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  1. Ok I see know, thanks ! Finished this endgame in 2 turns with a lucky dragon fang because not everything went according to the keikaku. Imo I felt like most of the chapters in this mode were basically hard but a little bit worse and that's it and starting from chapter 23, it really becomes almost a different game. I even found it even harder than Reverse Lunatic FE12 and FE5. But it felt like also a little bit bullshit
  2. Ok that's sad True real last question : I don't remember, does the Yato don't take in account the skill Dragon Skin ? I did some great damage to Garon so I wonder if that's because of that
  3. I managed to pass it and get the spy shuriken with Niles. Now I am on endgame, I just have one question : can we entrap the final boss ?
  4. I think i'll do that, there isn't really any way to kill them ?
  5. Ok how do I wreck these golems ?
  6. Got it ! I used all my 6 paralogues to get some exp and then I got my team ready for chapter 25. It was really a weird chapter, this is actually the first time in the series I felt like completely shut down the RNG, feels good. Now on chapter 26, and I got frigthened at the sight of all staves users. This gonna be good.
  7. I don't have shurikenbreaker so I guess I will reclass Niles and Selena to Bow Knight
  8. How do I pass the ninjas on chapter 25 on Conquest Lunatic ? Xander get wrecked unlike in hard mode
  9. Is there some great playthrough to watch on lunatic ? (with a decent amount of turn count) I'm especially curious about some chapter of Conquest (chapter 11, 17, 23, 25...) and late-game of Revelations
  10. Ok i'm gonna go like this Corrin / Elfie Felicia / Leo Marx / Severa Niles / Elise Kaze / Camilla Silas / Azura (really can't think of anything else) Is it enough ? Am I doing something wrong ? I'm still on chapter 8 so I still have time to change my mind
  11. Thank god i'm picking Male Corrin
  12. Thanks but after reading you guys I wonder if using a Dread Fighter can make things a little bit too easy. So I really don't know Also not really comfortable about using pair up bot but why not
  13. Hi, I'm replaying Fates today and I need some advice about a Lunatic playtrough in Conquest : 1) I plan on using all the royal families members + Niles, Elfie, Kaze and Felicia but I don't know who pick up besides these guys. Any ideas ? 2) Who benefits the most from a heartseal ? 3) I plan on using Corrin as a Dark mage or a Ninja Knight (the class with shuriken, axes and swords I forgot his real name), which is the best ? Thanks !
  14. Hi, some months ago I did the three parts of this game in lunatic mode (except for Conquest), that was my first run and I noticed something about Revelations that bothered me a lot. It's that maps tend to be way longer than the other counter parts. While some of these maps have interesting gimmicks, other maps seem to be completely hindered by these gimmicks like the one with the moving plateformes. I didn't really like that kind of thing, it reminded me the underwhelming part 4 of Radiant Dawn and I wonder if I was doing it wrong or these was a way to clear these chapters really fast without missing a lot of ressources ?
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