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  1. Gordin's gonna be super strong but Jedi will ditch him for some loser named George no doubt. At least the best archer, Ryan nobias will be more useful in fe12... once you get to that. I'm not so big on Sonic 1 personally since I started the series with 2 but it'll be fun to watch someone casually run it who knows what they're doing.
  2. Best Metal Gear game of the year 10/10 Konami does it again.
  3. Raven just cheesed Majora's Mask so now its time to vote FF3 PSP for the next game here: http://goo.gl/gmnUFA
  4. Yeah don't start with FF5 since your opinion of the rest will be naturally lowered by comparison of the best FF ever made. Jokes aside, any FF other than 2, 3 or 5 are good starting points since 3 and 5 are sort of complex in comparison and require some general FF knowledge in order to get through properly. Although, my sister started FF with 5 and completed it, so really you can probably start with any FF and be fine probably. If you want help deciding which FF to try first 1 is a good introduction to the series' job system 2 has an Oblivion-esque levelup system and open world for those who like that, though there aren't that many sidequests 3 is like 1 but more open in terms of experimentation and is infamous for being extremely vague 4 has the least amount of customization, which is good for those who want a more simple experience 5 has a lot of customization and is a great game for those who like to min-max and combine job abilities 6 is very story driven and isn't that difficult for those who want a game heavy in story and characters 7 is also story driven but also has a lot of customization in terms of the materia system 8 is... grindy but a good one for people who like very complicated stories and characters 9 is a throwback to older FFs but is great in its own right. Really good for those who want to see all the best parts of the older games 10 is sidequest heavy and there's a lot to do for those 100%ers out there 12 has the most open world of any FF and has a somewhat real time but still turn based system 13... I don't really have a solid opinion on Gilgamesh and the Big Bridge a man can dream, right?
  5. Against most swordies he can pressure with neutral special so he has an option there. Cloud gives him problems but G&W can pressure him offstage very well especially with his semispikes. He can also bucket Corrin's neutral B, making him a little more antsy about using it. One sausage will also cancel out the neutral B at any level charge, so that's something All in all, I'd say he has no MU with a swordie thats worse than 55:45.
  6. Oops I forgot to write this up earlier. This is gonna be more short and sweet than my other essays cause I don't know Game & Watch as well as Megaman or Mewtwo. Mr. Game & Watch is an interesting character, being a short lightweight with a lot of disjoints and some jank built into his kit that can take a stock from as low as 0%. He has a lot of combos from dthrow, though most people know about the infamous dthrow -> side B combo. While a good G&W may seem like a wall that is insanely difficult to get past, he has no options up close that are that fast, meaning he has to adopt a hit and run style of gameplay, similar to Mewtwo like Falaflame said above, but without the insane mobility of Mewtwo. Still, in certain matchups like Mewtwo, Lucario, or even Mario, just being G&W makes them scared to use a key tool in their kit as it could lead to a 2 frame move that can KO them from 0-40%. That alone solidifies him as a very weird but good counterpick to a select few top tiers, even with his flaws. Also an interesting thing about G&W is the choppiness of his animations, meaning that at times he could be readying a move but the opponent is unaware since G&W isn't doing a fluid motion into the attack itself. He's still for a bit then the move just comes out immediately. This adds a layer of unpredictability to his kit that no other character in the game has. [spoiler=Properties] Weight: 75 (56th heaviest or 3rd lightest) Run speed: 1.5264 (34th fastest) Walk speed: 1.1242 (28th fastest) Air speed: 1.12 (12th-13th fastest) Fall speed: 1.24 (54th fastest) Fastfall speed: 1.984 (54th fastest) Max jumps: 2 Jumpsquat: 5 frames Being a lightweight, G&W will get KOd extremely early. But, due to his light weight, floatiness, and his insane escape option in up B, G&W is very hard to combo, similarly to fellow lightweight Jigglypuff. His ground speed isn't great, but his air speed is, which is good since his aerials are overall better than his ground normals. [spoiler=Ground Normals] Jab - Comes out frame 4, G&W's fastest ground move. Stupidly low FAF of 16, meaning that he can mix up with it. It's slow for a jab, but it gets the job done Rapid Jab - Standard rapid jab that is pretty consistent and difficult to punish Dash attack - Quick frame 6 dash attack that is unsafe on shield. Solid punish and can punish the 2 frames of vulnerability on ledge on some of