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  1. Two things to keep in mind: 1 - There are two death quote tables, one for Lyn mode and one for Eliwood/Hector mode. This is how Lyn mode characters have different death quotes on each mode. Make sure you're putting the death quote in the right table. I think the nightmare module combines both tables in one module so you'll have to check which table you're in by looking at the bosses that appear in the list. 2 - I don't remember if this is correct for death quotes, but it is true for battle quotes: If your boss quote uses an event ID, it will not load if that event ID is triggered somewhere else. E.g.: If you have a village that uses event ID 0x5, and a boss quote that uses ID 0x5, then visiting that village will prevent the boss's quote from appearing.
  2. You need a Turn 1 Player Phase event that calls the Out of Black (OOBB) event. if you don't have a prep screen then you should have one by default, and if you do have a prep screen you need to add one in.
  3. To make a map, you need to use either Tiled or Mappy. Then you use Tiled Map Inserter or Mappy Map Inserter to insert it in the ROM. After you make a map you need to create events (and then insert them) to have units populating them, you use Event Assembler for that. Once you do both of those things you need to use Nightmare to add new entries in the Chapter data. To properly test them you should replace one of the existing trial maps instead so you can actually play them, then re-insert them in a new ROM once you know there are completely debugged. Finally, if you want to add them to the existing list of trial maps, you'll need to directly edit the hex data with the hex editor because there is no support for that currently. You shouldn't worry about handling this step until you can do the other 3.
  4. I thought I answered that, but apparently I didn't: Yes, at some point in the future there will be some form of collected notes and other assorted data available to the public.
  5. Alright, there are enough questions that I need to do an out of character reply list. There are definitely plans for additional axe users in both generations. This first release is aimed at the end of the Agustria arc, which would be the chapter where you defeat Shagall for the second time. The current progress with content at the moment can be broken down as: The release would have about 6 extra chapters. I am still deciding on what is the most effective way to conduct beta-testing, until that's decided there won't be a need for beta-testers yet. Thracia content is not suitable at the moment for a few reasons: 1. The current plan is to do a 1-1 conversion of each castle while removing unecessary content. The last time I surveyed FE4's content there were +40 castles involved, so a 1-1 conversion would be a +40 chapter hack, not counting any new content (e.g. Gaidens/FE5 chapters.) The more important task at hand is deciding which castles are worth keeping as part of the game. 2. Celice is not the main character of FE5, so any FE5 chapter would likely end up as a Hector Mode type alternate story branch. The difference is this branch would be long enough that either extra characters would need to be added, or some significant rewriting would need to be done to fill in slots with the FE4 second generation characters. In either case this content is far enough away that any decisions about it would likely flip-flop as progress is made. However, there are definite plans to include characters, and there are plans for at least 2 characters to show up in the second generation. The project will move at whatever speed it can move, which means there will be necessary breaks as certain mechanics are slowly added. The sentiment is appreciated, but for the times when progress can be made, the most important quality required is a quick response time which I am not willing to demand from anyone I don't know personally. Holy Blood will work slightly differently than before; Having Major Holy Blood will give a significant advantage that Minor Holy Blood will not provide. Children will work almost the same as in the original FE4; inventory will be passed down and parents will influence growths. There are some extra ideas being thrown around that are being considered. In either case until we reach the end of Agustria anything about the children mechanic is a low priority. For now names will just be picked on a "I like this variation" basis, but names are always up for a change if it feels appropriate.
