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  1. I'd like to remind people that if you're unsatisfied with any projected turnout of the upper placements, rallying for characters not yet in the game is still an absolutely viable option. Last year's banners had a tendency of looking at the highest placing characters not in the app more often than not, so even a push to the top 100 or 150 could put, say, Sain into consideration for an upcoming Blazing Blade banner this year.
  2. Really, only Brigand Boss. I'd rather he be taken off the poll in exchange for characters such as Elbert, Lekain, and Eleanora who have actual names and relationships with other characters. Other than that, I really only get on these days to post about how there are still over 350 playable characters not in the app yet, and we're in our third year. The alts tire me out, and I'm of the belief that after one alt a character should be passed up unless they have significant design changes or another incarnation. It's the only way to see all the characters I want get into the app at a reasonable rate (within the next four years). As it stands (alongside the waifu bias at IS), Bastian, Tauroneo, Lorenz, Renault and Mycen will never make it in.
  3. Story looks questionable based on telltale signs, gameplay looks good from what I can see so far. That said... I've been giving recent Fire Emblem titles a lot of flak for the insistence on wide-spread romance curbing the diversity of character relationships, age range, and backgrounds. IS...this setting isn't exactly what I had in mind as a solution.
  4. I want to see some confirmation that choices and dialogue options have far-reaching consequences. A direct touching upon it briefly as one of the game's selling points would be even better. I want to see a touch of dialogue between one of the characters and an NPC or two. The people who cannot fight are important in Fire Emblem, and sometimes the games forget that. I want to see some sort of confirmation of more complex or even multiple objectives outside of "rout the enemy" or "defeat boss". More characters, preferably at a variety of ages rather than a homogenized generation (unless going for a hard generation system akin to Genealogy, in which case said variety should still exist at the fringes). Some music more akin to traditional Fire Emblem titles, but with a modern touch up in terms of production and orchestration. I'd probably be more pleased with a small portion of a Nintendo Direct touching upon it, but that's definitely because I feel that the lack of information is gradually pushing the release date to Fall 2019 at the earliest.
  5. Still no Elbert on the poll, which is unfortunate. The vote tallying was desperately needed, though, and I appreciate it greatly. Today's vote goes to Tauroneo, adhering to my theme of no votes to any character already in the app. My list of ~200 characters I wanted in the app only went down about 13 characters since June, and I'd like to see that rectified at a quicker pace this year.
  6. I'm glad some people are getting some enjoyment out of this banner, but... There are still just under 400 playable characters from the franchise not yet in the game. As someone whose ideal Heroes scenario is proper representation of the whole series, seeing so many alts like this on a regular banner gives me a feeling akin to watching someone take my computer and run over it with their car. Why are we waiting two years for Binding Blade reps when 48 characters aren't in? I know most people aren't going to care whether someone like Macellan gets in or not, but there are still a considerable number of characters who could easily be someone's favorite missing. It's just so disheartening to fans of multiple titles. At least the art is nice.
  7. Poor Lorenz being left out... That said, this is very helpful for keeping track of representation for various games!
  8. I just wish they had titled it "The Three Houses". Gives it a sense of status and importance, like "I swear my allegiance to the Three Houses." As it is, I cannot escape the mental imagery of a street with three single-story homes and someone walking their dog on the sidewalk. Amazing what a single word can do to a phrase sometimes. Cautiously optimistic about this overall. Technically I have gripes regarding it everywhere, from the music to the color scheme of the characters to the almost generic JRPG aesthetic and plot setup, but what the game seems to be offering is so removed from the aspects of more recent FE titles I despise that I'll take those compromises any day of the week.
  9. If the acting is more like Echoes, then a tentative yes. If the acting is more like Warriors, then absolutely not. The script and directing will decide which it will be.
  10. Voting for Linde all eleven days. Been trying to get her for months, to little success. I don't have need of Hector right this moment, and I can always wait for late February to roll for Ike.
  11. This, so much. I'm tired of seasonal units and wish they were limited to at most 4 banners a year. If I had my way, they'd be twice a year and more focused on characterization than fan service. Each seasonal banner wears my patience ever thinner, and I don't know if two Thracia characters a year can keep me going.
