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  1. Glad you like 'em! ~(o 3o)~ -- Raven Leila
  2. doop -- woofer edit person for a thing as done as it'll be i guess start of a thing for a different person who could this be
  3. hi it's me again --- almost finished hey look who it is again b o s s b o i s thing for the mug blitz
  4. affirmation of existence -- i have a more polished version somewhere, i think. unfinished snoot. battlesprite bonus doodle
  5. hi --- monthly update i guess. i haven't done much, haven't been feeling the greatest. hair zasshu thing for a friend facial studies
  6. Thanks! -- who dis freckleman :eyes: - 'dit=
  7. Mm. I'll keep all the cnc on Bridal Lyn in mind. For now, though, I have other stuff on my plate. -- Rebecca. Thanks to @L95 for doing the pigtails, face, and the end-bit of the bandana xd Oswin. Wire. He and Puzon are my favorite mugs in FE7 (o 3o)
  8. triplepost cuz why not -- Bridal Lyn, finished. Finished a personal in the laziest way possible. Hey look, another WIP!
  9. I got bored so now I'm making a Bridal Lyn out of her potential husbands.
  10. Hopefully the people that vote actually played Persona 5
  11. Is very cute :'p As far as critique goes.. The far eyebrow is sorta missing, though, and the nose looks a bit flat. Also, you don't need to use the outline so much inside the hair. Maybe something like this helps make it look better?
  12. Indeed it is :'p --- I'm back! I plan to be more active here this time, too! Sojiro Sakura, Heirophant Confidant. For the splice comp. Matthew, FE5 styled. Based off his OA. Thanks for the help with Thracia-style shading, @Glaceo. Rebecca WIP, FE5 styled. I based the pose off her Injured art in Heroes.
  13. Heirophant Confidant, Sojiro Sakura. proof
  14. What sort of sound does a flower even make?

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