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  1. The google doc link I posted gives a very clear visualization graph of the RN systems, so I recommend taking a glance 😛
  2. where X is the random number generated. The result is compared to the displayed hitrate.
  3. An update or separate page on the RNG hitrates for fates/echoes would be great - most people incorrectly think it's a weighted average (3A+b)/4 (which is very close, but still incorrect). Current hitrate page for serenesforest (only includes 2RN): https://serenesforest.net/general/true-hit/ At the moment, I made a google spreadsheet for the speedrunning community that lists every calculated hitrate for both 2RN and fates/echoes hybrid RN (I included a tab with my sources and the user who reverse-engineered the formula). Something like this wouldn't be needed if Sf was updated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ws6qbUqIlmc-2wDBPWvXEk7uxdypkJObyR4bPsYDLIg/ tl;dr, fates/echoes RNG is 1RN at/below 50%, and is this piece of garbage with 1RN above 50%:
  4. Three Houses > Recruitment > Automatically Recruiting with B Supports -> Show Hidden " This method also does not work for Caspar or Ferdinand, as you can only reach B support with them during Part 2 (unless you unlock an existing B support via New Game+). " Leonie should be added to this too, as the same applies to her.
  5. I considered that but thing is, I generally need a third character just to help out with extra required player phases. Even with the extra door keys, seth & vanessa aren't enough to get the whip quickly AFAIK. Also, if I were to get the chest key from 5x, I'd have to have ephraim's team bring it all the way over or send it to convoy somehow?
  6. Yeah that's generally fair. Oh god, the tech issues in SGDQ13 for my kirby run were... D: It sucks, but it couldn't be help, that just happens sometimes. I'm really hoping to have gwimpage on couch for my fire emblem run since he's awesome and gwiggles are awesome and he knows a lot lol
  7. Thanks! I appreciate the support as the runner of the game! As much as I hate to admit it, it sorta makes sense to put FE speedruns at a bad time since it isn't something that appeals as much to the general audience. Many FE fans would be willing to stay up at those times to catch fire emblem speedruns. Last year's path of radiance run was also at a similar graveyard time by gwimpage.
  8. Topic revival, figured I'd share here, but I completely redid the speedrun route for eirika (and eprahim actually): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3pBMjeS6rYgBNyVyeF2ttljOVNIGZ7yC I even did a speedrun of it a few days ago so I can say I've done a run for marathon submissions :P http://www.speedrun.com/run/9mepnr3y Let me know what rooms for improvement there are!
  9. Jill's the kind of character where, while her initial stats are mediocre, she has the highest resource payoff in the game (you can see this put to action pretty well in a speed run). If you give her a lot of your stat boosters and BEXP, she undisputably becomes the best up there with Haar. No other character gives this much payoff as she does. And due to how bases and BEXP works in this game, you can just dump your resources into her the chapter she joins, and she instantly becomes a slaughterhouse. I think it's a bit silly to put so much value on caps in FE10. While yes, with BEXP, most character will be hitting all their important caps, they only really matter in the 4-E chapters, which is 5 chapters of a >40 chapter game. It's also a part of the game ruled by the royals. However, Jill (and Haar) can still contribute a lot in these chapters because laguz royals don't have 1-2 range access, and our two wyvern riders do (and they fly).
  10. Didn't go back to listen but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant. I guess he forgot the specific term but yeah
  11. Don't think so, I think Aleck was the one talking about speed penalties when weighed down by weapons?
  12. Finished Chapter 10-13 for no-whip route. Chapter 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcLB10baVeo Chapter 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lk1izw9ypo Chapter 12 could use improvement. I basically followed Vykan's tas; he suggested Saleh and Dozla could swap spots but Saleh has trouble surviving/dodging, and I'm already RN manipualting vanessa to survive/dodge/kill the darn spiders... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XqoOq0ws_8 Chapter 13 = bye cormag :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdoY-nr7s0M Will finish Chapter 12+13 for whip route. Also anyone know how to make these videos NOT embedded? they eat up a lot of forum space and are kinda obnoxious...
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