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  1. Chapter 18: 3/54 Florina ferries Oswin to the boss. Raven and Lyn take the right side of the map, while Hector clears out a little bit of the left. Chapter 19: 5/59 Oswin promotes at 19 for the extra point of mov. He runs down and kills the cavalier, and everyone except Raven follows. Raven goes up to the north to gain some experience. Lyn and Hector clear a path for Florina, who grabs Oswin and fullmoves down. Turn 3 she goes left and dropped Oswin. She dodges an arrow from one of the rangers, and then gets out of the way on turn 4. Oswin equips a javelin and hits Uhai. He moves in close and finishes him with a Silver Lance Chapter 19x: 4/63 Hector drinks a pure water turn 1, then Florina grabs him and hides in the mountain. She eats a bolting shot, but drops Hector off and Canto’s back. Raven rescues her, and Oswin takes her from him. Lyn moves to get some exp and the Goddess Icon. Hector pretty much solos this half of the map, and lands two really annoying to rig ~50% hand axe hits on Aion, then seizes next turn. UNIT LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS WPN HECTOR 18.67 36 20 10 13 7 18 2 A AXE MARCUS I WILL REMEMBER YOUUUUU OSWIN 19/2.28 42 22 14 13 6 20 9 A LNCE, E AXE LYN 9.21 23 8 13 14 6 2 1 B SWD FLORINA 7.11 20 10 10 11 10 5 8 D LNCE RAVEN 11.62 30 13 13 15 3 9 2 B SWD Supports: Lyn x Florina: C
  2. Chapter 16: 5/37 Lyn and Florina join this chapter; the former spends most of her time training and the latter spends her time ferrying Hector. Marcus takes the long way, and ends up killing the boss, Florina ferries as far as her wet-paper defenses will allow. One of the cavaliers gets the Heavy Spear, but I missed the Red Gem. Wil takes Lyn's Blue Gem and buys a metric ton of Hand Axes and Javelins. Chapter 17: 10/47 Remember when I said Hector was going to see a lot less combat? I lied. He just walked up. All the archers kinda kept Florina from ferrying. She did get to carry him a little bit, once he dealt with all the archers. Raven gets recruited safely. Oswin escorted Matthew to Raven’s Hero Crest. Lyn grabs Oswin his Knight Crest. Hector got the bosskill. Chapter 17x: 4/51 Pretty sure this is as fast as I can go without a strong mounted unit like a trained Lowen. Florina flies around, while everyone else visits villages and kills stuff. Got Canas, and the Devil Axe, left everything else. UNIT LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS WPN HECTOR 15.39 33 17 8 12 6 17 1 A AXE MARCUS I WILL REMEMBER YOUUUUU OSWIN 17.77 35 18 12 10 5 16 6 A LNCE LYN 7.39 21 8 12 13 6 2 1 C SWD FLORINA 5.80 19 8 9 11 9 4 7 D LNCE RAVEN 7.46 26 9 12 13 2 7 2 C SWD Supports: Lyn x Florina: C EDIT: I'm assuming I can't deploy Matthew just to get vision in fog?
