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  1. Hey all, (hope this kind of thread isn't against the rules...) I've been looking around but can't seem to find these anywhere, I'm looking for vector art (or just high quality) images of the emblems from the countries of Hoshido/Nohr/Valla. If this isn't clear, I mean something like this: clicky That would be the Hoshidan emblem. Though obviously that image is pretty small and has an overlay, but it's on the right track. I would love it if someone could create renders of these! I also realize that there are some pieces out there are that are pretty close to my request like this, but I'm looking for the non-italicized version of the emblems. Thanks in advance!
  2. Is there vector art of the Nohr, Hoshido, and/or Valla emblems anywhere? Much like this, I would love to see some vector art for these logos. If anyone knows where I can find them, it would be much appreciated.
  3. Totally agree! He didn't feel like another boring cookie cutter character. I mean I didn't spend much time using the children characters, but of the ones I found, I really enjoyed this dude. On another note, I voted. +Laslow +Selena +Ignatius (Would have voted Shiro but Ignatius is a close 2nd and needs some love). -Hayato -Beruka (torn between her and Peri. Peri looks better). -Kana (because Kana fucking sucks). I was a big fan of the Awakening characters. I dunno if it's me getting older or if the character design got worse or if I have bad taste...whatever it was, in general I felt like Awakening's characters were just better. Honestly I like Awakening more in general (yes you heard me) so that's why I was a fan of Laslow and Selena. And even if they weren't from awakening, I would still like them because they're just well written and entertaining characters. -Hayato because I don't like him, his stat growth never worked out on my files, and his design is dumb to me. I could rant about Beruka and Peri forever but to keep it short, the whole killing for no reason/without honor just doesn't sit well with me. Despite that statement, I really enjoyed Henry. Maybe it's because I saw more to his character than I saw in these two? Not sure. And I don't even want to get started on Kana (couldn't care less about gender, they both suck). I also can't get behind all of the Ryoma/Camilla appreciation or hate. For me anyways, I pre-release I was super excited for these two. When the game came out, I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest. Ryoma feels like they took Ike and dulled him out even more. No flaws, no humor, and now, unlike Ike, no anger (or very little of each). Aesthetically he's beautiful and as a unit he's awesome, but as a character, he's just...boring. If it weren't for his moment in Conquest, I wouldn't really like anything about him other than how great of a unit he is (always been a huge Swordmaster fan). For Camilla, I feel like she also had a lot of potential but came out pretty lame. Like her obsession with Corrin is just strange. Not to mention the VA was a let down. Should've used Charlotte's in her place. Also a very attractive character and decent on the battlefield but just not what I was hoping for. Both are good characters but I can't bring myself to really like or dislike these two. And can someone tell me what's up with the Subaki/Jakob/Hana hate?
  4. Hey all, I have a question. I was visiting some castles through the online My Castle system, and I found a user who has every mineral source and food supply in their castle (meaning you could walk around and get all 12 gems and all 10 food sources). How did they manage to do this, and can I replicate this without RAM hacking or any of that?
  5. My problem with Fates isn't the writing, I think in theory this could've been the best Fire Emblem game (in a story sense) by far. However based on the path that the writers took it, I was a little disappointed. Now I haven't finished my first playthrough of Conquest yet (and I haven't started the other titles yet so I could be wrong, and if I am don't let me know cause I really don't want it spoiled) but it seems like you never really have to kill any of your opposing family members. Honestly I feel like that would make the story much more emotional and ultimately better. The pathway to peace is nice and all, but it doesn't make for NEAR as good of a story. With that said it's still a great game and I love it for the most part, I just feel like the writing could've been done sooo much better.
  6. Right now I'm at about 21 hours in the activity log (14:30 in game). Just got it on Tuesday though and have been TRYING to go to classes and such...very hard to balance seeing as I've been waiting for this game since it was announced...
  7. Hey, few questions about Amiibo...First question is, you only have to read them in, right? You don't ever have to write the data back into them, correct? And my second question is if I get them on one file, can I transfer them over to another file or do I have to re-read them in?
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before or answered somewhere else, but was the Special Edition pre-order only, or will it be able to be bought in stores?
  9. Hey guys, so with the release date announced for Fates, I've been considering upgrading to a New 3DS. I was wondering what those of you who have played the Japanese version have noticed when playing on different systems? Are loading times any better on the New 3DS, or are there any other forms of enhancement that the New 3DS brings to Fates that the original 3DS doesn't? All responses appreciated. Note: I have no plans to get Amiibos so anything Amiibo related won't be factored into my final decision.
  10. Thank you for the reply!! Really appreciate it! Anya is the Japanese name for Nohr, whereas Byakuya is the Japanese name for Hoshido. People saying stuff like that are simply referring to the Kingdoms by their Japanese titles.
  11. Appreciate the reply! In terms of quantity, would you say that there are more or less than in Awakening?
  12. How are the CG scenes in this game? I remember in Awakening, they were really good, but the majority of them took place in the beginning of the game, and the ones that followed weren't even that sophisticated. So for this game, how are the CG scenes in comparison to Awakening? As in how often, do we see them, as well as the content shown in them. No spoilers please.
  13. Apologies, I don't own either game and I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers so I was just saying what I assumed to be true. Nice to hear that they aren't entirely exclusive, but still a very odd choice I feel. When I wrote the post I just used the first two that came to mind. The fact that the page on serene's only shows particular classes for each side didn't help.
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