the cast Ftilt - Slow frame 10 short disjoint that lasts for quite a bit of time. Good pivot option as the timing of the move is kind of weird. Utilt - Somewhat slow frame 10 combo starter. Good to use after dthrow on heavies at low % Dtilt - Okay this move is jank. It's a frame 6 disjoint with good range that sends grounded opponents at a low angle but is unsafe on shield due to an FAF of 40. Aerial opponents above or below this move are affected by an upwards windbox that deals about 2%. Generally you want the hitbox over the windbox, but the windbox makes it difficult to punish from above. Good punish move overall. Fsmash - Good KO power. Somewhat unsafe on shield, but still somewhat safe. Upsmash - Incredible aerial and landing punish, similar to Mario's infamous upsmash. Instead of head intangibility, though, G&W will block all attacks from frames 4-25 with the attack coming out on frames 24-25. Lowest FAF of any of G&W's smashes. Most of his KOs will come from this smash. Can combo into side B at 0% for a cheese KO every now and again. Dsmash - G&W's fastest smash, comes out on both sides. Still kinda slow for a dsmash like this. Sweetspot at the hammerheads sends opponents upwards with a lot of KO power while sourspot at the handles sends opponents at a low angle but doesn't KO until about 170%. Somewhat safe on shield. [spoiler=Air Normals] Nair - Combo extender that is sort of a disjoint that multihits around G&W. Comes out pretty slow for a nair. Somewhat safe to land with but is difficult to hit against grounded opponents. Fair - Somewhat slow disjoint that has okay KO power on early hit. Safe on shield if spaced. Bair - G&W's main aerial spacing tool. As slow as Fair but is a multihit that is far harder to challenge/punish. Less KO power than fair. Safe on shield if spaced. Upair - Another super jank move. Combo extender and KO move where the puffs of air come out, but is a windbox that can keep opponents in the air if they are above G&W whatsoever. Good to keep opponents in the air to mess up their landing strategy. [spoiler=No really, check out this thing's hitboxes]https://zippy.gfycat.com/WideeyedRepentantAfricanaugurbuzzard.webm Dair - Standard stall & fall with good priority. Very good landing tool, especially if autocancelled. Can run off and use this move to punish low recoveries and still make it back. Spikes at early hitbox. [spoiler=Grabs and Throws] Standing Grab - Standard grab. Meh range. Dash Grab - Same range, comes out 2 frames slower, 7 more frames of endlag Pivot Grab - More range, comes out 3 frames slower, 5 more frames of endlag Pummel - Does about 2-3% and is somewhat slow. Almost never used. Fthrow - Never used Bthrow - Never used Uthrow - Never used Dthrow - THE throw for G&W. Pretty much just like Mario's. Combos into Side B, Utilt, Nair, and Up B depending on weights/%s. [spoiler=Specials] Neutral B - Semi spike hitbox at the pan, decent zoning tool and decent option to use against an offstage opponent. Good w/ B reversing Up B - Lots of intangibility and priority. G&W is a hitbox as he's rising. Very difficult to punish and a good combo ender/anti air. If the opponent is in the air near G&W when it starts, they will be send upwards with a windbox. G&W will float down after this move w/o being helpless, and he can press down at any time to start falling at normal speed. IMO the best up B in the game. Side B - Slow and sometimes unsafe on shield, this move will have one of nine random effects [spoiler=Judge effects and followups] 1 - does 1%, doesn't flinch opponent, deals 12% to G&W even if it misses. Followup with shield 2 - Weak attack that can trip. Followup with dtilt or running grab 3 - Sends opponent behind G&W and does a lot of shield damage. Follow up with up B or nair 4 - Medium damage and sends opponents at an upwards angle. No followup 5 - Multi hit electric attack. Followup with nair 6 - Semispike fire attack. No followup 7 - Weak attack that generates food if hit. Follow up with mashing A to eat the food and jab 8 - Freezes. Followup with Nair or another side B 9 - Basically hits them with a home run bat. Follow up with side taunt. Down B - The bucket. Absorbs energy based projectiles. Has 3 tiers of "fullness". Weaker moves fill 1 tier, while stronger moves can fill up to 3. When used when full, it becomes a long range frame 2 disjoint that deals damage and knockback based on the moves absorbed [spoiler="Bucket list] [spoiler=General MUs] G&W is terrifying to fight if the user has an energy based projectile due to the threat of the bucket. Otherwise, G&W really struggles against dudes without energy based projectiles and can get in on him, like Sheik or Diddy. [spoiler=Stages] Generally speaking, pick BF or DL64 due to platform combo stuff. Try not to let the opponent pick FD or Duck Hunt since he can't zone well. G&W is mid or low tier because of his numerous flaws without having something to make up for it except the bucket. The bucket still makes him a hilarious counterpick in certain matchups.
