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    My hobbies include traditional art, playing video games, and making jewelry and crafts. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. Currently, I'm studying Hindi, Welsh, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
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  1. aAAAH Zihark is finally here! I guess at this point I'll give up on Dimitri and save for him instead. All my favorite Myrmidons take priority. Kinda funny that Blazing's NA anniversary was yesterday and another Lyn alt was revealed.....
  2. I'll definitely be pulling for my boy, Dimitri, though I'd be happy to get any of them. The art is gorgeous all around! Hopefully Lorenz appears in a future banner....
  3. Short clip featuring Rea and female Byleth with some dialogue options.
  4. I haven't been able to get Keaton or Velouria yet, but I managed to free pull Legendary Roy(+Attk, - Res).
  5. Ok, something creepy happened. Last night I dreamed the banner for the Find and Vote event was up and I was able to choose both Legendary Azura and Brave Veronica for some odd reason. Then, this morning for my free pull on the Takumi & Hinoka banner, there was one gray orb. Hoping for another Takumi, I was in shock when it turned out to be Brave Veronica(+Attk, -Res, too). I know it was just a silly coincidence, but still lol
  6. So hyped! I'm mostly excited for a concrete release date and getting to see new classes/units.
  7. Same as last year, I'll give most of my votes to Guy. My last vote will probably go to Heath.
  8. On the first day of the banner I only got a -attk, +spd Tibarn with around 70 orbs. Then I got a pity breaker Nephenee(sweet Wrath fodder) with 5 f2p orbs a day or two later. Yesterday I did another risky 5 orb summon and chose between 2 blues. Luckily I chose the right one, cause I got my most wanted unit, Nailah! She's +HP, -def, but that's fine with me.
  9. I managed to get all 3 X-mas units with free orbs. Decent IV's, too. That probably means I won't get so lucky next banner lol
  10. My most wanted is Guy. I'm basically saving all my good fodder for when he gets added to the game.
  11. No way! My free pull was Hector(+DEF, - Spd)! Now I don't have to decide between him and Celica for my free summon.
  12. I mostly want another Blazing Sword/Blade banner soon so I can finally get Guy and Heath. Then another PoR/RD banner and Thracia/Genealogy since those two games are in desperate need of more character representation.
  13. I went in with 13 little orbs and came out with another Knight Exalt Chrom from my free pull and Legendary Lucina in the next summoning session. I was super surprised because I've been having terrible luck with these Legendary banners! I'll try to see if I can manage to get Ishtar, too.
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