  6. Greetings, greetings, Serenes Forest! I'm glad you could make it here for All Hallow's Eve! It has been quite some time since we last met, hasn't it? I have been active in the continent of Africa, searching for unique simian specimens. But first, take a seat. I insist! Jeeves! I believe it is time to bring out the special silverware for today! While you relax, why don't you nibble on some chocolate? Consider it my treat. Others certainly have! Now tell me, what have you been up to these past few months? I am eager to hear of your intriguing tales. That is quite the experience! It sounds like the warm weather has treated you very well. The upcoming winter season is going to be a mild inconvenience at worst, isn't it? I will admit, I am not an aficionado of the cold weather myself. I always have Jeeves fetch me the three warmest coats he can find at the market so that I may wear them simultaneously! Yes, it does look ridiculous; perhaps a bit undignified. But the comfort is unparalleled! Ah, welcome back Jeeves. Yes, put the cups down there. Anyway, I did not invite you on a simple whim! We have a lot of catching up to do! Do you remember my little project I mentioned previously? Excellent! Well, I am proud to say that thanks to a visit to the continent of Africa, my simian workforce has expanded considerably. Not in numbers, but rather in skill! Banner, the baboon, has been working closely with Charlotte to bring something fresh for the eyes of the weary. Words cannot describe much, so I will simply show you these photographs that were recently developed: Fascinating, isn't it? Banner has been quite active in these developments, and Jeeves has been using his spare time to pick out some imagery to use. I certainly hope to be able to showcase more of their work. It is quite enjoyable to watch. Jasper? Thankfully, he has recovered from his illness and has been working hard to make up for the lost time. I believe we have some records of the work he's done so far. Jeeves? Fetch Jasper's archives. While you wait, perhaps you would be interested in some of the inquiries I have received about the project. Are you curious about the photograph? I am sorry to say that my lips are sealed on the matter for now. The only thing I will mention is that this will be the first of multiple original content to be added to this project. I'm certain that a mind like yours will have some speculation to tide you over in the meantime. I am sure that question is percolating in your mind as well! First, I will confess: there has been very little planning concerning the second generation thus far. My priorities have been on establishing the foundations needed for this project to thrive, and there is still a lot to do! Still, there have been certain ideas suggested by colleagues to include characters from the game into the second half of the story. I am certainly willing to add a character if they will increase the diversity of the cast. Of course! Why should they be deprived of such an option? In fact, Jeeves has suggested a clever idea to integrate their abilities to wield swords, but you will have to wait on a verdict from Charlotte before I can say anything more on the matter. That reminds me, allow me to tell you of another of our new recruits. Gaston will be working with Charlotte, and has proven to be a quick learner. Here is one of the projects he has been working on: This will undoubtedly yield some new methods to handle one of Fire Emblem 4's major aspects; I'm sure you've already grasped what I am referring to. Anyway, it has been fantastic catching up with you. I hope you continue to be well. In the meantime, allow me to give you a farewell present. It is a newly developed motion reel that I'm sure will fascinate you. Just make sure you watch while you're comfortably seated, I wouldn't want you to be inconvenienced while watching it.
  7. It's the hardsave (between chapter saves) that only save 6 bits.
  8. Changing the bytes 0e4c to 13e0 at the offset 59116 should make the game behave properly with HP draining, when the pierce graphics are played. I can't vouch that it won't affect anything else.