  7. lol Drarky I screencapped my avatar before going into this thread. Good to see that you have good taste Bartz's new outfit is incredible, I could never get used to the Amano design. I'm so ready to try him out, FF5 is my favorite FF and Gilgamesh isn't in... yet. The job system in his moveset looks like a lot of fun and an interesting way to bring a support character into an action game like this. For those curious about Bartz's moveset, after using a certain move enough times in a match he masters it, giving it more hits and damage while also giving himself a buff, like dealing more damage or EX skill cooldown reduction. Mastery is permanent and only goes away when the match ends. With his EX skill, he can also give all of his mastery buffs to his team for a short time. This vid shows off his moveset in full and there are vids like this for the entire cast for those curious about how certain characters work. Some are similar to their 012 incarnations, like Cecil and Squall, while some are entirely different, like Vaan
  8. Tiki seems really solid at base, the dragonstones are pretty nuts in this game
  9. Wow, someone's a little salty about me not liking certain units/characters :P
  10. Really unfortunate about this getting removed, but Nintendo has been well known for their sometimes insane levels of protection of their copyrights. See: PM getting threats from Nintendo, Nintendo almost preventing Melee being shown at EVO, etc. Something becoming this well known getting shut down shouldn't be a surprise, as much as I don't like to say that.
  11. Effie is very good because of her sheer ORKOing ability on top of her defensive utility and the defensiveness of earlygame Conquest cause none of your units at that time are good except like Corrin. That being said, high level Fire Emblem is very offensive in nature, which I think is healthy for the genre. Having low mobility and low speed makes most knights horrible offensive wise, with notable knights (Oswin, Gatrie, Effie) either having the game tailored to them with defend chapters or with stupid high parameters overall. Casually, knights are fine since they can do a good amount of damage per hit and can tank a lot, which helps the more turtley nature of casual gameplay. Considering both gameplay styles, knights have their place as the more casual turtle unit. However, a problem arises when units can fulfill both offensive and tank roles, being amazing in both high level and casual FE play. Such units include every early prepromote paladin/great knight, Dagdar, Haar, and Xander. Note that no knights fill this area except perhaps Effie for the reasons stated above. For just about every other class, I can easily name a unit who is good in both levels of play. So, there is no reason that knights should not also be a unit used in high level play. While Effie is a very good knight, I don't want her to be the staple on how to make knights good. She has earlygame almost tailored to make her strong with the enemy phase heavy chapters 9 and 10, while the other knight, Benny, is chump tier since all he has is defense at the moment the game transitions into high movement and ORKOs. There is no denying that knights can be useful enemy phase in theory. With the ability to tank multiple enemy hits due to high HP and defense and their good damage setting up kills for next round, what could go wrong? Well, it's the fact that most knights can't ORKO on enemy phase, and the attacking unit takes up the space that other units could take for the knight to tank, meaning that they tank maybe 2 enemies a turn, which most units can do anyway. I said I didn't want Effie to be the model for other knights, with the game being tailored to her in terms of map and unit design, but the overall stats of units is also tailored to make her good. With the overall low HP of most units in Fates in general and the higher damage output of most enemies, knights could stand out as the high HP and high defense unit, with the defense aspect being much, much higher than any other units. Since knights normally get doubled, their defense needs to be that much higher to compensate. This would make magic the go-to answer to them since knights have low res, and I don't see a reason to change that. It's a nice buff to the often crappy mages. The current weapon triangle needs to change for that, though, since lances beat magic in the new weapon triangle. Knights