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  1. An Ice Cream parlour burning down. (I was summoned)
  2. A lighthearted individual whose head is often in the clouds. Tends to sing when in battle and enjoys music as a whole. Also generous and kind.
  3. Was initially a slave on a pirate ship but due to his guile and brute strength he worked his way to becoming the captain of the "Albatross". He then reformed the crew and started doing good things on the high seas. Joins the party because they are also helping people, and he lends them his ship in the process. Do I suggest a name? If so- Pridwen. If not, ignore this.
  4. Kill Kliff, Heal Genny Atlas 19 Berkut 24 Boey 31 Catria 20 Celica 30 Clair 31 Conrad 4 Delthea 18 Faye 41 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 24 (+1) Gray 21 Kamui 6 Kliff 0 Dead (-2) Lukas 27 Luthier 19 Mae 26 Mathilda 24 Mila 14 Mycen 20 Palla 26 Python 22 Rinea 18 Saber 21 Silque 21 Tobin 37 (+0) Valbar 8 Zeke 36 Also sorry, lost access to my account for a year and forgot how to do the colour thing. Can someone help me with that? I'd greatly appreciate it. ^.^
  5. I am IN LOVE (and able to finally get into this account again) THE MUSIC THE GAMEPLAY THE CHARACTER DESIGNS Also we have Mercades (who sadly isn't a car :P), Hilda and Byleth
  6. ___

    Have a happy and wonderful day!

  7. Am I alive? Did I die? I solved the game, but failed to solve the mystery of the people in the shadows... What does that even mean? I'm confused.
  8. I don't get why ReDeads are scary? Like, the first Zelda game I beat I didn't even realise I'd been righting ReDeads until I got told?
  9. I'm torn between Gen IV and Gen V at the moment, though I'm really starting to like Gen VII. Gen IV was my first Gen, and it had so much side content, it's crazy. You have the Pokemon Contests, the Underground, Poffin Making, loads of optional caves to explore in D/P/Pl, and the Contests, Bug Catching tournament, The Kanto league and lots of other things in HGSS. Gen V has the best story (I haven't finished Moon yet, so cannot compare the two, though the plot seems really good thus far.) and a bunch of really good characters. B2W2 also have a lot of side content- Pokestar Studios, Join Avenue.... Plus the Unova Pokemon are pretty great! :)
  10. I know we never talked before and other than the mafia game, but please sign up for my game

    1. Blitz
    2. Blitz


      (made a mistake with the post before, sorry about that)

      (to sign up, you need to PM me a character and alias)

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