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  1. Not looking to pop anyone's bubble here, but I think you guys should temper your expectation, especially after KT released Age of Calamity and SW5. I really like both of these games, but even as a Warriors fans, I've to admit that KT has been more than a bit lazy. Now, I'll reserve my judgement on DW9: Empire, but until then, just... don't feel too bad if you see clone movesets. As for the whole gender thing, I remember making a thread asking people about whether the thematic leitmotifs of the story influence on their preference. Like, a lot of people like male Robin because it fits into the whole "brother killing brother", while with Fates it's female Corrin cause "Young woman crushed by choices". For Byleth though, while female? I guess that it makes she a more credible reincarnation of a goddess. On the other hand, it might be related to motherhood--she could be compared to a mother who saw her children grew up and tore down their family? And gods know, Dimitry and Rhea really need a mother.
  2. Having recently replayed Shadow Dragon, I found myself using Jake and Beck a bit more than I used to. I appreciate the choice to have a playable ballistician. It is still a hassle though, and I suppose that in some cases I could had done better had I chose another unit. What is your opinion? Would you like to have playable ballisticians in future titles? If yes, do you have any idea how to design the game to make using them more viable? Personally I am thinking about ballisticians could be deployed on certain points on the map, different from where the rest your army start at the beginning of a chapter. Having the choice for the character to sacrifice the ballista in his inventory to run away could also help, maybe?
  3. There have been some turn-based SRPG like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Orge where weathers play a role on the battlefield composition. Would you like more SRPG that do the same thing like them, where randomized weather conditons influence the battlefield? If yes, then what is the extend of the influence, since in both examples I have just mentioned the effects of weather are kind of negligible.
  4. I had this discussion years ago about why people were likely to choose a male Robin or a female Corrin. It all boiled down to fitting certain archetypes and expectations. With Robin, it was the "brother betraying brother" narrative. With Corrin, it was a woman making a choice that torn herself apart. So I wonder if the same thing apply to Byleth? Do you like a male Byleth over a female one, or the opposite? I choose female Byleth, not just because she was meant to be an artificial reincarnation of Sothis, but also because of how she acts to her students--she is more mother than teacher to them. She (the player) controls so much of their lives, as well as providing comfort to these mentally-troubled young men and women.
  5. Koei has a long history making turn-based historical games, not only with their Nobunaga's Ambition series, but also titles like Söldnerschild and Liberty or Death. So what do you think about a Koei-IS historical game? Koei's strategy games tend to have slow combat (but good simulation) in my opinion, so a bit of influences from Fire Emblem and Nintendo Wars could be a good thing. I imagine something like a new Oda Nobunaga Den with better map design and more combat elements. And this hypothetical games can be very character-focused, too. Koei actually makes a good number of history-inspired Otome games. Too bad that most of them haven't been translated.
  6. He has got to sell them something, right? I have been wondering how no one back then had foreseen that Nintendo would try to take legal actions against Tirnanog the moment they release a tactical RPG title. If only Kaga had doubled down in making TearRing Saga more different to Fire Emblem like Berwick Saga was--The PSOne could support that level of gameplay, right?
  7. It was in 2000 that Shouzou Kaga created Tirnanog gaming company. What I want to ask is for anyone familiar with the Japanese video game scene to explain to me how Tirnanog (or these start-up gaming companies in general) got their funding for the first game? The concept of crowdfunding did not exist back then, right? Did Kaga use his own money, make a loan, or ask investors? I have been playing the two TearRing games, which I guess cost not a small fortune for all the works put into them.
  8. Your thought on Marth's Hero King design? Is it better than his Awakening or Warriors design? Personally, I still think the Lodestar one in Warriors is the best - it gives away that Ancient Greece vibe. But this one is fine too, since it kinda shows a sense of lineage between him and Lucina.
  9. Is this because Fire Emblem did not have Satoshi Urushihara?
  10. I suddenly have this strange epiphany that the degree of enjoyment the Fire Emblem fans have with Three Houses would be propotional with the enjoyment of isometric turn-based strategy like FF Tactics.
  11. Is this just me, or is this feels like Romance of the Three Kingdom: Fire Emblem? And, do you get the vibe of Langrisser, with all the nameless soldiers surrounded the heroes?
  12. Just finished half of Echoes, and I starting to wonder: Is there ever a time, in all of Fire Emblem history, does a war really has that crushing effect upon one character? I means, the worst thing that could be happened to a playable character would be unrequited love (the P,alla - Abel - Est triangle), or exile, or suicide (Robin). Come on! Where is my child soldier? PTSD? POW treatment? But then again, has there been any Turn-based Strategy games which make you actually feel the tragic of war? Because becoming a God and controlling your troop from above denies you, the player, to become sympathy of the characters?
  13. All of us can see that there is a change in the art style of many AAA titles from Japan, with the best example be Nioh, Final Fantasy XV, and Nier: Automata. The same thing could be said about Fire Emblem: There is a notable change between Fates and Echoes. So, do you think that future Fire Emblem games will once again change their art style to differentiate themselves with their predecessors? And which direction will this change concur?
  14. When there will be the second season of this tournament?
  15. I voted for this story! It's surprisingly original! And it managed to make me lost! Can you please make a short summary?
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