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  1. Chapter 1 5/5 Jagen clears the way for Caeda and Marth, who pick up a few kills. Jagen one-rounds Gazek with the silver lance because he's a professional. Chapter 2 5/10 Jagen mauls the left side of the map with an iron lance of all weapons. Barst annihilates solos the right side. Everyone else gets scraps. Chapter 3 6/16 I couldn't get the 5 turn without rigging or resetting so I took the L here. Marth, Darros, and Jagen handled the left. Caeda recruited Navarre then came into leech the boss kill. Navarre and Barst cleaned up the rest of the right side. Chapter 4 6/22 Pretty straightforward one. Barst is stuck with the right side since his starting position is poop. Everyone else takes the left. Only real problem is the boss, who needs some hit rigging (which I am not morally opposed to with turn rewind being canon) to go down in 2 rounds. Chapter 5 4/26 Marth handles the enemies on the right with his op baiting skills. Everyone else takes left, with some help with Navarre's armorslayer and some clutch meatwalling from the undrafted Wolfguard members (rip Vyland). Chapter 6 6/32 Mounts clear the path for Marth and gang up on the boss. Others assist Roshea at the top to help him suck a little less. Chapter 7 6/38 Darros with the clutch rigged hammer hit to finish off the boss. (Boss's 2 AS is too OP) He's now level 8. I regret everything. Chapter 8 5/43 Jagen and Hardin quickly cuts off the entire top left, so we just have to focus on thearchers and armors. Caeda recruits Roger to get him out of the way, then the rest of the dudes are split pretty evenly. (Barst and Darros have one of the last clutch hammer moments here.) Hardin slays the boss so Marth can make a timely seize. Chapter 9 4/47 Marth uses the OP turn 1 door key. This is a pretty short map so, the mounts have to get their asses in gear to get to the boss. Roshea nearly dies in the process as he takes a hit from the devil axe goon, but aside from that, this is mostly smooth sailing until the boss. He's bulky AF, but silver hits from Jagen, Hardin, and Roshea are enough to get it done. Darros uses his jesus skills to distract an enemy pirate, marking one of his final contributions to the team. Chapter 10 14/61 WOOHOO, LET'S GO SHITSHOW. I determined I couldn't get Marth through the slightly quicker (and much more difficult) top route, so I opted to go the scenic route. Caeda, Jagen, and Darros (his last relevant appearance rip) cover the perimeter, while Hardin, Roshea, and Navarre clear the way for Marth to rescue Maria. That's leaves me with some pretty strong fliers on my tail, so I leave Barst behind to solo them with some help with Rena. Boss is ganged up on silver lances by the horsies before being finished off by Minerva's Levin Sword so she can claim her rightful speedring. Chapter 11 13/74 This is a really easy map, but there's a massive detour to get Marth over to Linde so it takes close to a century. We have some more chonky guys near the castle, but nothing that horsies with silver and an OP dragon knight can't handle. Marth gets the power ring to help with Medeus slaying later on. Chapter 12 9/83 My main two goals for this map are to get Linde's level ups going and to get THE BOOTS. Since this is a 9 turner, Linde gets plenty of action in the top left with some assistance from Jagen. The throne room is a little crowded, but Marth, Navarre, and Minerva are able to get through it in a timely enough manner so Minerva can escort a thief to THE BOOTS room (the real throne room, tbh). The armory in the BOOTS ROOM is really great, but unfortunately I can only get one unit there in time to pick up a couple silver swords. Hardin, Roshea, and Caeda didn't end up being needed, so the first two killed stragglers for exp while the latter rode the bench. Barst and Darros retire and are never heard from again. Chapter 13 3/86 Marth uses the boots and sprints to the castle. Hardin and Levin sword!Minerva are just BARELY able to get to the boss and 2 round him. Meanwhile, Midia recuits Assram to complete the prepromote power couple and Thomas uses the manual so he can equip Partia super early. Chapter 14 5/91 More Marth sprinting. This is a pretty easy one, so I focus on feeding kills to Linde and Thomas. Roshea buys a door key to clear away the fiercest enemy of the chapter: the DOOR. Levin swords and silver take care of the boss again. Chapter 15 4/95 A desert map with dragon knights? It's all hands on deck. Marth just sprints and Minerva one rounds the boss, but that's the easy part. The enemy wizard is obnoxious thanks to his pope-like speed, but Silver Sword!Caeda and a silver hit from Roshea (now a Paladin!) get the job done. All of the other units take down as many dragon knights as possible so they stop harassing Marth. (Aside from Thomas, who promotes to Sniper thanks to some exp from straggler mages at the bottom!) Chapter 16 3/98 Marth crosses the river and manages to not die. Navarre and the fliers take out the wannabe boss for the cheese seize, though tbh I kind of wish Marth had the draco