  9. Salutations, Serenes Forest! A remarkable coincidence that we meet today, I must say. I haven't had the oppurtunity to extend an invitation for nearly... how long was it again, Jeeves? Ah, yes! Nearly a month? It almost feels like it's been a year. I suppose it would have been an unusually warm winter if it were truly the case. Tell me, old chap. What have you occupied yourself with this last month? Sounds... intriguing. Not necessarily my cup of tea, I will admit but certain a fascinating diversion! Me? Oh, I've been busy with a plethora of activities, some of which are honestly quite tedious! I hope you'll forgive me if I decide not to speak of them. The most bemusing event I've had the pleasure to deal with is the simian flu that's been spreading around. I presume you've heard of it in the newspapers? Yes, that outbreak of chimpfluenza has been ravaging on my dear helpers. I daresay nearly half the workforce had to be hospitalized; unfortunate news for the progress of FEIV. Nonetheless our hard workers managed to complete many exciting things! In fact, Jeeves and I just came back from developing photos of our latest work to publish for the latest issue of Hacta Harithmetica. Would you like a peek? Ah, it's good to know your interest is still strong. Well, I suppose we should begin with our images in chronologic order; here we have some images from the Battle for Genoa. Indeed, the Battle for Genoa is the moment our valiant Chalphians begin their assault into Verdane territory, greeted by the first prince of Verdane, Kinbois. Unfortunately, the battle is not that easily won, as a mysterious maiden with a grudge against Grandbell appears to help Kinbois. But there is hope yet, as the prince of Lenster, Cuan, rides into battle with his spouse and faithful protege. Their history with Sigurd should prove to be a critical turning point! After the defeat of the first Verdanian prince, comes a daring escape chapter! You should an inkling of what I refer to, of course? Correct! The escape of the crafty thief Dew and nun Edain from the clutches of the second prince, Gandolf. Tragically, the simian in charge of developing the Escape from Marpha was struck ill. and remains recovering comfortably as we speak. A bit hastily written, but I can confirm Jasper was also responsible for that. He is certainly an industrious primate. I hope he will return to the workforce with renewed vigour! He is an exemplary inspiration to everyone, especially Charlotte. She has been working quite hard on many new features will we be needing. Thankfully, she's remained very healthy to this day. What's that, Jeeves? Why yes! How could I forget? Our other photographs include one of her achievements. Allow me to present them. Do try to keep this our little secret, if you can. I would like it to make quite the splash with the readers of Hacta! Of course, this isn't the only feature that Charlotte has been working on, but the rest are sadly not presentable yet. However, I will confide in you that the Pursuit has been added! Of course, it is significantly altered from the original, but I'm sure it will still be exciting to use. Oh, do you have another inquiry for me? Hmm... Jeeves and I have been discussing this at length, but we've yet to reach a consensus. Jeeves, could you remind me of your opinion? Lifetaker? Yes, that seems about right. I don't fully agree with that yet, but it will remain on the table for now. In either case, we will certainly make an announcement when the final decision is made, so fret not! For now, we must depart to the hospital and comfort the sick. Oh, that reminds me! Before we leave, I should take this oppurtunity to reply to this letter. I received it previously but this terrible chimpfluenza business has been keeping me from writing a proper reply. I'm sure you'll be interested in the contents of my reply. Oh, you'd like to personally deliver this to the post office yourself? I appreciate the aid! Just let me apply some postage and I will send you off. There we go! Yes, I hope we meet again under more fortuitous circumstances. Of course, I'd be happy to let the simians know of your kind words. Do take care now!
