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  1. Thinking back on it, I probably should've packed more axes, especially the brave axe. Crap, I forgot to bring the brave axe
  2. [spoiler=Chapter 3] "We are now leaving axeland. We hope you enjoyed your stay" Impregnable my ass. We have Dagda and Fin. Wait, crap, forgot about dismounting No, I believe Manster is more frightening than Hell thank you very much Ronan could use this to fix his shittastic STR and HP growths Lifis is already looking good! Remember what I said about archers and actually hitting things, Ronan? I like how you get like 15 exp for dodging attacks in this game Damn, Leaf. Now THAT'S what I call a levelup Why the hell do they attack this guy when there's an archer nearby? Like I said before, this game's AI baffles me sometimes Ronan, please listen to me Nice continue proc. You are forgiven. No speed? You have failed me again, Ronan Holy shit, these guys have good luck. That explains a lot. This is the first playthrough where I have used Dagda this often. What was I smoking? This is gonna happen a lot in this playthrough Not bad, Lifis. No build though I trust that Fin can take care of the axelandian invaders I need to add charge to my list of things on why Dagda is so good This thing is heavier than the iron sword, but has the same mt and only 5 more accuracy. What's the point of this weapon again? I'm still getting it Ronan even has trouble killing unarmed mages Woo, strength for Marty! Woo, Hammers for Marty! RONAN GOT STRENGTH RONAN GOT STRENGTH PULL A MARTY AND GET IT TWO MORE TIMES IN A ROW PLS Leaf is now Sword Man. Kinda ironic that he can't use the fire sword Okay, you guys whine about Corple having a bad start in FE4. It could be worse. RONAN, WHEN I SAID PULL A MARTY, THAT DIDN'T MEAN FOR YOU TO MISS EVERYTHING If you haven't noticed yet, I really hate it when my units miss with high hit percentages HOLY CRAP LEAF, TALK ABOUT GETTING GOOD LEVELUPS. I just realized that he still has 3 skill. NO WONDER HE KEEPS MISSING Hammers are so broken WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? Acting like a thief isn't very bishop-like, you know... Yay... HP? These guys are a pain in the ass. Mainly because so many of them spawn and just run past people SO BRO I NEED TO KILL HIM BEFORE HE NUKES THE KIDS. WHAT A HOLY MAN... I want his stuff, but I have no inventory space... Oh wait Ronan is proccing his move again thing way too much I'm not even kidding The Hezul scroll should give more STR growth. Honestly, that's all that the blood gave in FE4 (Ronan level btw) Dagda has 2 base luck? Why did I not notice this? Probably because luck means nothing later on I would also argue that Fin doesn't need stats because personal brave lance This ring makes pointy things hurt less. Probably my favorite scroll. An overall 5% growth boost is really nice. Too bad it's a pain in the ass to get Manster preparations. Please be gentle And a chapter is cleared without Leaf almost dying!
  3. [spoiler=Chapter 2x] Welcome to FE5's fog of war chapters Some enemy AI just baffles me. Sometimes they attack when they do no damage and get ORKOed and sometimes they just sit there Iron Blade Tank Leaf Take 2 ABORT MISSION I thought archers were supposed to be good at hitting things, Ronan Leaf is using the Life Ring since I like him to not die in two hits and no one else really needs it in this run Take all the vulneraries you want. It's not like Dagda will need them anytime soon SPEED BLESSED MARTY Dagda missed but lolcharge. Once again, Dagda doesn't really need stats Charge can be a bitch sometimes I take back what I said about no vulnerary Dagda If it wasn't for the life ring Leaf would only have 4 hp. This happens way too much :< Them critz FIN PLS... Inhibited movement really sucks. At least this game doesn't have weather I think enemy AI is set to "Don't move until the main character is in range" Leaf chips and gets a manly levelup. One step closer to giant sword usage with no drawbacks FE always likes to give me crits when I can ohko anyway Now Ronan can use that steel bow I got from that warrior When FE games implement things to counter horsies, sometimes it's just really annoying I know you probably want to use that steel bow, Dagda, but you have an existant STR stat ............................................ Typical Ronan level Oh shit myrmidons. Wait, where's Shiva I got tired of moving these guys. Hopefully I can clear this before reinforcements come in I feel like I'm using these way more than I should OH SHIT WHERE DID YOU COME FROM GO GO MARTY CAPTURE Marty finally doesn't get speed Crap my people are running out of inventory space HURRY, PACKMULE #2!! WHERE DID THESE GUYS COME FROM As much as I want that killing edge, this guy being on a fort makes capturing so much harder. Lifis: The only thief I can use this run. Time to aim for max build steal everything Lifis lolinstacapture