shield for later chapters. Chapter 17 3/101 This is absurdly chonky, and unfortunate he's immune to magic as well. It takes two rounds of Minerva-ing to take him down, which forces a third turn. Chapter 18 5/106 Minerva baits the forces in the middle to help clear the way for Marth. Then, I need a killer sword crit from Roshea to get an annoying enemy paladin out of the way. After that, it's smooth sailing as Marth sprints the castle as the paladins pick up any stragglers that don't suicide on him. (Mostly the horsemen and javelineers) The fliers (read: mostly Minerva) make quick work of the boss before Est even exists. Chapter 19 6/112 This map is honestly kind of annoying, so I had Marth take the top center chest even though it cost a few extra turns. Worth it to have this one over with. Caeda promotes, resulting in a massive strongth boost of 5 str and def. Chapter 20 4/116 A Marth suicide mission. The mounts all get their rears in gear so these promoted dudes don't completely wreck Marth, who destroys them on the counterswing but can't take many silver hits. Navarre, Linde, Astram, and Thomas aren't too relevant on the top side, but they do take help with the generals/shooter and prevent the paladins from massacreing my healers (Unarmed Dolph gets in some meatwall work as well, and somehow lives.) Camus is super tough, but my fliers have a ton of speed and are able to double him with levin swords. With a rigged crit factored in, 21+7+7+7 = dead Camus. One of the silver lance paladins actually gets to Maria still, but she dodges one hit and facetanks the other with 1 HP to spare. Clutch! Chapter 21 3/119 This map is hell, mostly because of the massive amount of enemy pressure on Marth when going for a quick seize. On turn 1, he enemy phases one paladin to take off some pressure, then I have to camp him on a forest next turn and hope he draws some misses. (Hence, I wish I had the dragon shield here to cut down on the resets.) Minerva and Caeda are insanely useful here, helping clear Marth's path and also teaming up for another boss kill. (Gradius on Minerva makes this very, very easy.) Chapter 22 7/126 This is another "make sure Marth doesn't get massacred" map. The main challenge is keeping Marth out of the range of too many enemies at once while also ensuring my fliers don't get murdered by the silver bow horsemen. I find a formation where both happen, Marth gets starlight, the fliers take out the boss(es), and the infantry take out the scraps. Michelis isn't normally difficult at all, but Minerva with gladivus makes him more of a joke than usual. I trap a horseman to set up a kill for Linde. She's finally level 10!!! Chapter 23 7/133 Linde promotes, uses the speedring, and gets passed starlight to prepare for a Gharnef kill. Pure Water!Marth and the ol' mounts sprint to the top, where Marth and Hardin bait Gharnef to set up a kill for Linde. Thanks to her 6 move, this delays the seize for a turn. Thomas uses his Partia to gain 7 res and harass the mages/wizards at the bottom. Him and Navarre get some extra experience this way, which is pretty funny but inconsequential. Chapter 24 4/137 Minerva murders the boss with a wyrmslayer (gotta save those Gradivus uses!). After that, this is mostly a mission of Marth not dying. The snipers and wizards are an issue, so Marth uses a pure water and Minerva takes one of the snipers out. Chapter 25 5/142 Another fearsome enemy door is vanquished by Roshea. I'm able to get all of my good mounts (besides Caeda, oof) at the bottom starting slots, which makes getting to the throne room not a huge deal. The top left features Caeda, Linde, Maria, and Thomas, so I try to get Caeda out to the action as fast as possible (which proves to not matter), which ends in a noble (and pointless) sacrifice of Linde. (Thomas and Maria hilariously barely survive thanks to some clutch Partia-ing of leftover enemies.) It's probably best not to mention the top right room. The throne room is actually an issue thanks to the enemy snipers and manakete mini-boss. It doesn't help that I forgot to use the earth orb for this one. Minerva needs two turns to take down the extremely thicc manakete guarding Medeus, so Marth and Roshea need to bait the snipers so they don't completely and utterly nuke her. Thanks to the power ring, Marth one rounds Medeus on my first try with a hit plus crit. Rigged! OVERALL: This is my best FE1 count by far after 3 attempts, due to a combination of ridiculously OP CLASSIC CHARACTERS and liberal use of turn rewind. (Though, I did refuse to use bookmarks to keep myself from indulging in TOO much rigging.) I'm kind of a sucker for dated video games, so I liked FE1 already. The double speed feature and translation really didn't feel like an improvement over playing the game on a rom, but I admit the turn rewind feature was immensely helpful in a game with single RN hit rates and no crit evasion. It was also great for going back to the last chapter if I forgot to buy a door key or something. Really handy feature overall and was worth the whopping $6 purchase price for that alone.
