanted something original, new characters, a new setting, I'd pick up a book instead. To echo what Shin said above, other people won't care about some stranger's OC like the author does. Unless they serve some purpose, like minor characters to help the plot forward, background story for canon lore or fleshing out characters mentioned in canon (the Scribbles entries with Canas' wife is a good example), they're hard to incorporate into the established canon in a way the random reader/fan finds interesting. Thus fanfictions with prominent OCs need to do a better job than the average fanfiction with selling its characters, since you're mainly here for canon. I'd advise aspiring fanfiction writers to only work with established characters from canon until they get some writing experience, and keep OCs to original work. That way you get practice with writing established characters in character, while you've got free reins to create a compelling setting and plot for your original characters. Of course, everyone are free to write as many self-insert OCs as much as they want! Just be aware and acknowledge the fact that you're mainly writing for your own amusement (or the friends you base OCs on). RP's are probably a better playground for this though, being a bunch of people creating characters interacting with each other, sometimes in established fandom settings. tl;dr: You can do and write whatever you want but if it is self-indulgent you need to accept that people don't care.
  18. @EllJee Thanks for the feedback! It was done in watercolor, with sketch and lines done in pencil. Some of the lines, like the armor, were painted over with a very thin brush afterwards. I agree that Celica's eyes are a bit off, though I don't think it's as much structure/shape as placement and size. Her left eye is a bit too big and placed too high, and while the shape is a bit different I don't think it alone creates the dissonance, as Alm's eyes aren't symmetrical either. The most glaring fault in proportions are both of their jaws though, the left sides of their face is much... sharper than the other side. I think that's an error that was reinforced during the painting process, I refuse to believe I'd miss something as obvious as that at the pencil stage. It was great fun following the contest! I enjoyed looking and reading through the entries, with lots of discussion and feedback. Kudos to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners!
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