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  1. Chapter 3 9/29 Roy 10.52 HP 24 Str 9 Skl 13 Spd 12 Lck 13 Def 5 Res 3 Roy went up and right and eventually managed to not die. Marcus followed to act as a diversion. MEATWALLFORCE escorted Merlinus to get the Mend staff and Shanna recruited Lugh for that sweet, sweet vulnerary. Ellen and Chad are the first casualties
  2. I'm playing this on a Gameboy. Rigging is for chumps (and probably necessary rip). Chapter 1 9/9 I moved Roy upwards as possible until he didn't die. Took around 5 attempts. Roy 5.31 HP 21 Str 7 Skl 9 Spd 10 Luk 10 Def 5 Res 1 Chapter 2 11/20 ROI got stonewalled by some ranged chumps on the right side. Otherwise much less problematic than chapter 1. Roy cannot get Defense which should come back to bite me once enemies stop sucking. ROI 8.46 HP 22 Str 8 Skl 11 Spd 12 Luk 12 Def 5 Res 2
  3. XiSrOn informed me by PM that he'll be taking Gonzales. As for me... I just unlocked Goose Howard.
  4. I'm in. Probably won't finish this one, but I love a good meme.
  5. Yeah, do what Horace said. Posting progress is a little problematic since we are still sort of in a secretive phase. The easiest solution is probably to just post your overall turncounts for chapters for now instead of for each map. (For example, if most people were 3-turning the first map, some people would catch on that Gray and Lukas aren't being picked.)
  6. Eyyy, first entry received. I'll probably start keeping a running list of rosters then PM them out to anybody that has already drafted and wanted to see how they screwed up who everybody else picked.
  7. Novis Cemetary 4/38 Boey gets +3 speed from the lion heads. Well I have Boey. Just took a couple resets because boey/the rng sux Zofia Seaway 1 4/42 Almost needed to use strategy but some favorable critblicks saved me from that. Zofia Seaway 2 5?/47 I think I did these afk so I don't remember exactly what happened or if the turncounts are correct, but I think they were all 5 turns. I'll have to double check them at endgame. Pirates Throne 5?/52 Zofia Seaway III 5?/57 Zofia Seaway...again 5/62 Celica absolutely mauled some enemies with the steel sword with a lucky crit to help her out. ZOOOOOOMBIE Dragons 3/65 Tried to do Zofia V first and got spanked by Mire. Fortunately Celica's speed is good enough to double here. Zofia Seaway the Fifth 4/69 Not too bad with everyone powered up a bit. Mostly just spammed my OP Celica with Saber and Boey chipping in for kills when needed. MYSTERY MAN 3/72 Finally Saber paying dividends! Celica total: 38 turns Dudes: Alm Peeps:
  8. 60 hit nosferatu when you're trying to get a low turn count smh
  9. Mostly just a lurker here but I want to point out that while it has its problems and critics, Medicaid remains a VERY popular program. There is actually a NYT article from a few years ago describing the phenomenon. On that note, I find that this is a huge fundamental problem with current Republican attempts to pass a new healthcare bill. Past the political advantage of not being named Obamacare, it is a thinly veiled gutting to the Medicaid system and likewise has a public approval rating almost as low as Congress itself.