  2. There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Terradoor Finalinsanity Barrel euklyd Carmine Sword Refa SRC high draft picks are for scrubs Have at it, kids
  3. He's not a canonically CLASSIC character so no, but I updated the rules a little so POWERFUL characters like Bantu don't go overlooked because of COSTS TURNS.
  4. Gee, if only there was a way to play this in English with save states and fast forward prior to December 4th. Guess we'll have to wait a while after the draft is finished...
  5. 1. This draft is for any number of players (within reason). 2. Marth, Jagen and Gotoh are free for all to use. 3. The CLASSIC CHARACTERS of Caeda, Lena, Minerva, Navarre, Darros, Hardin, and Linde are free for all to use. In fact, they're so free, you have to recruit them! You're welcome! 4. Julian and Ricard are free to do thief stuff, but they may not use weapons unless drafted. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, visit houses (DON'T USE JAGEN), struggle through this game's awful item management system, meatshield, and shop. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to opening chests, doors, and BRIDGES. (Isn't it closing bridges, technically? Whatever.) Other: 1. Use of the warp staff is prohibited. Exception: If you draft a character that COSTS turns, you may use the warp staff freely so that they do not COST TURNS. You may not, however, use this to bypass the minimum amount of turns it would take for Marth to seize on that particular chapter by foot. (Examples: Chapter 7 if you have Bantu or Tiki, Chapter 9 for George, Chapter 16 if you have Samson, Aran, and/or Chainey, and any other unit that costs turns normally that I am forgetting.) This doesn't count for the free CLASSIC CHARACTERS, because everyone has to recruit them anyway. Extra Exception: No warping to Maria. You have to suffer through recruiting Minerva like everybody else. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. Teams: Terradoor: Abel, Cord, Bantu, Vyland, Dolph, Jake Finalinsanity: Cain, Radd, Matthis, Jeorge, Tiki, Beck Barrel: Ogma, Castor, Catria, Bord, Samson, Elice euklyd: Merric, Xane. Boah, Est, Arran, Roger Carmine Sword: Gordin, Sedgar, Wrys, Lorenz, Julian, Macellan Refa: Wendell, Palla, Wolf, Doga, Caesar, Rickard SRC: Roshea, Barst, Midia, Astram, Tomas, Maria CLASSIC Characters Remaining:
  6. Chapter 3 9/29 Roy 10.52 HP 24 Str 9 Skl 13 Spd 12 Lck 13 Def 5 Res 3 Roy went up and right and eventually managed to not die. Marcus followed to act as a diversion. MEATWALLFORCE escorted Merlinus to get the Mend staff and Shanna recruited Lugh for that sweet, sweet vulnerary. Ellen and Chad are the first casualties
  7. I'm playing this on a Gameboy. Rigging is for chumps (and probably necessary rip). Chapter 1 9/9 I moved Roy upwards as possible until he didn't die. Took around 5 attempts. Roy 5.31 HP 21 Str 7 Skl 9 Spd 10 Luk 10 Def 5 Res 1 Chapter 2 11/20 ROI got stonewalled by some ranged chumps on the right side. Otherwise much less problematic than chapter 1. Roy cannot get Defense which should come back to bite me once enemies stop sucking. ROI 8.46 HP 22 Str 8 Skl 11 Spd 12 Luk 12 Def 5 Res 2
  8. XiSrOn informed me by PM that he'll be taking Gonzales. As for me... I just unlocked Goose Howard.
  9. I'm in. Probably won't finish this one, but I love a good meme.
  10. Yeah, do what Horace said. Posting progress is a little problematic since we are still sort of in a secretive phase. The easiest solution is probably to just post your overall turncounts for chapters for now instead of for each map. (For example, if most people were 3-turning the first map, some people would catch on that Gray and Lukas aren't being picked.)
  11. Eyyy, first entry received. I'll probably start keeping a running list of rosters then PM them out to anybody that has already drafted and wanted to see how they screwed up who everybody else picked.
  12. Novis Cemetary 4/38 Boey gets +3 speed from the lion heads. Well I have Boey. Just took a couple resets because boey/the rng sux Zofia Seaway 1 4/42 Almost needed to use strategy but some favorable critblicks saved me from that. Zofia Seaway 2 5?/47 I think I did these afk so I don't remember exactly what happened or if the turncounts are correct, but I think they were all 5 turns. I'll have to double check them at endgame. Pirates Throne 5?/52 Zofia Seaway III 5?/57 Zofia Seaway...again 5/62 Celica absolutely mauled some enemies with the steel sword with a lucky crit to help her out. ZOOOOOOMBIE Dragons 3/65 Tried to do Zofia V first and got spanked by Mire. Fortunately Celica's speed is good enough to double here. Zofia Seaway the Fifth 4/69 Not too bad with everyone powered up a bit. Mostly just spammed my OP Celica with Saber and Boey chipping in for kills when needed. MYSTERY MAN 3/72 Finally Saber paying dividends! Celica total: 38 turns Dudes: Alm Peeps:
  13. 60 hit nosferatu when you're trying to get a low turn count smh
  14. Mostly just a lurker here but I want to point out that while it has its problems and critics, Medicaid remains a VERY popular program. There is actually a NYT article from a few years ago describing the phenomenon. On that note, I find that this is a huge fundamental problem with current Republican attempts to pass a new healthcare bill. Past the political advantage of not being named Obamacare, it is a thinly veiled gutting to the Medicaid system and likewise has a public approval rating almost as low as Congress itself.