  4. [spoiler=Chapter 2] I decided to use the patch because messing up things in the menu is really annoying when it's irreversible About time we got to axeland, now with more bows! Oh yeah, using the patch means that I now have to deal with this crap MARTY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD QUIT MISSING And Fin rushes to recruit the next unit that I will use Brave weapons are so good for capturing. Good thing Marty doesn't lose much during a capture. Owie Ronan has been recruited. Let's take a look at his stats Bases are kinda meh. However, he makes for a good mage because his mag growth as an archer is 55% so when I re... Wait, reclassing doesn't exist yet? Dammit. Ronan is so good, he can already double these scrubs Typical Marty level... wait, speed? Holy crap Marty, you don't even have the Sety Scroll taped to you yet. Pack Mule Tanya takes some weight off Dagda's shoulders Ronan takes these scrubs on like a man and manages to score himself a kill Meanwhile, MORE JEWELRY Man Leaf must be hurting a lot between chapters Good thing Marty doesn't like to miss when it really matters. Meanwhile, Ronan kills another scrub and gains a level. Pretty standard mage level, too bad there are no magic bows :< This guy must be Marty's long lost brother or something Speaking of Marty, STOP WITH THE MISSING. IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Dagda uses the speed ring to break the early chapters even harder Fin does everything better than everyone else in this army that isn't Dagda, including getting better levelups I really like hearing the near victory music in this game I hate pre-FE7 reinforcements LEAF, STOP TAKING FIGHTING LESSONS FROM MARTY. HE CAN'T HIT THE SIDE OF A BARN Marty has made up for the ~10 times he has missed this playthrough Meh level, but Dagda doesn't really need stats I'll forgive you for missing since you gained two consecutive points of speed The pack mule does what she does best This guy is a bit of a pain, especially since Evayle can't fire sword him to death in this playthrough Fin doesn't dissapoint Screenshot derped, Dagda killed Bucks. Brave axe + charge + doubling + Thracia's RNG = super long fight And Ronan gets one more magic fueled level before I end this chapter Another one bites the dust Thanks, Strider.
  5. The final team has been added to the OP. If someone else picks a unit before I play this, I'll use them instead of Shiva since Kalas already picked Sety for me. Otherwise I'll stick with Shiva. Route B it is, since the remaining vote won't make route A the majority (I think more people voted on the route than there were that picked units, but oh well) Comments and Predictions Got more staff users than I was expecting, though only one will probably get a respectable rank. Dagda, Marty, and Dalsin? So much thwomp. On that note, between Othin and Fin I picked Fin because I really don't need more axe users >.> Getting to Olwen in 11x is going to be fun without Fred. Tina is going to break her Thief staff, since shutting her up will only make her unrecruitable. Thank goodness that I don't have to deal with 17A. I really hate that chapter.
  6. Alright, just one more unit to go. this run will probably start during thanksgiving break because exams suck and I have nothing else to do during the break. The current team will be edited into the OP.
  7. Leaf is going to be used. I think I'll still take 20 other units. I guess Eyrios is out now.
  8. What am I doing I'm pretty much new to these forums, so I thought this would be a good way to introduce myself. About 20 units (excluding Leaf, he's autopicked) seems like a good number. Depending on how difficult this is I might have to go on Elite mode, but I'll try it on Normal first. I will probably need one thief and one or two staff user/s. Lifis and/or Lara will probably be used on chapters 4-5 even if they aren't picked, but that's the only bit of rule breaking I will probably do. Expect rage and terrible attempts at humor. (I also have no idea how to embed a screenshot into a post. Experimenting will be fun). The poll has spoken! B route it is! Which means I "get" to use Miranda and Shanam. Oh boy. Team (excluding Leaf):
  9. I actually like Wil, as both a unit and a character I also think that Bastian and Oliver aren't terrible in RD, though they are outclassed for sure I haven't even attempted FE11 H5 yet
  10. I always found it funny how the Beo Sword gives both Wrath and Ambush. If you do the Ambush on Olwen thing, make sure that she gets a skill ring or something as her hit rates tend to be shaky with daimthunder. Another user for ambush would be Sety, since his continue/crit activation rate is bonkers Wrath is pretty good on Linoan, though make sure she gets a skill ring since missing is deadly for her at low lvls
  11. Most: FE10!Elincia, if she counts. If not, then Leaf. Least: Lyn It's kinda confusing with the Tellius series, since the only "Lord" is FE9!Ike. I guess it's the same with Gaiden though.
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