should also be able to OHKO frail units, so that they have a lot more offensive presense than they generally do. That might sound overpowered, but fighters could be the answer to that. With their insanely high damage output, low accuracy, and high HP, they could get through that tough defense while surviving a hit from the knight. This unit balance is what I think the knight > myrm > fighter triangle is in theory, but it needs to be emphasized a little more, and mounts are used a lot more than the other two. So just nerf mounted dudes already, they're consistently overpowered. Speaking of which... Knights have another glaring flaw. Movement. Knights and generals have, in general, 1 less move than their fellow footies. Over the course of 4 turns, thats a 4 tile difference, which means they practically skip a turn of movement every 4 turns. That's pretty terrible, so just get rid of it. There's no real reason to have that and it cements knight as the turtle class. Knights should be trained and physically capable to be able to move in their bulky armor just fine, so it can work thematically as well. The great knight promotion is a great way to address the movement problem, which is something that Effie normally does, but it leaves no real reason to use General. General Effie dies about as easily as great knight Effie. Other Fates characters may have a dilemma when choosing what class to stay in. While malig knight skills are great, Camilla might want immediate access to lances for a certain chapter. Leo might want to have far better offense at the cost of movement. Great knight is just a better general, especially with full WT control on top of movement. Wary fighter is not a good answer to the "turtle unit" problem. If anything, it makes it worse. Generals have even less potential offense, and can tank even harder. Going with the previous assertion, it's possible to make great knights have about the same defense as a knight would while gaining more speed so they're the more high risk offense unit, but generals get a huge boost in defense and HP and strength, solidifying them as the tank that can ORKO frailer units like myrmidons while not being able to ORKO bulkier units like fellow knights and fighters. I've ran through a bunch of ideas in my head, like having a prepromote general as the Jagen with access to every melee weapon type and having no knights, making knights enemy only since making them even more defensive might make them a roadblock to a lot of LTC strategies, but I just sort of wanted to rant about the topic. tl;dr: give knights more movement, str and defense, nerf mounted units
  12. Also wow Samson getting 3 str already, the dude is already super good at base. If he keeps this up he will be better than Ogma endgame.
  13. The only thing he can semi-reliably get off down throw is putting the opponent on a BF or DL64 platform and forcing them into a teching situation which Mewtwo can try to read if they tech or react to the option of the opponent doesn't tech. It's a reliable way to take a stock with upsmash or the rare disable if they tech in place or forward.
  14. Even. Both are characters who want to time each other out, and are effective at it in their own way. If both are optimally played, neither will get a chance to do anything cool.
  15. Hey it's Mr. Patch Notes himself. Mewtwo is the most buffed character in smash history, going from bottom 10 to top 20 thanks to an assload of changes. Then they buffed him some more and made him undeniably top 15. Some people claim he's top 10, and they're probably right. He's around 12th best at the lowest. Anyway, Mewtwo is the definition of glass cannon, being the second lightest character in the game and one of the bigget but with a plethora of tools at his disposal to handle most situations, combo tools out the wazoo, huge mobility, and the ability to KO most of the cast with a footstool at 75% or so. Even without that technical hooblah, Mewtwo has a butt ton of KO options at his disposal. Up close, he kinda sucks, but he has the mobility to get out if he needs to. Much like Sonic, Mewtwo has the speed to stay out of combat a lot and wait for opportunities, but Mewtwo can use his very strong projectile to force the opponent to make options. [spoiler=Properties] Weight: 74 (57th heaviest, or 2nd lightest) Run speed: 2.05 (7th fastest) Walk speed: 1.2 (15th-16th fastest) Air speed: 1.25 (3rd fastest) Fall