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  1. Well that took a while but I'm done boyos. Like Book 1, here's the unit summary!



    39 Wins

    Way less useful than his book 1 self cause there's less stuff to rapier. He was actually pretty bad till I fed him boosters and sent him at enemies with his 11 move.



    113 Wins

    Book 2 Palla is broken, what more can I say?



    34 Wins

    Totally didn't bias him up with the starsphere into a competent combat unit and staffbot no siree



    49 Wins

    YUBELLO, THE SLAYER OF GODS AND GHARNEFS ALIKE. Unironically he was surprisngly useful considering he hit res and doubled some things then promoted and staffbotted.



    39 Wins

    Sniped Wyverns and spammed Parthia to kill a bunch of things. He grew really well thanks to star shard nonsense.



    47 Wins

    It took him like half the game to catch up to Cecille but hey two mounted guys are still great to have.



    0 Wins

    Beep boop me Hammerne me Physic beep boop



    14 Wins

    One shotted Wyverns and staffbotted. Good work bro



    31 Wins

    Man her stats were good (after boosters and starsphere levels) but man 5 move sucks



    68 Wins

    Really really good mounted unit, my second best unit considering the rest of these goons



    4 Wins

    She could ORKO units in final she's so good guys!

    VODs will go up at some points in time

  2. Totally not late in uploading the VODs no sir.

    Also, Lord Raven gave me my last lovely unit, so the squad is complete!


    And so, soon I will stream Book 2, STARRING:

    075.gif  Blonde Arvis

    055.gif That one prince guy from Super Punch Out

    040.gif The best bow user in the game

    019.gif  Thank god you're not Luke

    068.gif  Lena 2.0

    024.gif The actual best unit in the game

    008.gif A walking Excalibur tome

    paola.gif The best unit in the game

    049.gif *thwomp noise*

    018.gif Thank god you're not Luke

    042.gif OI HARDIN 1v1 ME M8

  3. Late cause of the holdiays but the run's finally done! Will upload the VODs pretty soonish but heeeres a recap.



    Marth is good and did Marth things like killing things with the rapier and just overall being an 11 move powerhouse



    Don't let the stats fool you, this guy actually did almost nothing. I fed him a lot of boosters to get the meme Devil Axe kill on Medeus but he couldn't even do that. Runner up for the least contribution award.



    Bantu didn't disappoint and just tanked a bunch and did some key one shots, especially vs mages.



    Surprisingly one of my best units and that's just cause he could use a lot of weapons and had a mount outdoors.



    He shot fliers with bows and honestly that's all I expected from him. Job well done, Wolf.



    I'm sorry Stardust, I tried to make her work. Winner of the least contribution award.



    Clutch early on when he didn't take damage from anyone. Fell off but he helped so much early it didn't matter.



    Offensive powerhouse like usual. 8 def was kinda bad at some points but I could usually rely on him to ORKO some dudes



    I tried to make him a combat unit but hoo boy his durability is like god awful



    Pretty clutch cause she could Physic and Warp and stuff.



    Gharnef killer and even better staffer than Maria



    Thank god I got this unit, she's so good in this game. Having a combat flier makes things sooo much nicer, and she functioned indoors to boot



    I fed him like all of Camus' chapter with the Starsphere equipped because Horace egged me on ignore the fact that I was going to do it anyway. Legendary god of a man who only dies to dumb Thoron crits and kills Medeus and doesn't afraid of anything


    And with that, Book 2 picking is now underway. Please be gentle 

    Aggro has already given me Ellerean, but I dunno, 11 other units sound good.


    1.png.831f114252bfdb84306f913a674ce724.png Purple hair horse Gordin

    2.png.46de8e63ed433e592a6dac074389f786.png The guy who left his sick mother instead of taking care of her

    3.png.f5d35fa62623346e6ed22060df6bfc38.png Why does she have 9 base str

    4.png.d01f70173ad76c9cec09114eb0373abd.png MEME MAN

    5.png.f599548d6b48b9a637a51b7092828b64.png I'm picking the one with better bases

    6.png.55118dfd174d3e3a72588b48a0a2011a.png NO WHY

    7.png.2fa5842f0647dc54b113807711353eee.png Warp staff EZ game

    8.png.fcb69294f90ef73ddf5ebb042ce0d598.png Another meme man, but not as memey as the other guy with this portrait

    9.png.6c2606102e8361dd0677c6a8f682a765.png Chokes points harder than DOGA

    10.png.f1e9df46beaf07bc36bf72d5fc8ae7e7.png Uh, heal staff user i guess?

