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  1. Do you use safari? I remember I once had difficulties trying to download through Mega because of Safari.
  2. 6) Nope! 7) Pretty certain that movement includes Monet, right? In that case, I like it. Monet is one of my favorites. 8) Mmm, I think it's important, as a first impression is often what makes a person be willing to form a bond. And for the who... well, doesn't that depend on the situation. 9) Considering it runs through my family? It's very pervasive, and fuck anyone who says it isn't real. 10) You seem to like impressions! 6) The Witcher series 7) I used to read more than I do now, but yes. 8) I favor fantasy. 9) Not quite my genre of choice, though I love watching let's plays of people playing horrors. 10) I can boil water, and I can use a microwave! ...That counts as cooking, right? (More seriously, unless it's simple, I really can't) Anyway, this was fun! Thanks, everyone. ^^ I suppose it's only fair to to a nomination, huh. I pick... Mage Knight 404.
  3. 1) I can't think of any atm, but I do know there are many songs with catchy beats that I hate because of the singer or the lyrics. 2) I don't think I have, but it sounds cool! 3) The Aurora Borealis 4) 'kadan' 5) probably the latter, but I know my boss is determined to make me the former 1) No, not since I was little. I had a bad accident and never wanted to try. 2) I've played them all, though I don't recall beating FE1 because of clunky mechanics. 3) probably a combination. 4) It depends on the situation, but if I was stuck between choices, I'd hope to favor justice. 5) Forgiveness. It's often the crueler option anyway. 1) I think so! 2) Spain. 3) Chocolate. 4) Hmm... I like 'decon-recon switch'. 5) On what? 1) Yep! 2) I like the lore, and the characters, and the story is interesting enough, though not without flaws. 3) Archer, both the FSN and Fate/Extra incarnations. 16) Well, not the first time someone said that. 17) Unova's for now, though Sinnoh's is a close second 18) Of course! 19) Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Lust 20) Well, I think the archaic meaning is another word for castrate, which is a good punishment for certain crimes imo. 1) Because Olivier is the perfect combination of hilarity and competence, of course! 2) Silver Will, I Swear, Subete O Toshite Ima Kokoni Tatsu, Nomadic Village, most of the variations Whereabouts of Light. 3) Trails in the Sky SC, Trails of Cold Steel 2, Trails of Cold Steel, Trails in the Sky; I adored them all, though. 1) I've been well! 2) Mmm, nope, still thinking on that. 3) Garrus, for being a lovely combination of adorable and badass.
  4. Oh, time for me to delve into my Roman History class? ...I might actually still have those notes. 1) Best king... best king... Romulus was the first, Numa had a peaceful reign... Priscus built the first sewer I think... Servius Tullius is noted for great achievements, and some reforms... let's go with him, then. 2) Hmmm... let's go with the former, because that's ultimately what shaped the Roman Empire. Even if it did end with Nero. 3) Ideally, someone who was competent in warfare and politics, or at least could listen to competent advisors. 4) Nah. 5) ...Aren't these two also depicted in the Gladiator movie? Off topic, sorry. Anyway, it does seem to have been ultimately an ill-advised decision.
  5. 11) Mmm... hard to say. Both have their appeal. If I had to pick, I'd go with non-lyrical, but that's mostly because its easier to work towards 12) I have noticed that I have a great weakness for adorkable badasses. 13) That... mmm... I actually can't answer this. While I have favorite chars, I don't have an 'overall' favorite. 14) Probably the tactician or just the person who points out that the lords are being well-minded idiots. 15) Nope! 1) I hate romanticized abuse. 2) Always be certain to remind your loved ones that you love them, even if you're arguing or they drive you crazy. 3) I like the two generation system, to be honest. 4) Well, the mechanics are clunky and/or broken, but it's endearing at the same time.
  6. 6) Went fine. ^^ 7) Now THIS is difficult. But I think I favor 'Lady of the Worlds' by miracle-of-sound atm. 8) Well, considering the people who make up congress now... 9) Oh, the first, of course. XD 10) Hard to remember my first impression, truth be told. Now, though, you're a dear friend. ^^ 1) Hmm... I suppose just as someone trying to figure out how to make it through life. 2) Cooking, actually. I can't do more than simple things. 3) Customers who don't understand that 'We are closed' means 'please quickly finish up your business' and go wandering about the store for thirty minutes to buy one simple thing. (It's different if they buy a lot and/or apologize for being so long and thank us for staying open. Those ones are okay.)