  12. If I had my way, seasonal banners would be rare (3-4 times a year at most). I'd prefer to see as many characters from the series added to the game before repeats like Ike, Lyn, Lucina and Xander. Not that I necessarily dislike any of those characters, but with 4 versions of Lucina already in characters like Lorenz and Renault seem like a pipe dream.
  13. At this point, I'll take anything but a unit that's already gotten a seasonal variation.
  14. No Jake, no buy. She looks fun to play, though.
  15. Where is any dancer before Awakening besides Ninian? Where have they gone? Are they dead?
  16. I've said some nasty things about both Awakening and Fates over the past five years, but instead of channeling anger I'll say this: The biggest immersion breaker (outside of the non-choice choices and the ending) for me regarding Awakening was my second play through, where I reached the Valm arc and began to really explore the support system more thoroughly. There was a moment where I began to build a support between Gregor and Cordelia since hey, I like Gregor and he could use a bit more love as one of the last playable characters over 40. Now, Gregor and Cordelia's support revolves around him helping Cordelia attempt to win a man (implied to be Chrom)'s heart with his love advice, which I found rather strange given that Chrom had already married Sumia and Cordelia was also taken. It was if none of the marriage supports or placement in the story were taken into account, which coming off of prior entries (particularly Path of Radiance, where supports can alter context based on character death or story progression) was alarming in how easy it was to stumble across. One of the things I really loved about some of the older titles was the attention to detail, and how thorough they could be at times. Tellius highlights this to an almost absurd level, with side switching possible by data transferred supports and boss conversations sometimes only possible if you actually somehow hacked the game. Despite likely dying in the process, many characters with justifiable reasons to start or elicit conversations could do so with Ashnard at the end of Path of Radiance. Heck, nearly every boss post-Chapter 17 has a special reaction to Reyson since royal herons are so rare in-universe! Even the lighter titles such as Sacred Stones still had special conversations for everyone Orson betrayed, for example. The idea of these things being accounted for was mind boggling, and to see that sorely missing in the 3DS titles really stung. The idea of characters such as Virion having nothing to say to Walhart after all he's done to them, or Lissa unable to address Gangrel and his contribution to her sister's death became something I could not ignore. And why can't Garon's children address him in Conquest (or Kaze address his brother in late game, for that matter)? It's frustrating and ultimately gives no depth to characters outside of your playable roster. While Echoes is a remake and is also light on this attention to detail, I will note something that blew me away when I found out about it: selling steel lances to Alessio will allow him to serve as an arms dealer for Slayde, changing the weapon composition of the fight at the Last Bastion. What a pleasant surprise! And Clive reacts to your success or failure to save characters in Act III, something I sorely missed. It called back to the days where my sister let many of the Greil Mercenaries die early on in Path of Radiance, and being shocked by the characters addressing and mourning deaths. Little details such as these helped define what I saw as "Fire Emblem", and seeing the 3DS titles ignoring them only added to the great list of grievances I had with them. They were what gripped me after the initial first playthrough, and compelled me to return to those worlds and characters. I mostly wanted to bring this up since it's something I don't see brought up too often, even by myself back when the 3DS titles released.
  17. After spending 100 orbs, I've managed to pull Brave Ike and Brave Roy. However, their stats are less than desirable; both are +HP/-Atk. What are some good ways to work around this (particularly Roy since Heavy Blade's effect relies on high Atk)?
  18. Ike's description in the OP is incorrect. Beorc's Blessing is "Effective against Flying and Cavalry. Foe's bonuses (from skills like Fortify, Rally, etc.) are nullified during combat. (Skill cannot be inherited.)"
  19. I'd pay money to play a localization, so this is the best news I've heard all week.
  20. Linde, Camus, Olwen, Arvis, Jill, Lute, Bantu, Jake, Ethlyn, Mycen, Mia, Cormag, Tauroneo Still waiting....
  21. For once, I jumped on the voting gauntlet on time, and am currently in the top 10 for Tiki's army. Kind of a surreal experience after placing so low in prior gauntlets.
  22. Vote went to Lute, but really any Sacred Stones character (including creature campaign units). Notable preference to Cormag, Duessel, Joshua, and L'Arachel. Lyon, Caellach and Selena would all be great Grand Hero Battle choices.
  23. Considering my atrocious luck and over 450 orbs now without pulling a 5 star focus, Grand Hero Battles.
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