speed: 1.5 (32-35th fastest) Fastfall speed: 2.4 (31-34th fastest) Max jumps: 2 Walljump: Yes Jumpsquat: 5 frames Being the 2nd lightest character in the game, Mewtwo is very easy to KO, something that isn't helped by his large size. His light weight combined with his floatiness, though, means that some combos just straight up don't work on Mewtwo. Mewtwo is fast, both in the air and on the ground. Let's put it into perspective. In the air, only Yoshi and Jiggs are faster, and on the ground, Sonic, Falcon, Mac, Fox, ZSS, and Greninja are faster. Yeah, Mewtwo is faster than Sheik and Meta Knight. Some may not see the reasoning for that, but Mewtwo's speed stat in Pokemon is absurd for how strong it is, so I think it's fitting. Tangent aside, Mewtwo has a lot of mobility on his side. Also, his double jump goes very high, and it's a huge part of his recovery. Another thing to note is that Mewtwo has the best airdodge bar none in the game. He can act out of it the fastest out of the entire cast by 2 frames, which is a bigger deal than it sounds like. Not only that, but his airdodge makes him invisible for a brief period. Combined with his hax air speed, he can mix up the opponent by simply pressing L or R in the air. [spoiler=Ground Normals] NOTE - Mewtwo's tail is roughly 40% disjoint for all relevant moves Jab 1 - Comes out frame 6, which is slow for a jab. Can mix up into grab or down B, or itself once or twice more Rapid Jab - Good against people who often spotdodge, has pretty good range and is kinda reliable for a rapid jab Jab Finisher - Standard jab finisher. Unsafe on shield Dash Attack - Comes out decently fast, is an OK option to punish with due to Mewtwo's high speed Ftilt - Can be angled up or down. OK poke but is somewhat unsafe compared to the overall better dtilt. Decent pivot option. Utilt - A wide reaching upwards tail whip that covers an approximately 180% angle covering from the front of Mewtwo to the back. Opponents hit by the end of the tail get sent away. Up close opponents get sent right above Mewtwo. Can combo into upsmash or nair if the close hitbox connects.Amazing anti-air and solid combo starter in one. Sorta unsafe on shield from up close. Dtilt - Mewtwo's bread and butter ground attack. Comes out frame 6, which is tied for the fastest ground move with jab. Has little lag, so it's safe to just throw out in most situations. Stuffs a lot of ground approaches. Far hitbox sends opponents away. Close hitbox sends opponent at an angle that can combo into nair or fair at low%s, and upair at higher %s. Safe on shield unless opponent is right next to Mewtwo. [spoiler=dtilt combos] dtilt -> fair -> fair (at low%) dtilt -> nair (at low% if they DI in) dtilt -> dj upair -> fair (at high %s) dtilt -> upsmash (if they DI down) Fsmash - Somewhat slow smash attack that does more damage/knockback at the tip. Very good KO power from either hitbox, and the pullback can help Mewtwo dodge some attacks. Generally used against bad aerial approaches at high %s or if the opponent won't expect it. Unsafe to throw out randomly. Upsmash - A solid multihit smash, with the last hit having a lot of KO power. Can hit opponents on the Battlefield or Dream land 64 platforms. It can technically hit people on the Smashville platform, but that one is unreliable since it moves. Can shieldpoke so the last hit still hits for the KO. Unsafe to throw out randomly. Generally used to read an aerial opponent or to punish platform landing. Dsmash - Hits at a downward angle in front of Mewtwo. Comes out the slowest of Mewtwo's smashes but has the most KO power at higher %s. Can punish the 2 frames of vulnerability on the ledge on some of the cast. Mewtwo's safest smash. [spoiler=Air Normals] NOTE - Mewtwo's tail is roughly 40% disjoint for all relevant moves. Unlike Melee, double jump canceling does not exist for normals. Instead, Mewtwo will do an aerial while rising in the same way his double jump normally would. Nair - A multihit move that surrounds Mewtwo with mediocre range. Comes out frame 7. One of Mewtwo's bread and butter moves. Depending on when Mewtwo lands, it can combo into upsmash, fair, or a footstool. Unsafe to land on a shield with, so maneuver Mewtwo accordingly to mixup the opponent. Mewtwo's best OOS option. Fair - Frame 6 disjoint that can KO. Hot damn. Hits right in front of Mewtwo, can combo into itself at low%s and KOs at about 140% on most of the cast. Has a good