    11.png.42fdbcfe117fc24b348c4a332522d7da.png Sword tag extraordinaire

    12.png.7c5dedadff7d477871c8375a77571224.png Oh god why can't he promote



    I'll stream this run tomorrow at some point, I will likely post here when I do. VODs will also be posted on my channel


    So we got more info on Noctis. For those who don't want to watch some analysis, his main gimmicks are Arminger and Warp. Arminger triggers when he loses a certain amount of HP. IT pretty much adds bravery damage to all of his bravery moves. The difference will likely be pretty major, so people playing against Noctis will probably want to save up enough bravery to one shot him. As an Assassin, however, Noctis is more than capable enough to shred his opponents' bravery so that they will have to chip away at his HP, which is what he wants. His other gimmick is his EX skill, Warp. Noctis can throw his weapon forwards, above, below, to the right or to the left of him and teleport to it. He can chain this three times, which will make him very unpredictable to play against once it's up and covers for the lack of upwards mobility in his moveset. No cooldown or damage information is available for the move.

  6. Kinda felt like playing Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem again, but I didn't want to do a ye olden spam broken units run for the 100th time, so I thought a PMU would be mildly entertaining and/or salt inducing. So 12 units excluding Marth please, my only rule is that I will use any unit who is recruited or automatically fielded but only for the chapter that it happens in. Might try to do it semi fast but don't expect super high IQ LTC strats from me.

    Oh right, in the spirit of Wrys, I am not allowing myself to use the vulnerary that replaces him. It will stay in Marth's inventory the entire game, and the PMU is forfeit if it leaves his inventory.

  7. Spoiler
    1. When did you play this game the first time? Oh man like 5 years ago
    2. How did you get introduced into this game? I saw that it existed and wanted to play it
    3. Do you play it on a rom, or do you even have a physical copy? ROM
    4. Have you played it before or after FE4? After
    5. Was FE5 your first FE game? No
    6. How often have you finished the game yet? About three or four times
    7. How many hours do you usually need to complete this game? Depends on how I'm playing. 20ish hours for an SSS run and probably twice that for a casual playthrough
    8. Have you unlocked all gaiden chapters yet? Yup
    9. Have you recruited all characters yet? Yup
    10. Do you prefer the A or B routes in terms of maps and recruitable characters? A for sure
    11. Which three things do you really like in FE5? Stealing, how powerful staves are, low stat caps
    12. Which three things do you really dislike? 99/1 hit ceiling/floor, healing staves missing, how fatigue was implemented
    13. Would you like to see some unique mechanics like capturing and fatiuge (in main game) returning? Yes
    14. Would you agree with that statement that FE5 had amazing potential, but didn't exhaust it completly? Yes
    15. Would you agree with that statement that FE5 has the best gameplay ideas? Yes
    16. Would you agree with the statement that FE5 is the most balanced FE game? No
    17. How would you rank the difficulty in this game? Brutal when blind, mild difficulty w/ knowledge
    18. Would you recommend someone to play FE5 blind? Only if they look up recruitment requirements
    19. Which three advices would you give someone who will play this game the first time? Don't hoard resources, promote ASAP, use unequipped characters as capture bait
    20. Who's your favorite character personalitywise? Leaf
    21. Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? Salem
    22. Who's usually your MVP in your playthrough(s)? Safy
    23. What's your favorite chapter? 24
    24. What's your favorite map theme? Leaf's army in search of victory ~ Leaf
    25. What's your favorite battle theme (main battles, boss battles)? Applying justice ~ Veld battle
    26. What's your opinion of the art in this game? Official art and sprite work are top notch and look great to this day.
    27. What's your opinion of the story in this game? More low-key than other Fire Emblems in terms of scope, but that's a good thing to me
    28. How would you rank the story from 1 to 10? 7
    29. How would you rank the gameplay from 1 to 10? 9
    30. How would you rank the game overall from 1 to 10? 9
    31. Does FE5 need a remake? Yes
    32. Does FE5 need a better translation patch? Yes, IN AMERICA
    33. Could you imagine to replay FE5 sometime in the future? Absolutely, remake or no