  10. Ram Woods 3/3 Can't get the 2 turn here so it's feeding time for Faye while Tobin and Alm do all the damage they can. Fleecer's Forest 4/7 Alm and Tobin work their way up the map for Alm to bait the boss on turn 3 and kill on turn 4. Faye picks off chumps that try to run away and heal at the bottom. Ram Valley 6/13 Faye up, everyone else right. Enemies are no match for Clifftop!Silque and the swordies. Southern Outpost 6/19 I have to ship iron sword Alm to the top left to take care of the soldier after he softens up the middle a bit. The rest of the gang takes care of business with nosferatu spam. Southern Zofia 1 3/22 Alm and Tobin abused Lightning sword big time while clerics did their best impression of not missing. Sothern Zofia 2 5/27 Silque warps Tobin, who softens up the upper cavaliers with thunder sword. Alm and clerics beat up the guys at the bottom, then help Tobin clean up on the final turn. Zofia Gate 7/34 In preparation for this map, Tobin was promoted and fed a couple defense lion heads and Faye was grinded up to level 10 for Rescue. Geez, this map. Between tweaking strategies and waiting for the RNG to cooperate, I wouldn't be surprised if this took a few dozen attempts, especially counting that I ended up restarting my run for adequate warp Silque and a Rescue level Faye. The main part of my strategy was to get Tobin blocking the healing tile room as fast as possible to prevent enemy retreats. So, turn one I warp Faye, who rescues Tobin, who thunderswords a poor enemy archer. The next turn, Faye rescues Silque, who then warps Tobin in range to start the blockade. Tobin eats a LOT of enemy attacks here, which is why I ended up lion heading him some defense. The other issue is Desaix kicks Tobin's butt if he doesn't kill Slayder in time. To do this I rigged a miss so Slayder would not retreat while Tobin was 2 rounding him. Fortunately, with the healing tiles blocked off, the map is just about picking off stragglers. Alm Faye (occasionally giving physic support), and Forsythe (sort of) do most of the damage to the dudes on the bottom/middle and Clair helpes with baiting enemies and finishing off low HP dudes. Silk starts in the middle after her warping duties and works her way up to the top. Accidentally saved after heading to chapter 2 but the levels are approximately: Alm: Level 9 Fighter Tobin: Level 5 Myrmidon Faye: Level 10 Cleric Silque: Level 10 Cleric Clair: Level 5 Pegasus Knight Forsythe: Level 4 Loldier
  11. I had the fantasy of doing a draft daily fantasy sports style (without the losing tons of money part). There seemed to be some interest in the idea, so here it is! Drafting This draft is for any number of players. Alm, Celica, and Silque are free for all to use. The game will be played on Hard Mode. All participants must individually pick a team of 10 characters (Min. of 4 characters for each route and excluding free characters). The same character can be on multiple teams. Each participant has a salary cap of 50 points. In other words, the total salary values of each player's team cannot exceed 50. All rosters are to be PM'd to me and remain hidden until all players are done drafting. Feel free to discuss individual characters and salary values but don't overdue it. (This is for the sake of unit diversity from team to team.) Players may submit multiple teams if they intend to finish the game with all of them. Rules Undrafted units can only move and trade items, 4 turn penalty. Every overworld map must be completed; you may do fights/collect treasure one time per dungeon room (no staff/grind abuse) You may fight skirmishes/extra dungeon fights (not farm silver) with just undrafted units deployed and Alm/Celica not fighting. Any drafted unit that levels up in a skirmish has an additional 4 turn penalty just for deployment. Random drops and drops from extracurricular fights banned. No doing extra fights for quests, even if it's the first time that fight becomes available. Forging and sub-quests are allowed; all DLC is banned. Game ends when Duma dies. You can only get one of Sonya or Deen Unit Salaries: (Mostly based on previous draft orders with minor tweaking) Sample Teams: (Made with the help of Random.org so they're probably bad but will give you an idea of what a team will look like) Current Drafters: Horace StrykerZ Carmine
  12. DIDN'T NEED HIM ANYWAYS actually I was about to pick him Clair and Boey even though he's the worst D:
  13. Time for what I could never get away with in a Gaiden Draft: Palla and Catria
  14. Nice video once again. It's just a shame you're playing the Genny version since you miss out on like the BEST SONG: https://youtu.be/tmmsm1ebQ3k
  15. I'm really glad you're doing a playthrough of this. A lot of older sports games go forgotten, but this one helped define the era so it's really cool seeing it in action again. It's also a lot funnier as a 25 year old than it was as a 5 year old. The run is looking pretty solid so far even if weaker opponents make things a little easier. Are you trying to prove you can play every genre of game on your Youtube or something? :P
  16. As others have said you can just clear all of the other enemies in a chapter then just have a thief attack your healer until you're happy with their level. I suggest not bothering with leveling them, though. Magic users can't promote until you get a bishop ring very late in the game, and all of the unpromoted healers just have awful bases and growths across the table. Just stick with Wendel and Boah as your primary healers since they actually have stats and combat much, much earlier in the game and actually have comparable or better stats than a promoted healer. If you feel like promoting any magic users just use Merric since he actually has good stats and you don't have to mess around to level him up.