  15. Ram Woods 3/3 Can't get the 2 turn here so it's feeding time for Faye while Tobin and Alm do all the damage they can. Fleecer's Forest 4/7 Alm and Tobin work their way up the map for Alm to bait the boss on turn 3 and kill on turn 4. Faye picks off chumps that try to run away and heal at the bottom. Ram Valley 6/13 Faye up, everyone else right. Enemies are no match for Clifftop!Silque and the swordies. Southern Outpost 6/19 I have to ship iron sword Alm to the top left to take care of the soldier after he softens up the middle a bit. The rest of the gang takes care of business with nosferatu spam. Southern Zofia 1 3/22 Alm and Tobin abused Lightning sword big time while clerics did their best impression of not missing. Sothern Zofia 2 5/27 Silque warps Tobin, who softens up the upper cavaliers with thunder sword. Alm and clerics beat up the guys at the bottom, then help Tobin clean up on the final turn. Zofia Gate 7/34 In preparation for this map, Tobin was promoted and fed a couple defense lion heads and Faye was grinded up to level 10 for Rescue. Geez, this map. Between tweaking strategies and waiting for the RNG to cooperate, I wouldn't be surprised if this took a few dozen attempts, especially counting that I ended up restarting my run for adequate warp Silque and a Rescue level Faye. The main part of my strategy was to get Tobin blocking the healing tile room as fast as possible to prevent enemy retreats. So, turn one I warp Faye, who rescues Tobin, who thunderswords a poor enemy archer. The next turn, Faye rescues Silque, who then warps Tobin in range to start the blockade. Tobin eats a LOT of enemy attacks here, which is why I ended up lion heading him some defense. The other issue is Desaix kicks Tobin's butt if he doesn't kill Slayder in time. To do this I rigged a miss so Slayder would not retreat while Tobin was 2 rounding him. Fortunately, with the healing tiles blocked off, the map is just about picking off stragglers. Alm Faye (occasionally giving physic support), and Forsythe (sort of) do most of the damage to the dudes on the bottom/middle and Clair helpes with baiting enemies and finishing off low HP dudes. Silk starts in the middle after her warping duties and works her way up to the top. Accidentally saved after heading to chapter 2 but the levels are approximately: Alm: Level 9 Fighter Tobin: Level 5 Myrmidon Faye: Level 10 Cleric Silque: Level 10 Cleric Clair: Level 5 Pegasus Knight Forsythe: Level 4 Loldier
  16. I had the fantasy of doing a draft daily fantasy sports style (without the losing tons of money part). There seemed to be some interest in the idea, so here it is! Drafting This draft is for any number of players. Alm, Celica, and Silque are free for all to use. The game will be played on Hard Mode. All participants must individually pick a team of 10 characters (Min. of 4 characters for each route and excluding free characters). The same character can be on multiple teams. Each participant has a salary cap of 50 points. In other words, the total salary values of each player's team cannot exceed 50. All rosters are to be PM'd to me and remain hidden until all players are done drafting. Feel free to discuss individual characters and salary values but don't overdue it. (This is for the sake of unit diversity from team to team.) Players may submit multiple teams if they intend to finish the game with all of them. Rules Undrafted units can only move and trade items, 4 turn penalty. Every overworld map must be completed; you may do fights/collect treasure one time per dungeon room (no staff/grind abuse) You may fight skirmishes/extra dungeon fights (not farm silver) with just undrafted units deployed and Alm/Celica not fighting. Any drafted unit that levels up in a skirmish has an additional 4 turn penalty just for deployment. Random drops and drops from extracurricular fights banned. No doing extra fights for quests, even if it's the first time that fight becomes available. Forging and sub-quests are allowed; all DLC is banned. Game ends when Duma dies. You can only get one of Sonya or Deen Unit Salaries: (Mostly based on previous draft orders with minor tweaking) Sample Teams: (Made with the help of Random.org so they're probably bad but will give you an idea of what a team will look like) Current Drafters: Horace StrykerZ Carmine
  17. DIDN'T NEED HIM ANYWAYS actually I was about to pick him Clair and Boey even though he's the worst D:
  18. Time for what I could never get away with in a Gaiden Draft: Palla and Catria
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