  3. Chapter 11: 6/6 Standard. Matthew runs away after opening the door so Hector gets two level ups. Chapter 12: 4/10 This one took forever, even before I started rigging for strength (which I didn’t have to – more on that later). Had to hit quite a few ~50% hitrates. Hector and Oswin double teamed the brigand on turn one. Hector went north to aggro the brigand and Pegasus knights, Oswin stayed in the middle and OHKO’d things. Marcus did his thing in the bottom of the map. Eliwood and Rebecca sold their inventories in preparation for a shopping trip that never actually happened. Chapter 13: 4/14 It turned out the first time I tried this, taking the north path, I miscounted the number of turns it was taking and thought I could 4 turn. I also miscounted the squares in the south and thought it would be a 5 turn. So all the Hector rigging was unnecessary, but I guess it's nice having a bigger Hector? Anyway, I still got the 4 turn, just with an unnecessarily strong Hector. Marcus grabs him and goes south, Oswin knocks a tree down and goes to the village, killing the PKs that fly up to stop them. Guy eventually decides to stop critting Marcus, and the boss goes down on Turn 4. The 4 turn unfortunately keeps me from visiting the armory, which would have gotten me 4 Javelins and 6 Hand Axes, so my 1-2 range is limited going into the next few chapters. Chapter 13x: 7/21 Self-improvement time. Hector and Oswin get levels, Marcus gets the village. Tragically, Rebecca dies meatshielding, and more tragically, Hector has to use an entire Vulnerary to survive for a few turns. No stats yet because I'm lazy I should be able to finish 14 tonight as well. EDIT: Not going to be finishing 14 tonight. I thought Priscilla was automatically recruited if her village didn't die, so I'm going to have to work harder to figure out her recruitment. Stats from the end of 13x are: UNIT LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS WPN HECTOR 07.22 25 13 6 8 4 10 1 C AXE MARCUS ??/3.11 33 16 17 11 9 10 9 A LNCE, A SWD, B AXE OSWIN 11.26 30 14 10 7 4 13 3 B LNCE EDIT 2: Turns out I misread whatever website I was using, I just needed to get Erk and I'd get Priscilla automatically. Much easier than trying to get her village. Chapter 14: 4/25 Merlinus sits this one out, he'd distract one of the soldiers that needs to chase Hector. Oswin full moves north, and Javelins the northernmost soldier to death. Marcus equips a hand axe, equips Oswin with an Iron Lance, and then rescues him all the way down. Serra runs towards Erk. Hector full moves south, on to the bridge, which draws the eastern soldiers to him. Enemy phase, things die. Marcus full moves one space south of the Knight and drops Oswin off one below that. Hector again full moves south, and Serra recruits Erk. EP, things die, Hector gets a hit on the closest Pirate. Oswin hits Erik once on EP, but he 3HKOs, so he attacks again on Turn 3. Marcus kills the Myrmidon. Hector moves to the far side of the pirate and kills him. His move is stunted just enough so that the soldiers catch up with him, and he kills them on enemy phase. Most everyone (including Erik) suicides onto Oswin, everyone else suicides onto Marcus, except the Nomad and the Brigand. Marcus moves just into the Brigand’s range and equips a hand axe, Hector OHKOs the other Pirate, Oswin gets out of the Nomad’s range. Chapter 15: 7/32 Eat. Sleep. End Turn. Repeat. (Didn't even deploy Marcus, nor did I go for any treasure. I probably could have, but the Silver Axe isn't too important since Hector still can't use it, and he's gonna start seeing a lot less combat) UNIT LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS WPN HECTOR 9.01 27 15 6 10 6 12 1 B AXE MARCUS ??/3.48 33 16 17 11 9 10 9 A LNCE, A SWD, A AXE OSWIN 15.36 33 16 11 9 5 15 5 A LNCE
  4. Just checked the map, and Renault's village is much closer to the starting point than I remember, so I'll probably be recruiting everyone. Also, how much are we allowed to do in terms of RNG abuse? I doubt I'll need to do much, but I think I can do 13 in 4 turns if Hector procs strength 3 times. His growth is 50% IIRC, so it's not that unlikely.
  5. Louise and Renault. I don't have to recruit all of my drafted characters, right?
  6. Oh wow, Farina's still on the board. I think she costs more turns then Legault so I don't want to change my pick, but that's still pretty crazy. Especially in a 28x required draft.
  7. It seems like an annoying thing to ask a player to keep track of, but I've never actually tried to LTC this game before, so maybe it's less of a pain than it seems.