  10. Greetings, Serenes Forest! My, it's been a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it? Nonetheless, I'm glad you could find time out of your busy schedule to make it here. I've been occupied lately searching for a zoopraxiscope. You would be surprised how difficult it is to find one in working conditions these days. Come to think of it, I've also been helping Jeeves train our simian assistants to use this amusing contraption. It is curious how difficult some of these fellows can be when it comes to modern technology. But I digress. What have you been up to? That certainly sounds exciting! Perhaps I will be engaging in something as revitalizing this summer. Jeeves! How does the African savannah look this time of year? That sounds fabulous, I'm sure we will have many oppurtunities to increase our photography collection. Make a note, Jeeves: We shall be traipsing across the African landscape! But until then, we should continue working hard to earn this free time. Isn't that right, dear guest? Hm, very true. I have to admit, your words contain a unique brand of wisdom. It is these kinds of musings that help us stir our thoughts into something greater. If I could dispense such knowledge on a regular basis, perhaps my productivity could be increased. But alas! I must make do with what I have been given. Speaking of which, I do believe you are here for an update on my little project, aren't you? Please, if you will pay attention to my ramblings, take a seat! I will have Jeeves bring your favorites. Although only a week has passed, I have been hard at work bringing many things together. In fact, I received a letter inquiring on my progress! Word does seem to spread quickly around these parts. Would you like to have a look? Now, dear visitor, I'm sure you are just as curious as this fellow about my plans. While I cannot divulge everything immediately, perhaps I can whet your appetite with some clues! Let us begin with the most blatant. As you recall, Fire Emblem 4 is a game rife with abilities granted to the soldiers you control, many of which are quite useful! I plan on bringing many back, although they will not necessarily return in their original form. Jeeves! Bring in the design documents. You'll have to excuse me while I grab my reading glasses. Let's see... This project will certainly be featuring the return of Wrath. If you recall, Wrath is a skill that boasts guaranteed critical attacks to the fighter, provided they are low on health. Perhaps ironically crude, considering its original user. What else is there? Aha! Pursuit will be making a return as well, although only in name. Do you recall what is the original ability? Indeed, that's correct! The user will attack twice, provided they have an advantage with their nimbleness. Of course, such a mechanic already exists in modern games, so this ability is a bit outdated. The novel version will be much different. Of course, not all skills are in need of an update. For example, there is a classic that has no need to be changed. It allows units to grow faster than usual, and its user poses certain issues for their children. I will withhold naming it for now, as I am fully confident you can deduce which one I am referring to. Now, there are of course some other thoughts brewing in my mind, and for now I can only tease you with minimal information about them, as they are yet to be finalized. Fear not, however, I promise you will not leave unsatisfied. Our first new skill is called Enchantment. The details on what it does will be divulged another day, but I can say that this skill will be available for Mage Fighters. Do you recall what those are? Indeed, they are an prime example of a class that can use both physical and magical abilities! One might even call them canonical, considering their name. Regardless, perhaps this little tidbit will give you some hypotheses on the nature of Enchantment. Another idea that is still being developed is Cursed Blood. This will give players incentive to do something they would normally be indifferent to. What exactly is that, you may ask? I will tell you it deals with a mechanic that has always been the sole province of enemies, although perhaps that has changed recently. Well, I hope you've enjoyed our chat. Your presence is always a pleasant one, dear friend, so do not hesitate to come back again in the future. What's that Jeeves? Ah, of course! I do have one last thing to show you. If you recall from earlier in our conversation, I did mention purchasing a zoopraxiscope from the market this week! Well, here is the end result of that purchase. Sadly, film is still quite expensive these days so you'll have to make due with this short snippet.