amount of endlag. Safe on shield if spaced properly. Good to throw out randomly in neutral, usually right after a jump. VERY difficult to challenge. Mewtwo's bread and butter aerial and most buffed move. Bair - Slow disjoint that travels in a huge arc. Starts from slightly below Mewtwo and ends right above him. The entire tail is a hitbox, which used to not be a thing. Good edgeguard tool with when used during a double jump. Solid anti air. Unsafe on landing, but Mewtwo will never approach with this move. Can combo into itself if the move hits very late. Covers most of the platform on Battlefield and Dreamland 64. Upair - Covers about the same arc as uptilt, but this move can KO at about 145% or so depending on how high the opponent is. Very good juggle tool and airdodge punish tool. Solid anti-air. Covers the entire platform on Battlefield and Dreamland 64. Dair - Solid spike. Comes out pretty fast for a spike. The higher hitbox sends the opponent away, and can KO in some certain situations. Generally only used offstage, but can help Mewtwo land sometimes. [spoiler=Grabs and Throws] Standing Grab - Standard grab. Good range. Can whiff on some crouching opponents, which is annoying Dash Grab - Same range, comes out 2 frames slower, 7 more frames of endlag Pivot Grab - More range, comes out 3 frames slower, 5 more frames of endlag Pummel - Does about 1-2% and is pretty fast. Use to rack up damage before a throw. Fthrow - Damage throw. Used at low %s to get some damage on the opponent Bthrow - Kill throw at very high %s. Use when back is facing the nearest blastzone. Uthrow - Kill throw at high %s. KOs at about 125% on midweights Dthrow - Combo throw... sorta. The opponent can generally act out of it too fast, but is situationally useful on Battlefield and Dream Land 64 as it puts the opponent on a low platform and they need to tech it or eat an upsmash [spoiler=Specials] NOTE - All of Mewtwo's specials can be double jump cancelled. This means that, if used during a double jump, Mewtwo's upwards momentum will go away entirely. This is only for the second jump, and doesn't apply to the first. Neutral B - Chargeable projectile, like Samus', but can be charged in the air. Cancellable with shield, roll, or airdodge. Shieldjumping is the most common way to cancel a charge against an approaching opponent. Doesn't cancel the charging animation when fully charged. Mewtwo's hands will glow when a fully charged ball is ready. Does about 25% when fully charged and KOs early to boot. It's good to throw it out even uncharged as it moves slow, does ok damage and flinches the opponent. Mewtwo can move with the projectile when uncharged to pressure the opponent further. Watch out for reflectors with this move, but Mewtwo might want the projectile to be reflected because... Side B - A reflector, command grab, and recovery tool in one. When used in the air, it practically halts his descent while still letting him move to the side somewhat. The grab is almost impossible to followup, so just don't try. Shield, run away, or airdodge since the opponent has frame advantage... for some reason. The reflector lasts a while, and Mewtwo is vulnerable for about 10 frames after it ends. Mewtwo will win all reflect wars with his own projectile... except against Zelda. Yeah, her reflector is just hax. Up B - A multidirectional teleport that goes an OK distance and is very difficult to edgeguard. Gives Mewtwo invulnerability for the entire time he's invisible. Has high landing lag when landing from freefall, but is lowered by teleporting directly on the ground. Can help Mewtwo land since the teleport is very fast. Can ledge cancel, which is useful on stages with platforms like Battlefield. It's too risky to try that on stage ledges, however. Down B - Stuns briefly and does like 1% if the opponent is grounded and is facing Mewtwo. If the opponent is in the air, it sends them away at a fixed knockback instead. Can true combo after a footstool if used during the first few frames of a double jump right after. Nair is a common method to guarantee a footstool, so nair -> fastfall -> footstool -> dj cancelled down B -> smash is a very good KO confirm but is hard to pull off consistently. Followup with a dsmash or upsmash depending on position. Charge the smash until the animation for the stun ending starts. [spoiler=General MUs] Mewtwo doesn't really lose a lot of MUs if any. The MUs he loses in my eyes are