  8. I misunderstood how skills were passed down to kids, and wound up having to do Every chapter between 10 and 13 again... The good news is on my second go-around I realized I could shave a turn from Ch 10 after all, so that's one silver lining. Ch 9: 3/35 Tharja made this chapter a pain. Chrom gets a Str and Spd drop, Sumia gets a Str and Def drop. Everyone gets into the usual pairs, and Paige/Chrom and Sumia/Fredrick full move. Stahl/Vaike move left, and bait a Javelin soldier so Stahl can get some experience. Libra works on his two guys, it ultimately doesn’t matter what he does as long as he doesn’t move into the Wyvern Rider’s range on turn 3. Enemies die, and on turn 2 Paige and Sumia move into just outside of Tharja’s range. More enemies die, and then Sumia moves to take on the boss. She grabs the Silver Lance from Fredrick’s inventory, and then crits the boss to death. The crit is unnecessary, though, because she would just kill him on enemy phase anyway. Ch 10: 2/37 This chapter is where the fun starts. Sumia takes a Str Drop, Maribelle takes an Angelic Robe, and everyone else takes a breath. They do most of the work this chapter. Someone moves 1D of Maribelle’s eventual position, and someone else moves 1R of that same space. Tharja pairs up with Maribelle, who moves just outside of enemy range and rescues Sumia/Fredrick. Their 9 combined move allows them to move just outside of the range of the boss on Turn 2, and blick him with a Javelin. Paige grabs the Master Seal from the unsuspecting thief, and I probably could have gotten the Wyrmslayer but I forgot to. All other treasure gets skipped. Paralogue 4: Free/37 Everyone gets up to speed, except Stahl, who procs no Speed at all. Paige promotes to Griffon Rider, and gets close to level 5. Ch 11: 2/39 Olivia joins the squad, and immediately saves a turn. Chrom/Paige full move down, and then Maribelle/Tharja rescue Olivia in range to dance them. They go all the way down, in range of both Gangrel and the Sage. Sumia/Fredrick go left, and Stahl/Vaike move in range of the mage, with a javelin. Enemy phase is a bit of a sweat, as Paige has about 67 hit on Gangrel with a Hand Axe, but she manages to kill him on the first turn. Turn 2 Sumia kills the Hero, Stahl kills the mage, and everyone suicides into somebody on enemy phase. Ch 12: 3/42 Sumia takes a Str and Def drop. Stahl has a feeling he’ll need a Master Seal for something, and puts it in his pocket. Sumia/Fredrick head left, and clean out the group of cavaliers and pair of knights there. Donnel Trump promises to make Tharja’s hitrates great again, and they work on taking out one of the knights directly in front of them. Stahl pairs with the newly joined Cherche, who flies in front of a knight, equips a hammer, and promotes to Griffon Rider using Stahl’s Master Seal. Paige/Chrom fly 1D of the group of 3 cavaliers, which puts them in range of the knights on the right. Maribelle spams mend, trying to get close to level 10 for a quick promotion. Everybody dies, then Turn 2 Paige flies up in range of the boss, as well as most of the enemies. Sumia does the same on the left side of the map, cleaning up the other group of cavaliers. Tharja, Cherche, Maribelle and Olivia keep working at the enemies still in the south. On enemy phase, the boss (gasp!) survives a round of combat with Paige, but nothing else does. Paige then flies onto the boat and kills everyone on it on Enemy Phase 3, which gets her just enough exp for level 10, conveniently just after we get a Second Seal. Ch 13: 1/43 My clear of this was sloppy, and basically nobody got experience. Cherche, Stahl, and Paige move into position, and Maribelle rescues Sumia/Fredrick in range of the boss, who dies clean to the Silver Lance. With the newfound funds from the Ch 12 Bullion, P4 Talisman, and other assorted items I won’t use, everyone above level 10 gets to promote (Except Lucina, who will likely be reclassing to Cavalier). This is reflected in their stats. CHARACTER CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WPN Chrom Great Lord 15/1.00 39 24 3 21 21 16 20 9 A Swd, E Lnce Paige Dark Flier 11/17/17/1.00 50 26 18 23 35 22 19 21 E Lnce, C Tome (A Axe) Fredrick Great Knight ??/6.25 33 15 2 15 11 7 16 3 A Lnce, B Swd, D Axe Stahl Paladin 15/1.00 40 20 1 16 11 11 17 10 C Swd, B Lnce Vaike Fighter 4.11 30 9 0 9 7 4 6 0 D Axe Sumia Dark Flier 17/6.95 36 16 13 24 26 23 17 18 A Lnce, E Tome Trump Villager 2.63 17 4 0 3 3 12 3 0 E Lnce Maribelle Valkyrie 10/1.0 30 1 13 8 10 10 6 13 C Stv, E Tome Tharja Sorceror 12/1.00 32 6 15 7 14 5 17 10 D Tome Olivia Dancer 1.85 BASE Cherche Griffon Rider 12/2.02 25 18 2 17 17 9 16 5 C Axe Lucina Lord 10.00 35 18 6 18 21 17 15 8 C Swd (Deliverer from Paige) SUPPORTS: Paige/Fredrick: C Sumia/Fredrick: S Sumia/Chrom: C Lucina/Chrom: C Paige/Lucina: C Paige/Stahl: C Chrom/Paige: S Some promotion levels are approximate, I forgot to write them down, but they should be close enough.