  8. Some stuff like 99/1 hit floor/ceiling and healing staves missing are super dumb, but the game subtly pushes you to clear certain chapters in a concise manner, and also having a lot of possible resources at your disposal via capturing and stealing, especially for staves, make the game feel more wide open than just about every other FE. Honestly, Thracia stealing is something I wish more FE games had, as well as more unique staves like the Thief staff, which is my favorite weapon in FE history to date.

  9. We will get some more info while the PS4 release is closing in, right now the most we know is "its a thing". My guess is that it'll be a one player per PS4 thing. On the brighter side, Trueblade Seeker just uploaded Golbez's moveset. His vids are worth a watch for those curious about the game since he's the most informative Youtuber I've found about this game. Jaghancement is also a good channel for those who want to see replays and get sort of an idea of each character's gameplan.


    Personally, I may or may not play Golbez. I like his character and kinda liked dabbling with him a bit in Dissidia. My dedicated Marksman right now is the Emperor, but I'll have to sink my teeth into this game when it comes out in the US to get a good idea of who I really want to play.


    So the dragon sorta acts as a buff early game, all his moves are amplified (more damage, more hits with respect to projectile wars, etc.) while the dragon is up, and it lasts until Golbez takes 1000 HP damage. Without the dragon, he's a mediocre Marksman, so his team needs to make sure to protect him from Assassins. When the dragon is up, his EX skill is Binding Cold, which is an AOE explosion that has a short startup and it can be charged. As far as people know right now, charging it just increases the range. It freezes the opponent in place, and no one knows the damage value yet. The EX skill has a lowish cooldown, so it can be used pretty liberally to do stuff like deny a summon core from an enemy or extend a teammates combo, for just a few ideas. When he loses the dragon, his EX skill goes on cooldown and the EX skill changes to summoning the dragon back up. Bahamut will probably be run on teams with Golbez a lot for this reason just to minimize dragon downtime. He seems like a Marksman who can reliably duel other Marksmen due to the speed of his projectiles and many of them gaining higher priority when he has the dragon up. In terms of his role in a team, other than Binding Cold, his capability to help lock down seems low compared to others like Terra with Meteor, Ultimecia with long multihitting moves, and Emperor with his literally everything. We haven't seen the rest of his HP attacks, and the the two we've seen look pretty standard. One is a wave attack that's kinda fast, the other is a quickish projectile that likely tears through other projectiles, helping his duelist role. Time will tell if this is actually right, I'm just making a prediction.

    Oh and I see you neglected to mention another character that came out recently.

    She's a Vanguard type, the first girl one at that. Her gimmick is that after 10 seconds, she gains access to stronger versions of any of her moves. It's similar to Terra's, but in exchange for a longer wait time, CoD can attack and be attacked and it will not affect the charge timer. She can also use the normal versions of her attacks while she has her charge up, letting her save the charge for an important move. She has a myriad of moves and boasts high range and damage on all of them, but many are slow to come out and her mobility is pretty bad. Her EX skill, Flood of Darkness, gives her access to nonstop charged attacks for 20 seconds w/ a 90 second cooldown, and 0-form particle beam becomes usable during the duration. 0-form costs the rest of the duration of Flood, and it's a beam that has about a 1 second startup and is a very long range beam with a bit of AOE. The beam is pretty much instant when it comes out, so it's pretty much impossible to react to if she's far enough away and you don't see her during the startup. All in all, she's a flexible character that has very good ranged attacks for a Vanguard, but is especially slow even when compared to other Vanguards.

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