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  1. There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Terradoor Finalinsanity Barrel euklyd Carmine Sword Refa SRC high draft picks are for scrubs Have at it, kids
  2. He's not a canonically CLASSIC character so no, but I updated the rules a little so POWERFUL characters like Bantu don't go overlooked because of COSTS TURNS.
  3. Gee, if only there was a way to play this in English with save states and fast forward prior to December 4th. Guess we'll have to wait a while after the draft is finished...
  4. 1. This draft is for any number of players (within reason). 2. Marth, Jagen and Gotoh are free for all to use. 3. The CLASSIC CHARACTERS of Caeda, Lena, Minerva, Navarre, Darros, Hardin, and Linde are free for all to use. In fact, they're so free, you have to recruit them! You're welcome! 4. Julian and Ricard are free to do thief stuff, but they may not use weapons unless drafted. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, visit houses (DON'T USE JAGEN), struggle through this game's awful item management system, meatshield, and shop. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to opening chests, doors, and BRIDGES. (Isn't it closing bridges, technically? Whatever.) Other: 1. Use of the warp staff is prohibited. Exception: If you draft a character that COSTS turns, you may use the warp staff freely so that they do not COST TURNS. You may not, however, use this to bypass the minimum amount of turns it would take for Marth to seize on that particular chapter by foot. (Examples: Chapter 7 if you have Bantu or Tiki, Chapter 9 for George, Chapter 16 if you have Samson, Aran, and/or Chainey, and any other unit that costs turns normally that I am forgetting.) This doesn't count for the free CLASSIC CHARACTERS, because everyone has to recruit them anyway. Extra Exception: No warping to Maria. You have to suffer through recruiting Minerva like everybody else. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. Teams: Terradoor: Abel, Cord, Bantu, Vyland, Dolph, Jake Finalinsanity: Cain, Radd, Matthis, Jeorge, Tiki, Beck Barrel: Ogma, Castor, Catria, Bord, Samson, Elice euklyd: Merric, Xane. Boah, Est, Arran, Roger Carmine Sword: Gordin, Sedgar, Wrys, Lorenz, Julian, Macellan Refa: Wendell, Palla, Wolf, Doga, Caesar, Rickard SRC: Roshea, Barst, Midia, Astram, Tomas, Maria CLASSIC Characters Remaining:
  5. Chapter 3 9/29 Roy 10.52 HP 24 Str 9 Skl 13 Spd 12 Lck 13 Def 5 Res 3 Roy went up and right and eventually managed to not die. Marcus followed to act as a diversion. MEATWALLFORCE escorted Merlinus to get the Mend staff and Shanna recruited Lugh for that sweet, sweet vulnerary. Ellen and Chad are the first casualties
  6. I'm playing this on a Gameboy. Rigging is for chumps (and probably necessary rip). Chapter 1 9/9 I moved Roy upwards as possible until he didn't die. Took around 5 attempts. Roy 5.31 HP 21 Str 7 Skl 9 Spd 10 Luk 10 Def 5 Res 1 Chapter 2 11/20 ROI got stonewalled by some ranged chumps on the right side. Otherwise much less problematic than chapter 1. Roy cannot get Defense which should come back to bite me once enemies stop sucking. ROI 8.46 HP 22 Str 8 Skl 11 Spd 12 Luk 12 Def 5 Res 2
  7. XiSrOn informed me by PM that he'll be taking Gonzales. As for me... I just unlocked Goose Howard.
  8. I'm in. Probably won't finish this one, but I love a good meme.
  9. Yeah, do what Horace said. Posting progress is a little problematic since we are still sort of in a secretive phase. The easiest solution is probably to just post your overall turncounts for chapters for now instead of for each map. (For example, if most people were 3-turning the first map, some people would catch on that Gray and Lukas aren't being picked.)
  10. Eyyy, first entry received. I'll probably start keeping a running list of rosters then PM them out to anybody that has already drafted and wanted to see how they screwed up who everybody else picked.
  11. Novis Cemetary 4/38 Boey gets +3 speed from the lion heads. Well I have Boey. Just took a couple resets because boey/the rng sux Zofia Seaway 1 4/42 Almost needed to use strategy but some favorable critblicks saved me from that. Zofia Seaway 2 5?/47 I think I did these afk so I don't remember exactly what happened or if the turncounts are correct, but I think they were all 5 turns. I'll have to double check them at endgame. Pirates Throne 5?/52 Zofia Seaway III 5?/57 Zofia Seaway...again 5/62 Celica absolutely mauled some enemies with the steel sword with a lucky crit to help her out. ZOOOOOOMBIE Dragons 3/65 Tried to do Zofia V first and got spanked by Mire. Fortunately Celica's speed is good enough to double here. Zofia Seaway the Fifth 4/69 Not too bad with everyone powered up a bit. Mostly just spammed my OP Celica with Saber and Boey chipping in for kills when needed. MYSTERY MAN 3/72 Finally Saber paying dividends! Celica total: 38 turns Dudes: Alm Peeps:
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