  9. Oops, just realized I forgot to record chapter 8. Ch 8: 3/32 I didn’t realize at the time that I could use Nowi and Gregor, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. Stahl takes a Str Drop, and Sumia takes a Str and Def drop. Paige/Chrom full moves and kills a cavalier with a Hand Axe. Sumia/Fredrick also full move down the left side of the map, positioning to get the Master Seal on turn 2. Stahl/Vaike javelins a mercenary, Maribelle/Donnel stay out of the way. Enemy phase Stahl finishes the mercenary while Paige and Sumia kill everything. Sumia gets the Master Seal turn 2, while Paige continues to full move. Maribelle heals Stahl, and he works on killing a fighter (at least, I think it was a fighter…). More enemies die on enemy phase, Paige kills the boss, and Sumia moves to the middle of the map. Maribelle gets the Rescue Staff, Stahl finishes off whoever is left up top, and everybody dies on enemy phase. Sumia gets the Master Seal and goes Dark Flier, which is reflected in her stats. CHARACTER CLASS LEVEL HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES WPN Chrom Lord 11.56 28 15 2 13 14 13 13 5 B Swd Paige Wyvern Rider 11/15.81 43 22 11 16 22 16 19 10 C Axe (D Tome) Fredrick Great Knight ??/5.14 32 15 2 15 11 7 16 3 A Lnce, C Swd, D Axe Stahl Cavalier 11.11 31 15 0 12 8 10 13 3 D Swd, B Lnce Vaike Fighter 4.05 30 9 0 9 7 4 6 0 D Axe Sumia Dark Flier 17/1.00 33 15 10 21 24 18 14 17 B Lnce Trump Villager 2.63 17 4 0 3 3 12 3 0 E Lnce Maribelle Troubadour 6.75 19 1 7 4 7 7 3 7 D Stv SUPPORTS: Paige/Fredrick: C Sumia/Fredrick: A Chrom/Paige: S I did end up skipping the Second Seal. The only person who might want it is Chrom, and I doubt Cavalier!Chrom is going to save any turns between now and the next Seal. Also going back and forth between who gets what stat booster, so that's probably going to come next update.
  10. Ch 7: 2/29 This map was basically a Sumia/Fredrick and Chrom/Paige stomp. Everyone else just stood out of the way and tried not to cost me turns by drawing the enemies. Sumia got most of the kills, including the boss. Paralogue 3: Free/29 Maribelle training. She gets 2 levels, and procs Mag twice, which is sweet. Also tried to get Stahl and Chrom some experience. I actually had to burn a Rescue use to stop one of the suicidal villagers from running into the knight at the bottom left of the map. Chrom got the bosskill, Fredrick and Sumia hit A, got the Angelic Robe and the Blessed Bow from the village. No stats this update because I'm going to finish Ch 8 sometime soon, I just need to decide if I'm getting the Second Seal or not.
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