MK and Cloud. MK has sheer KO power on his side, though he has to get past Mewtwo's wall of projectiles and tilts to do anything. Cloud has a hard time handling the projectile spam, but can KO Mewtwo really early with random stuff and can challenge Mewtwo's normals easily. Mewtwo does especially well against characters with poor neutrals or ones that need to get in. Such opponents include Ryu, Captain Falcon, and DK. He can generally beat the lower tiers soundly with proper play, but impatient play will lead to Mewtwo getting KOd early in situations where he shouldn't get KOd [spoiler=Stages] FD - Good, Mewtwo can abuse his projectile and punish game here very well Battlefield/Dream land 64 - Good, Mewtwo's upair covers the platforms and he can dthrow -> upsmash on the lower platforms. Don't pick if the opponent can get good combos here. Smashville - Good, like FD but with a platform to abuse upairs on Town & City - Decent, can KO really early here but can also get KOd really early Duck Hunt - Decent, but the ducks can get in the way of the projectiles. The dog can help upthrow KOs sometimes, which is hilarious when it happens Lylat - Decent, Mewtwo can abuse the platforms well but the tilt can ruin projectile spam. Pick if it screws over the opponent hard. Mewtwo requires a patient player due to how early he can get KOd. However, with a swift KOing fair, an extremely good projectile with a reflector and top notch speed, Mewtwo solidly earns a place in the top tiers, despite being a lightweight with no moves that come out faster than frame 6.
  16. Wow warpskipping so lame Man you've gotten a lot of close calls so far, but this only means that the RNG will screw you over several times later on in the run
  17. I picked up this dude for about 2 weeks so I know a lot about him right? Meta Knight is a high risk/high reward character with a stellar dash game, with the best dash attack in the game and a good combo throw. He has a bunch of KO confirms as well as the ability to rack up damage well, meaning that he can end games quick if he reads his opponent right. However, none of his moves have amazing range, he has no projectile, and he is one of the lightest characters in the game. So, he can also be beaten easily if he is impatient. He also no longer has the stairway to heaven combo, which is a shame. [spoiler=Properties] Weight: 80 (49-50th heaviest) Run speed: 1.9 (12th fastest) Walk speed: 1.18 (21th fastest) Air speed: 0.99 (35th fastest) Fall speed: 1.66 (16th fastest) Fastfall speed: 2.656 (17th fastest) Max jumps: 6 Walljump: No Jumpsquat: 4 frames MK is a lightweight, but falls somewhat fast, meaning that a lot of combos work on him. He also gets KOd early. His ground speed is pretty good, and his fast jump and fast fall speed mean that he is pretty maneuverable all around. [spoiler=Ground Normals] Jab - Multi hit jab from the getgo. Comes out frame 7, which is slow for a jab. Pretty bad, but can catch spotdodgers. Dash Attack - The best dash attack in the game. Sends MK quite a long distance for a dash attack, has somewhat low endlag, has a surprisingly large hitbox. The late hit can combo into up air, which can lead into more stuff. Not safe on shield if MK lands in front of the opponent, but otherwise pretty safe. Ftilt 1 - Comes out frame 6, so faster than jab. Decent option on pivot if MK runs past the opponent. Confirms into up B at KO % Ftilt 2 - Reliably follows up after the first hit, can lead into a mixup Ftilt 3 - Reliably follows up after the second hit. Unsafe on shield Utilt - Decent OOS option, early hitbox can lead into up air. Good option after a jablock to start comboing. Dtilt - Quick, frame 3(!) poke with a swift FAF of 19. A great move to randomly throw out in the neutral. Confirms into down B at KO %s no matter how the opponent techs Fsmash - Comes out the slowest of all of MK’s smashes, but KOs pretty early and is safe on shield. Almost no endlag, making it stupidly safe to randomly throw out at kill %s. The pullback can avoid some moves. Upsmash - Multihit smash that is pretty darn reliable. Combos after dthrow at low %s Dsmash - FRAME 5 SMASH HOT DAMN. Kinda weak for a smash attack but comes out so stupidly quick it doesn’t matter. Unsafe on shield [spoiler=Air Normals] Nair - A pretty quick frame 6 move that is sort of a sex kick that hits completely around MK. The first hitbox has surprisingly high knockback. Unsafe on landing. Fair - Multihit. Comes out kinda slow but has OK range. Safe on shield/landing if spaced Bair - Like Fair, but comes out faster, has decent KO power, comes out slower, and has more endlag. Upair - Frame 6 combo aerial, can combo into DJ upair once or twice, or neutral B/up B. KO confirm w/ up B at KO %s. Dair - Frame 4 move that covers an arc below MK. Jumping dairs is a good option to throw out right above an opponent since there’s little they can do to challenge it unless they have Marth utilt or something [spoiler=Grabs and Throws] Standing Grab - Standard grab. Pretty meh range Dash Grab - Same range, comes out 2 frames slower, 8 more frames of endlag Pivot Grab - More range, comes out 2 frames slower, 6 more frames of endlag Pummel - Does about 2% and is decently fast. Generally not used at all Fthrow - Can combo into up B at certain %s Bthrow - Generally used to get the opponent offstage and not much else Uthrow - Kill throw at very high %s. KOs earlier off the top platform of Battlefield/Dream Land 64 Dthrow - Combo throw. Followup with dash attack, upsmash, up B, or an upair depending on DI and %s [spoiler=Specials] Neutral B - Multihit move that can deal a lot of damage and can KO at high %s. Used sparingly to catch spotdodges and airdodges. Has a lot of lag on landing unless he stops at a certain height, at which there is no endlag. Side B - Mostly used as a recovery option since it’s difficult to challenge from the side. Can be used as a KO option if you’re gutsy Up B - The infamous shuttle loop. MK’s best OOS option, KOs at high %s, can lead into itself if the first hit hits while MK is offstage and he grabs the ledge. Huge hitbox, so it’s difficult to challenge. Up air and Ftilt 1 are the most common kill confirms for this move. Down B - Mixup option. MK can be hit before the attack comes out. Good to use if the opponent is trying to 2 frame or trying to punish landing with a smash. Confirms after down tilt at KO %s, no matter how the opponent techs [spoiler=General MUs] MK beats a lot of lightweights due to his sheer KO ability. This includes Rosaluma, Pikachu, and Mewtwo. He also can do well vs Cloud if he gets him offstage due to his good offstage presence. MK gets beat by dudes who can outrange him, such as Cloud and Corrin. [spoiler=Stages] Town & City - Good, low ceiling = early KOs Battlefield/Dream land 64 - Good, platforms help his combo game and he can KO earlier with upthrow FD - Decent, MK can punish landings well Smashville - Decent, MK doesn’t really have negative qualities here. Duck Hunt - Decent, MK doesn’t really have negative qualities here Lylat - Decent, can counterpick here if the opponent is bad here. Recovery with side B might be a bit screwy MK’s best qualities are his superb KO setups and great dash game. He requires a lot of patience to do well with, but is a good character for someone who likes to pressure opponents into making mistakes that can convert into a lot of damage or a KO. He's definitely high tier due to his good offensive game, but he isn't top since he get get rekt so easily. It doesn't help that a lot of MK players have dropped him for other characters, probably one that is more reliable.
  18. Man those dudes could've murdered Navarre, but good thing FE3 AI isn't ruthless like the more recent games. So far so good, But I'm secretly hoping someone accidentally dies while holding the Star Sphere or something.
  19. Reflectors don't do as much as one would thing since the buster is so fast that the opponent has to predict when Megaman can do it, leading to a situation where he can bait the reflector. Reflectors only really prohibit Megaman from using Leaf Shield tosses and fsmashes, moves that he doesn't do much in general. Aside from those mentioned in my post (good vs DK, Ryu, Bowser, Dorf, Diddy) and those he struggles against (Mario, Sheik), Megaman also does very well vs Olimar, as Leaf Shield shuts down a lot of Olimar's playstyle, and Ike due to his defensive playstyle and difficulty approaching. Megaman also struggles against Took Link surprisingly, as Toon Link can match him in the projectile game and has a much easier time KOing, as well as Lucario since his difficulty KOing in some cases leads to a full aura, full rage Lucario that Megaman really has to be wary about, especially since a charge aura sphere can just eat through a lot of Megaman's projectiles.
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