  11. Oh! Good morning, Serenes Forest. I didn't expect you back so soon! Come in and take a seat. Perhaps I could indulge you in some tea today? Excellent. Jeeves! Bring out the tableware! Now tea... tea is simply something one cannot do without during a conversation. It both invigorates the spirit and releases the tensions from the stress of our daily routines. Wouldn't you agree? Yet, one cannot have some tea without some sweets. Yes, the harmony that can arise between a well chosen pair of sweets and tea is certainly something to write home about. I believe Jeeves made some beignets today. Jeeves! Is that correct? Yes, it appears so! Well, would you like to have some beignets? I see! Well, feel free to take some from the plate if you have a craving. Now, I must admit you've caught me an an interesting time. For some odd reason I've been receiving an abnormal amount of mail today! If I were a detective I would put on my thinking cap and get to solving it. Alas, I must be content with simply reading it. Would you like to have a look? I see, I see. You also present an interesting hypothesis. Perhaps my announcement of my hack has attracted the attention of a few inquisitive individuals. Well, we'll find out when we read our mail, won't we! Let's have a look. Jeeves! The letter opener. Very interesting! I was not aware that we had the technology to add videos to an old fashioned letter. Your skill is certainly admirable. It's good to know there are fellows who are as enthusiastic as I am in the endeavour that is hacking. Still, I can't help but notice you mentioned that only half the game has been completed. What happened to the other half? Dear guest, what are your thoughts? Hmm... you believe that the project simply stopped at that point? Giving the amount of time that has passed that seems like a reasonable conjecture. Well, I should let you know that I plan on including the second generation in my project, as well as the first! After all, what point is there to remaking Fire Emblem 4 if we cannot even replicate its most memorable feature? Hopefully you will agree with my sentiment. Very well, let's look at our next letter. This gentleman seems to have some trouble with their orthography. Tell me, do you recognize what this vertical bar with a D means? I would presume it is some sort of "internet" variant of id, but I'm not sure what psychology has to do with hacking. Perhaps I should schedule a meeting with a scholar on the subject. We have some fine universities in the city, as I'm sure you're aware! What's that Jeeves? Right, the letter! This gentleman appears to want a patch. Well, as much as I'd like to release a patch, it would hardly be interesting do to so without having the necessary framework in place. Some acquaintances of mine demanded that I start adding skills for their pleasure! Unfortunately, it is not currently my highest priority. My current workload is to finish Chapter 1's events, and then start designing Chapter 2. Still, if people are content with having a patch that only features gameplay I suppose I could indulge them once I finish Chapter 1. What happens in Chapter 2, you ask? Ah, an excellent question! If you recall, Chapter 1 in Fire Emblem 4 features 3 major battles. The taking of Genoa and the recruitment of Isaac's finest lady, Ayra, the daring escape of Marpha of Dew and Edain, and the showdown with Batou, the king of Verdane himself! Chapter 2 will be covering the escape of Marpha. Now, Fire Emblem 4 is certainly lacking in indoors maps, so I think it'll be a nice diversion to make this one an indoors escape. What do you think? Yes, I see your points. I'll certainly take it into consideration. I'll let you in on another secret of mine: I plan on including a special weapon in this chapter for Dew. I believe in the original game it is called the Thief sword. But before you berate me for my stupidity, allow me to say that this weapon will behave differently from its old fashioned counterpart. What does it do? Well... it is a sword for Thieves. Perhaps they can use it to steal things while fighting...? I think you'll enjoying speculating on its true nature until it is ready to be revealed. What's that Jeeves? The time? Oh my! I'm sorry for keeping you up so late. There's still one more letter to read. Would you like to stay for this one? Excellent! You'll have to excuse my wordiness, but it is in my nature! Dear guest, have I told you of the time I wrote an essay on the variety of cakes that have existed throughout civilization? It was for a honours course called "History of Baking". Suffice it to say, I was glad to have submitted that one early. It took a whole month before the instructor was able to grade it! Thankfully it seems that the fellow enjoyed reading it since I have my diploma in Bakology framed over my desk. Oh, I'm rambling again, aren't I? Well, I suppose I should give you some thanks for keeping me company so late in the evening. Perhaps some pictures of my latest addition will suffice. Jeeves! Oh, I see you have the camera ready. Perfect! To be honest, I'd love to take more pictures, but film is so prohibitively expensive these days. I hope these two will satiate your curiosity for the night.
