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  1. When's the poll open again Satlydude

  2. preliminary results: Jill-27 Sigurd-30 Tiki-30 Elincia-6 I have to filter through this crap, saved everything regarding who voted for which person
  3. sogetthis, lolwyverns, and Batman are nuked, don't even try that as are JohnHunter, junkdata, and Masterchan
  4. aha battle spot special is hilarious gogo Assault Vest Goodra
  5. Sigurd's amazing campaign to get Valflame'd in the face?
  6. clearly Micaiah's level 3 should be to call for Ashera's judgement
  7. wait how did you guys get no level restrictions also got my perfect Lucario and Azumarill, still need to level up Lucario a bit for Extremespeed though
  8. so what's your biggest Battle Maison streaks, everyone
  9. ......and that reminds me why Lum Berries are good ok wtf, since when did Choice Specs Latios appear there? yeah that's right, eat a Play Rough crit
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