  7. 11) Hmm... tough choice. I have a fondness for Goldfinger, though, as it was the first one I saw. 12) And another touch choice! xD Can I cheat and say Shakespeare Abridged? If not, then I'd pick Midsummer Night's Dream (I've seen it many times with my friends). Really, though, I like most of the ones I've seen, probably thanks to the Shakespeare Tavern. 13) ...So many touch choices! Haha! Anyway, Bohemian Rhapsody and The Show Must Go On. Under Pressure is a close second. 14) Professor McGonagall. I think that's how you spell her name, at least. 2) Chocolate. 3) Kaze, Xander, Camilla, Elise. 1) Well, some days, yes? FE4 is my favorite game, after all. 2) That said, I have greatly enjoyed the newer games. They aren't my favorites, but they hold some of my favorite FE characters. 3) Well, every fandom has its good traits and bad traits. 4) That WOULD be an interesting concept. 5) Bring the supports back to being limited, instead of everyone supports everyone of the opposite gender. (I'm very impressed by the adaptation.) 1) I am, actually. There's a series of Dragon Age Novelizations, which I recently completed the first of and started the second, and a series of FE Novelizations, where there's... FE7, FE6, and then two sorta 'backstory' stories, like the Scouring. In terms of original work, I'm slowly posting some stuff on a sideblog, and I'll think of what I want to work on further from there. 2) It depends on the person. Most times, I miss the person I thought they were, more than missing them. 3) 'Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.' I have little contact with most of my blood relatives, because they're all hypocritical bastards that I can't carry on any sort of conversation with. The family of my 'choice', though, my friends? I love them to death, and they're very important to me. 4) They're wonderful, especially when they're fifty feet away from me. 5) One: The one that he chose. 1) Mmm... Soma, Sakuya, Alisa, Lindow, Kota. (I love them all, though.) 2) Gilbert, Ciel, Julius, Nana, Romeo. (Again, I love them all.) 3) Probably fire. 1) I... did, but on accident? I more just never bothered to cut it again, so it's back to being at my hips. 2) Curiosity, really. I wanted to know more about Fire Emblem. 3) Handhelds, since I used to travel a lot. So, atm, the Vita and the 3ds. 4) Um... well, I'm content, most days, but I am aware that if I stay 'here', then I will eventually become unhappy, so I'm slowly figuring out where I want to go from 'here'.
  8. 6) Hmm... Shakespeare, Cleopatra, and Eleanor Roosevelt? Those are the first three that popped into my head, at least. 7) Rean from Trails of Cold Steel, Allura from Voltron, and Lindow, from God Eater 8) Um... huh. I can't really think of any villains I'd want to be within ten feet of, much less go on a road trip... 9) If they are healthy relationships, then I don't think it matters if there's two, three, four, however many. 10) I don't have stock questions, so... I can't answer this. Sorry.
  9. 1) I'm actually rather baffled, but I'm glad their efforts bore fruit. 2) Hmm... Honestly, I'd probably go with The Lion King. It holds a special place in my heart. 3) It's a fun, flawed game. Plot needed work, but I like the characters. 4) Ah, yes. Dragon Age and God Eater. Oh, almost forgot the Trails series (Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel) aahhh, I see. Yeah, let's stick to five questions, please. ^^
  10. ...Well, this is pretty high on the 'unexpected' list. I hope I'm doing this right. 1) Atm, I tend to just peek in on the Fates forum to see if there's been info on DLC and the like. I've not been active for a while. 2) It's a pretty name. 3) Um... huh. Not so certain of that one. I tend to not pay attention to what people like or dislike. 4) Well, out of my friend group, Troy. It's not bad... necessarily... just not something I like. 5) There's a limit? Um... if rules say there's a limit, then stick to the rules? 1) I suppose graduating college? Though, on a personal level, I recently completed a novelization I've been working on for two years, so that felt nice. 2) Um... not certain on that one. But if I had to guess, Code:Realize. 3) I like my singing voice, but I'm ambivalent on my speaking voice. I hear it all the time, after all. 4) Hmm... London, England or Florence, Italy, I think? I'm not sure which is farther by miles. 5) Mega-Dragonite. 1) Well, I go by 'Kat' or 'Aquakat' here. Last I checked, I was human, but hey, an alien could've made me a chimera or something by now. 2) I seek the holy grail, of course. 3) Mmm... I favor blacks, blues, and silvers. 4) Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I have many, many fond memories of watching it. 5) I'm still a little confused that I was nominated, so... I have no idea? Sorry! Was this a question? It's adorable. And really well made.
  11. Hello, you've been elected for an interview: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=57566&p=4548963

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      Thanks for letting me know, as I don't think I would've ever have learned. xD

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