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  1. So I completed chapter 16 and chapter 17 started right after and it said my game saved but after losing a unit and restarting the game threw me back into chapter 16. What gives? Was that intentional? I understand that they don't want me accessing my castle but the inability to save at the prep screen is a terrible decision.
  2. I made this one when characters where first starting to be announced.
  3. I actually kinda expect him to be re-written as trans, but who knows.
  4. > A game were theoretically everyone can be any class > Expecting each one to have a pallet That's a taller order than people think.
  5. We still don't know how to recruit/where even to find Anna do we? If she's available in all versions I'll marry her three times over. Otherwise, no Ignis I don't like you and Shara gets the short end of the stick.
  6. You know, I never hear many people talk about Legault; people seem to prefer Matthew and Jaffar over him yet I feel like he's the superior thief.
  7. I wonder if that will change much for the localization.
  8. My headcanon for Kamui is that he really doesn't understand normal human interaction and that's why he acts like a creep, he simply doesn't know any better. But yeah people wanting the game to stay uncensored and then flipping sides upon seeing this. Actually understandable. The second I read the 'put something in your drink' it did evoke thoughts of date-rape. Was it? No. But it still reminds people of that which this convo is getting a HARD change, like Chrom and Gaius' A-support.
  9. It's kinda shocking to hear that the plot is rather poor considering hearing people's reactions it seems to be good, but now I'm just worried :/
  10. He wasn't toooooooo bad? R-right? He could do stuff? Unless you mean PoR Sothe... well then.
  11. Honey, everyone has their own cup of tea, we're basically talking bout what we want with our tea. I want people with mine.
  12. It's more common than others that's for certain, but I don't think it will ever truly be normal. I tell you voraphiles run so much of the media today it's a conspiracy. But regarding the actual topic I think we're making progress with black characters. That aren't Basilio.
  13. I don't know much about her, and her cluminess just reminds me of Sumia, but that's just off the battlefield right? S-she's not clumsy e-every where right?
  14. I just think it means we can expect a more diverse cast in the future. Hell, Foleo could easily be re-written as a character to being transgendered and ten bucks says that the american audience would love the shit out of it, the best part? No one would notice unless they were in the loop about how he was characterized in the Japanese version. Either way, I think/hope IS is willing to take more risks now that the fandom is not as small which means adding characters that could have been a bit more controversial ( I guess? in Japan at least) Ho, shit. I ain't alone.
  15. Charlotte - May 4th Me - May 7th Hinata - May 10th Three days apart from the people I'm stuck in the middle with on both sides. and I like neither of them.
  16. This Anna seems to be a bit more devious than the last. Then again, FE13 Anna did try to take advantage of Tiki... Our wedding will be huge.
  17. So I can't seem to get Nishiki them to blush, what am I missing?
  18. wouldn't be surprised if the english version added it tbh.
  19. Uuuh Effie looks like both? The new design for Armor knights are spot on, I'd say the best for the entire series. Fairly Certain only Camilla only dresses like that for the game, but a cool design (on guys or girls) is fine so look as it looks interesting.
  20. The problem is right now is that to me, it feels like people are complaining about things they don't like rather than say, does the fan service take away from the over all game-play and story? Which is a fair concern, but until the game makes it over seas we really can't make a complete judgement call. I do understand that with more fan-service there is a possibility of a lower quality game, but we should wait until we've played it and seen what the US version brings before we pass any serious judgement, praise or damnation.
  21. So regarding the marriage seals, can your partner reclass to Nohr Prince with one?
  22. From what I've heard and seen how people react it seems like while there is some fan service the game doesn't detract anything from story or gameplay. Fire Emblem might have some new hobbies but it's still the same person at heart. Also why do people keep citing the shared bathes as inherently Japanese when the Romans did it first and were used in western societies all the way up to the 19th century.
  23. That's Fan-tastic! I can't wait to pull the strings to make that relationship come together.
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