  12. Oh, hello there Serenes Forest! I didn't see you there. Why don't you take off your coat and take a seat while I get you a cup of tea. The weather is awfully dreadful today. Why, the last time it was raining this hard I remember seeing trees knocked down by lightning! Certainly no weather for ordinary folk like you to be caught in. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, come in, come in! There's a warm seat waiting for you right by the fireplace. I'll have my butler Jeeves fetch the tea for us. What kind do you prefer? I've got some Earl Grey and Darjeeling. Or perhaps you would prefer something more oriental? Not in the mood for a drink? I see. Well then, what about snacks? Jeeves bakes fantastic biscuits. Isn't that right Jeeves? The ones you made last week were positively scrumptious. In fact, if I recall correctly they sold out at the last bake sale! Excellent work. Perhaps in another life you'd do very well as a baker. Oh, don't be so modest! Your skills in the kitchen exceed most desserts I've had outside the mansion. In fact, I will have you cater the desserts for our next event. How do you feel about chocolate? What's that? Our guest? Right, right! What do *you* think about chocolate? Interesting, very interesting. Perhaps Jeeves will pay heed to your suggestions. nonetheless, I hope I haven't been keeping you waiting for too long. I have this tendency to ramble on and on with my guests sometimes. So, what brings you here? A... hack topic, you say? You mean like those sprawling novels from the library? Elibian Nights, Dream of Five... I have to confess, I've yet to reach the halfway point with those. I'm sure they're very exciting, but I've never been the most attentive reader. Well, hopefully one day I will finish them. In any case, I don't recall having any hack topics in my personal library. Jeeves, do you have any idea why this young fellow would come here looking for one of these hack topics? You say I made an announcement? Are you sure? I think I would remember such a thing. I'll ask our guest. What exactly made you think there would be a... hack topic here? Hmm... If you say so! Anyway... like you've surmised, I have been working on a hack! You'll have to understand I am a bit hesistant to show it in its current state. I'm sure you'd get a hearty laugh at how shoddily put together it is right now. But, since you came all the way here I suppose there is no harm in showing it. The title? Well, that isn't something I should be thinking about for a while now, but if you must have an answer... Between you and me, I've had "Fire Emblem IV" on the mind. Oh, the meaning of IV? Of course, it's the roman numeral for 4! A clever jest, if you ask me! I hope the joke is not lost on you. Yes, that's correct! It's most definitely a reference to the old classic, Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War. A tragic tale. Oh, are you curious about my reasons? To be frank, although this classic is a moving tale, the gameplay is a bit... shall we say lacking? I'm sure you yourself have some criticisms to levy with it. I have my own as well. Listing them all would be an unnecessary waste of time at the moment, so allow me to reassure you that they will become clear as more progress is made. Curious about my plans, you ask? Well, I suppose I can let a tiny bit out for now. Certainly, the major aspects that make Fire Emblem 4 a unique experience in its series will return. The generation system is simply brilliant! The ability to decide the fate of your soldiers from the first generation and guide their children in the second? Truly a romantic idea! Of course, what elevates it is its impact on the gameplay. Inheriting everything from your parents, for better or for worse and reviving old bloodlines! What else, you ask? Well, one can't speak about Fire Emblem 4 without at least a passing mention of skills! Yes, skills are certainly an element that keeps things fresh in every title they've appeared in. Still, I must profess I am not fond of many of them. I'll certainly be making an effort to make them more interesting and worthwhile to use, but I'm afraid I can't say more at the moment! I hope you understand. Oh, are you worried about how I will get the resources needed to polish this? I'm flattered by your concern, but I would not worry for now. After all, we are still very much in the planning stages and I must still work on some basic foundations before anything can be said or done with the glamour of graphics, or the melody of music. If it will relieve some of your concern, Jeeves has been purchasing a... large quantity of simians from various zoos and training them to be adept with typewriters. Even as we speak they are hard at work producing the next great work of Shakespeare. Not that I need that of course. Oh, don't worry! They're treated humanely. We give them more than enough rest and feed them only the highest quality and healthiest food we can procure. No, what you should be pitying are the people who have to keeping the typewriter room clean. It's certainly not a pretty sight. Well, it seems to be getting late outside. Do you have any more questions? Pictures? Oh.... I haven't gotten any yet. Jeeves! Fetch the camera! Like I mentioned, this little project is still in its infancy stages, so I hope you understand these may not be fully representative of the final product. Well, if you have any other questions do feel free to come by again. I pray the weather will be more amicable on your next visit! Perhaps I shall have Jeeves bake us a cake.
  13. BoxMulder


    Check that you can rearrange the equation as z^2-2yz-1 = 0 (You should explain exactly what happened to the 1/z and why you can do whatever needs to be done.) Can you solve for z now?
  14. BoxMulder


    Substitute z = e^x. Can you solve for z after doing that?
  15. Village events can only be initiated on Village or House tiles. If the tile is not a Village or House tile the option to visit will not appear.
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