  17. I posted this in a duplicate thread: Whether this is some sort of a ban on rooted users or not seems speculative at this point. I have been told that bans of that nature are not an uncommon practice, but other than that there is no evidence that this is intentional. I agree with FangXV that the random nature of the error at least suggests that it is an actual error and not some sort of ban for certain users or devices so I remain optimistic. Either way, I think the most important takeaway from all of this is to link your account to keep your data safe from things like this happening.
  18. Currently, there is a nasty thing called communications error 803-3001 going around, and once it hits you will not be able to play your game, and your data may be compromised. You may have to delete your game and/or data, re-download and start from scratch. However, you can recover your data if your account is linked to Nintendo. Apparently this is especially likely to hit rooted devices or emulators. If you are running your game on anything like that, I advise that you link your Nintendo account to it if possible as a precaution. Even if you're on a "normal" device, you still should consider linking your account since this error is still possible even if it's less likely. There is a chance that this error gets fixed in the future and everything is fine, but again I recommend being cautious and linking your account. It's a hassle, but believe me: even if you end up having to re-download the game, at least you still have the option to. I have multiple 5*s after only a couple hours and my account is in complete limbo until things either get fixed or I give up and restart. The best write-up I could find on the topic: http://brave-exvius.com/threads/fire-emblem-heroes-error-803-3001-caution.10151/ Have fun, but be careful!
  19. These are rationalizations for poor map design then reasons why the map designs are great. Sure, Gaiden works as a game, but it's much more in spite of its map design than because of it. There are just too many maps that are just have way too much going on in them (Celica chapters 3/4) and maps that have nothing going on at all (most Alm maps) to say that they are beneficial to gameplay. Having large open spaces does not add any interesting to the game like putting chokepoints at a premium. It just means that you park your best 1-2 units out in front while most of your utility units get to barely do anything or flat out go run and hide because the entire map is a frontline.
  20. Easy mode isn't necessary but it makes the game more enjoyable. Basically you don't need to grind no matter what mode you play, but if you prefer to have a larger team and not only use the higher-tier units (think pegasus knights, Thundersword!Cliff, Saber), you're going to want to do easy mode. I don't think Very Easy mode is really necessary unless you're a beginner to the series.
  21. SRC

    FE1 Tips

    Also keep in mind this game uses the promotion item system of the GBA games, NOT like Shadow Dragon. You will need the Hero's Crest for Mercenaries, Knight's Crest for Cavaliers (armors can't promote), dragon's whip for pegasus, orion's bolt for archers, and bishop's ring for mages/clerics. This normally isn't a big deal, but promotion items are incredibly spread out in this game. The first promotion item is a hero's crest that appears in chapter 10, then a knight's crest and orion's bolt a few chapters later. The problem is, the bishop ring and dragon's whip don't appear until Tiki's map, so don't count on promoting people like Merric or Caeda until very late in the game. If you want a sage and dragon knight at a reasonable time, you should look towards Wendell and Minerva (use a speed ring on her) since they are some of the better units in the game anyway. A few of the characters are also a bit different aside from the promotion thing. Don't bother leveling up the healers since they need to be attacked to level up and are worse than Wendell, Boah, and Merric (excaliber to locked to him this game.) The axes users are kinda worse in this game since axes are heavy and can't promote. Still, they do have really good defense growths to help compensate, and Barts in particular grows to be an okay unit. Wolf and Sedgar lose their insane growths and once again can't promote. Sedgar is really only good for helping vs dragon knights but Wolf might be the best bow user in the game unless you're really patient with Gohdin. Xane copies a unit's current HP in this game so he's effectively a double of your strongest unit. Very handy unit to have around. Experience point gain is flat this time around, so prepromotes with good growths and mediocre bases like Astram and Midia are quite a bit better than in the DS game. That's all I can remember for now. That should be plenty to get you started towards building a team heheh.
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