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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. The R-gun Rivale ...fuck that Axion Buster....stupid hp regen.... jerk
  3. You can hear Farina shouting from a distance, "THAT BASTARD HAD BETTER BE TELLING THE RIGHT STORY, WHAT ABOUT THE MAGIC SEAL?!!!"
  4. I like Frog because of his story....lol normally I pair him in my party with magus
  5. The first four p[arty members you get in shining force; Ken, Luke, Tao, Hans They aren't the best characters, but dammit they were with you in the beginning, they deserve to make it all the way
  6. Its in the recruitment convo between the two. Matthew gave Guy meat and Guy swore to pay Matthew back someday
  7. Because normally in SRW, whenever shu shows up....he fucks up everything around him... and he has an aaaaaweesome rival [edited to include reasons]
  8. lol I can map pretty well We can call it the hack rookies ;-) but in all seriousness, whats the direction you want to go with the sotry? do you weant it to be tongue in cheeck humor or more serious?
  9. YAAAY another chance to tear loose with Raven and the Cornwell Crew!!!
  10. Star War KOTOR was my favorite. Storming the Star forge, letting your force powers flex, getting your ultimate armor lol it was awesome ' and either of the shining force games... The strategy involved, the story and Dark sol's theme was awesome!!!
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