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  1. Well that took a while but I'm done boyos. Like Book 1, here's the unit summary! VODs will go up at some points in time
  2. Stream's goin' up soon! Be sure to follow at https://www.twitch.tv/batterthebeast if you want heads up on the streams since I likely won't post every time I start it up
  3. Totally not late in uploading the VODs no sir. Also, Lord Raven gave me my last lovely unit, so the squad is complete! And so, soon I will stream Book 2, STARRING: Blonde Arvis That one prince guy from Super Punch Out The best bow user in the game Thank god you're not Luke Lena 2.0 The actual best unit in the game A walking Excalibur tome The best unit in the game *thwomp noise* Thank god you're not Luke OI HARDIN 1v1 ME M8
  4. Late cause of the holdiays but the run's finally done! Will upload the VODs pretty soonish but heeeres a recap. And with that, Book 2 picking is now underway. Please be gentle Aggro has already given me Ellerean, but I dunno, 11 other units sound good.
  5. Made this a simultaneous "favorite power" and "favorite looking" power 3x3
  6. Alrighty, the stream is going up at twitch.tv/batterthebeast. Fair warning, I curse like a sailor.
  7. THE CREW Purple hair horse Gordin The guy who left his sick mother instead of taking care of her Why does she have 9 base str MEME MAN I'm picking the one with better bases NO WHY Warp staff EZ game Another meme man, but not as memey as the other guy with this portrait Chokes points harder than DOGA Uh, heal staff user i guess? Sword tag extraordinaire Oh god why can't he promote I'll stream this run tomorrow at some point, I will likely post here when I do. VODs will also be posted on my channel
  8. So we got more info on Noctis. For those who don't want to watch some analysis, his main gimmicks are Arminger and Warp. Arminger triggers when he loses a certain amount of HP. IT pretty much adds bravery damage to all of his bravery moves. The difference will likely be pretty major, so people playing against Noctis will probably want to save up enough bravery to one shot him. As an Assassin, however, Noctis is more than capable enough to shred his opponents' bravery so that they will have to chip away at his HP, which is what he wants. His other gimmick is his EX skill, Warp. Noctis can throw his weapon forwards, above, below, to the right or to the left of him and teleport to it. He can chain this three times, which will make him very unpredictable to play against once it's up and covers for the lack of upwards mobility in his moveset. No cooldown or damage information is available for the move.
  9. It's quite alright, I'll save the Ellerean for my Book 2 run when it happens.
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